[Dionysius Lardner, Irish scientific writer, editor of the Cabinet Cyclopaedia.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Dion: Lardner') to Messrs Dickinson & Co, regarding a business proposal, with part of signed document about an 'article' 'fabricated from rags'

Dionysius Lardner (1793-1859), Irish scientific writer, editor of the 133-volume Cabinet Cyclopædia, repeatedly trounced in controversies with Isambard Kingdom Brunel
Publication details: 
Letter: 18 August 1851; 56 rue de Lille [Paris]. Accompanying document without place or date.

Both the letter and the accompanying document are in fair condition, on aged and worn paper. Both items signed 'Dion: Lardner'. ONE: Letter to Dickinson & Co. 1p, 12mo. He wishes to add 'these few lines' to 'the enclosed business letter' (not present), 'to aprise you that from the private knowledge I have of the parties interested in the business that I am of opinion that they are entitled to serious attention.

[ John Player & Sons, tobacco manufacturers. ] Six substantial ledgers of itemised and audited accounts of the firm's Dublin plant ('Summary of Stock. No. 1', 'Private Ledger No. 2', 'Private Journal No. 5 [6]', and two 'Impersonal Ledger').

John Player & Sons [ Player's ], tobacco and cigarette manufacturer, based in Nottingham, now part of the Imperial Tobacco Group: the firm's Dublin cigarette manufacturing plant, 1924-1960
Publication details: 
John Player & Sons, Dublin, Ireland. The ledgers dating from between the firm's foundation in Ireland in 1924 and 1960.

Six substantial ledgers (the heaviest 37 x 41 x 8 cm, and the widest 39 x 52 x 3 cm), containing itemised accounts providing a mass of information regarding the tobacco industry and economic history in Ireland, and one of Dublin's notable employers, whose sales in the 1950s were in the tens of millions. (On 9 December 2004 the Irish Times described the closure of the plant as marking 'the end of an era'. The firm's first Dublin factory, at 56-75 Botanic Road, was constructed by G. & T. Crampton in 1923, and is now the Botanic Business Centre.

[ Printed cinema programme, illustrated with photographs. ] G. B. Samuelson's Dramatic Spectacle | The Game of Life By Lauri Wylie & G. B. Samuelson.

The Samuelson Film Manufacturing Co., Ltd., London [ Lauri Wylie (1880-1951) and G. B. Samuelson (1889-1947); Isleworth Studios; West End Cinema, Coventry Street, London ]
Publication details: 
World's Rights Owned and Controlled by The Samuelson Film Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 28 Denmark Street, Charing Cross Road, London, W.C.2. [ 1922 ]

8pp., 4to. Stapled in coloured wraps. A frail survival, aged and worn with closed tears. The front cover has the words 'The Game of Life' printed in large gothic type over an illustration of a tapestry. The title page carries the motto: 'The Picture that makes the Dimples to catch the Tears'. There is a long poem of the same title on the second page, and the third page carries the 'Argument' of the film by Walter G. Summers. There is a cast list on the fourth page, and pages five to eight tell 'The Story. There are nine black and white illustrations.

Publicity album for Harold C. Harvey of the Homasote Company of New Jersey, manufacturers of wall board, containing 96 cloth-backed photographs, mostly captioned and many architectural, with a few signed on the plate 'Rand '29'.

Harold C. Harvey [Homasote Company of West Trenton, New Jersey, wall board manufacturers, founded in 1909 as the Agasote Millboard Company by Eugenius Harvey Outerbridge (1860-1932)]
Publication details: 
[Homasote Company, West Trenton, New Jersey.] A few of the photographs dated on the plate to 1929.

96 black and white photographic prints, each cloth-backed and with the landscape dimensions 20 x 25 cm. In black leather loose leaf album by Wilson Jones Co., Kansas City. Stamped in gilt in bottom right-hand corner of first leaf, 'HAROLD C. HARVEY'. The prints are in good condition, curling a little at the fore-edge, and with slight creasing at right-hand margin of the first two. The binding is somewhat worn, but still tight, with the three original metal screws holding the album together.

[ The Spanish textiles industry. ] Manufacturer's sample book, containing in excess of 2000 examples of clothing labels

[ Spanish clothing labels; textiles; fashion industry of Spain ]
Publication details: 
Spanish. Undated (1920's onwards?). Containing loosely inserted material dating from 1949 and 1962.

