[Sir Clements Markham, explorer in Peru, Secretary to the Royal Geographical Society.] Autograph Signature ('Clements Markham') on part of letter.

Sir Clements Markham [Sir Clements Robert Markham] (1830-1916), geographer, explorer in Peru and writer, Secretary to Royal Geographical Society, organiser of British National Antarctic Expediition
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Without place or date.

On 3.5 x 9.5 cm slip of paper cut from letter. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. On one side, from the conclusion of the letter: 'Yours very truly | Clements Markham'. On the other: '[...] have failed me: so no[...] | [...] you mind my putting [...]'.

[The Army of Peru in the nineteenth century.] Printed handbill with tables and text, headed 'Cuadro Que manifiesta la organizacion del Ejército permanente, los cuerpos que lo forman, el número de sus companias y la fuerza efectiva de cada uno.'

The Army of Peru [Ejército del Perú] [South American military history; nineteenth-century warfare]
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'Núm. 2.' [Peru. 1860s?]

Attractively printed on one side of a piece of 37 x 41 cm wove paper, with decorative rules and borders. 'Núm. 2.' in top right-hand corner. Four tables, on 'Artilleria' (600 men and 280 horses), 'Infanteria' (1860 men), 'Caballeria' (comprising 'Rejimiento Húzares de Junin', 'Idem Lanceros de Torata' and 'Idem Escolta del Gobierno') and 'Resumon por clases de todas armas' (3000 men and 1040 horses). Five lines of text in small type at foot.

Copy of typed report into the 'Development of Rail Car Services in Europe [Germany, Austria, Hungary and Denmark]', by the Chief Mechanical Engineer, Junin, Peru [William Frank Stanton?]. With six fold-out blueprints.

[Chief Mechanical Engineer, Junin, Peru [William Frank Stanton (1887-1962), English civil engineer?]
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Junin, Peru; 29 November 1935.

32pp., foolscap 8vo, bound into white wraps with the six fold-out blueprints. In very good condition, on lightly-aged paper, in worn wraps. Figure 1: '2-6-2 Diesel Locomotive V.1601 (showing the 'general characteristics' of the 'new 1400 H.P. Diesel locomotive'). Figure 2: 'General Arrangement of the small standard Shunting Locomotive' ('75 H.P. Diesel shunting locomotive made by the Deutz Motorenfabr, Köln, Germany'). Figure 3: 'general proportions' of 'the old "Flying Hamburger" and the new unit equipped with hydraulic transmission'). Figure 4: '150 H.P. Diesel-Hydraulic Rail Car'.

Eight Autograph Letters Signed from Captain John M. Preston to his brother Hinckley attorney Samuel Preston, describing a voyage from Newcastle to Callao, Peru, on which his ship is in a gale off Yarmouth and left 'a complete wreck' off Cape Horn.

Captain John M. Preston, Master of the 'Alice Walton' [Newcastle; Yarmouth; Stanley Harbour, Falkland Islands; Callao, Lima, Peru]
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Nevill Hotel, Newcastle; Yarmouth Roads; Ship Alice Walton; Stanley Harbour, Falkland Islands; Callao, Lima, Peru. Dating from between November 1864 and October 1865.

Eight items totalling 3pp., 4to; 19pp., 12mo. All are all addressed to 'Dear Sam'. All in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. 'I never had such weather or suffered so much as I have this voyage from one thing and another' declares the author, and this series of eight letters provides a vivid account by the captain of a Victorian cargo ship of a voyage packed with misfortune. As mishap is heaped upon mishap the author's spelling deteriorates. ONE. Neville Hotel, Newcastle. Undated [late 1864].

Substantial Autograph Letter Signed to his sister.

"Tom" [surname unknown], sailor (possibly Captain).
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Ship Donna Amelia, Valparaiso, 24 Sept. 1865.

Four pages, 4to, minor defects, text complete and clear. Something of a stylist, he first describes the effects of a severe storm on his ship (out of Montevideo). They eventually arrived at Valparaiso, planning to load a "coasting cargo for Callao from there to go to the [Chinea?] Islands to load a cargo of guano". He hoped for a rest but the Spanish Admiral arrived on the 17th "in a splendid steal friggat[sic]". He ordered the Chilean authorities to salute his flag and then he would talk to them. They refused as the 18th was the anniversary of thier independence.

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