The collection consists of more than 2000 labels, laid down on 117pp of a substantial, heavy and thumb-indexed folio volume (38 X 27 X 7 cm), bound in brown cloth. The collection is in good condition, with the inevitable signs of age, in heavily aged and worn binding. Loosely inserted are seven pieces of card and one of paper, carrying around 50 more examples, and three more pieces of paper with sixteen examples of woven coloured ribbon, as well as three enlarged folded grid designs for the weaving of labels.

[Colt's Patent Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company, London.] Illustrated handbill advertisement for 'Colt's New Lightning Magazine Rifle. .22 inch calibre.'

Colt's Patent Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company, 14, Pall Mall, London, S.W. [J. Blanch & Son, 29, Gracechurch St., London, Gun Makers; Samuel Colt (1814-1862)]
Publication details: 
Colt's Patent Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company, 14, Pall Mall, London, S.W. January, 1888. [With stamp of 'J. Blanch & Son, 29, Gracechurch St., London, Gun Makers'.]

Printed on both sides of a 4to (28 x 22.5cm) leaf of semi-opaque paper. Both sides with oval purple stamp of 'J. Blanch & Son, 29, Gracechurch St., London, Gun Makers'. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, with one dog-eared corner, folded three times. An attractively-produced item, with specifications, and text printed in small type. Engraving of a bullet in top right-hand corner of first page, with the Colt prancing horse at top left, also a small engraving of the rifle, with a larger one, by R. M. Smart, showing how 'To Charge the Magazine'.

[Halifax Explosion, Nova Scotia, Canada, 6 December 1917.] Twelve postcards of scenes of devastation by the largest non-nuclear man-made explosion in history, by Underwood & Underwood of New York.

Underwood & Underwood, N.Y. [Halifax Explosion, Nova Scotia, Canada, 6 December 1917]
Publication details: 
Copyright Underwood & Underwood, N.Y. [New York.] 'Novelty Mfg. & Art Co., Limited, Montreal [Canada]'. Undated [1917 or 1918].

The largest man-made explosion before the the development of nuclear weapons, with a force equivalent to nearly 3 kilotons of TNT, occurred when the French cargo ship SS Mont-Blanc, laden with wartime munitions, collided with the Norwegian vessel SS Imo in the Narrows, a strait connecting the upper Halifax Harbour to Bedford Basin. The explosion devastated the Richmond District of Halifax, killing 2000 and injuring 9000. Each postcard carries the words 'Copyright Underwood & Underwood, N.Y.' next to the caption beneath the image, with 'Novelty Mfg.

Autograph Letter Signed ('R G Hazard') from the American industrialist and abolitionist Rowland Gibson Hazard to Messrs Livingstone & Co, regarding bonds and other interests. With a signed printed receipt from the Fireman's Mutual Insurance Company.

Rowland Gibson Hazard (1801-1845) , American industrialist, founder of the Peace Dale Manufacturing Company, Rhode Island, politician, and abolitionist [Fireman's Mutual Insurance Company]
Publication details: 
Letter: Peace Dale, Rhode Island; 16 December 1838. Receipt: Providence; 7 August 1862.

Letter: 1p., 12mo. Fair, on lighty-aged paper. Hazard does not 'hold the bonds you allude to', but still has some other interests in relation to a named party. He will be in New York 'ere long'. Docketed on the reverse: 'Does not hold La C Bond | Wil be in N Y before long'. The receipt is attractively printed on one side of a piece of 16 x 6.5 cm paper. In good condition. Hazard acknowledges receipt from the company of $56.87, the dividend on inusrance policy 1931. Signed by him 'Peace Dale Mg Co | [signed] R G Hazard Jnor'. The two items appear unconnected.

[Printed pamphlet.] A Catalogue of the Engineers' and Boilermakers' Tools & Machinery at the Soho Foundry, Smethwick, Birmingham. For Sale by Auction, by Messrs. Fuller, Horsey, Sons & Cassell, May, 1896.

Messrs. Fuller, Horsey, Sons & Cassell, Auctioneers, 11, Billiter Square, London, E.C. [The Soho Foundry, Smethwick, Birmingham; W. & T. Avery; engineering; trade catalogue]
 Soho Foundry
Publication details: 
May, 1896. [London: Messrs. Fuller, Horsey, Sons & Cassell, Auctioneers, 11, Billiter Square, London, E.C.]
 Soho Foundry

8vo, 43 pp. In original grey printed wraps. Text clear and complete. Fair, on aged paper, in discoloured wraps. Title taken from front wrap. Title-page reads, in abridged form: 'By order of Messrs. W. & T. Avery, Limited, who have recently acquired the Freehold. | Soho Foundry, Smethwick, Birmingham. To Engineers, Boiler Makers and Others.

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