[ 'Engineering', London journal. ] Autograph register of contributions compiled by editor Thomas Walley, in form of table of articles and authors, with meticulous printing and publication details.

Thomas Walley (1872-1947), editor of 'Engineering', London journal founded in 1866 [ Lieut-Col. Percy John Cowan (1876-1954) and Herbert Henry Johnson (c.1875-1957), joint editors ]
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[ London: Engineering. ] Entries dating from 27 November 1925 to 17 January 1934.

Walley has converted one volume of a printed diary ('The Business Year Book' for 1923, by the R. C. Maxwell Co., Trenton, New Jersey) into a continuous table listing all the articles contributed between 27 November 1925 and 17 January 1934. Entries are compiled with the meticulous attention to detail one would expect from an engineer, giving a range of information including the times of receipt of material to the minute, and even the typeface in which an article was printed.

[ Sir Harry Ricardo, pioneering engine designer. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Harry R Ricardo') to the Secretary, Royal Society of Arts, regarding an invitation to give a course of lectures.

Sir Harry Ricardo [ Sir Harry Ralph Ricardo ] (1885-1974), pioneering engine designer [ Royal Society of Arts, London ]
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Penotone, Lancing, Sussex. 22 July [1921].

1p., 16mo. In good condition, lightly aged. With the Society's date stamp and a query in red pencil. He apologises for the delay in replying to an invitation 'to give a short course of lectures': 'I should very much like to do this at some later date but I am afraid that I have already committed myself so deeply for this next winter and spring that it will not be possible for me to do so.' He is 'very flattered indeed' by the inviation and regrets having to decline it.

[ Offprint. ] Library Association of the United Kingdom, 1891. Report on Library Appliances.

James D. Brown [ James Duff Brown; Library Association of the United Kingdom ]
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Dated 'August 19th, 1891.' [ John Bale & Sons, Steam Printers, 87-89, Great Titchfield Street, London. ]

17pp., 8vo. Unbound. In fair condition, on aged paper with slight rusting to staple. Addressed 'To the Council of the Library Association of the United Kingdom'. The author explains that for the purposes of his report 'the definition of library appliances is mechanical contrivances designed to carry on or facilitate the work of a library, but excluding such as are connected with structural arrangements'. The only copy on either OCLC WorldCat or COPAC at the British Library and University of Bristol.

[Pamphlet.] The Education of Engineers in America, Germany, and Switzerland. Excerpt Minutes of Proceedings of the Meeting of the Institutution of Mechanical Engineers, in London, 24th April 1903.

Professor W. E. Dalby [William Ernest Dalby], M.I.Mech.E. [J. Hartley Wicksteed, President of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers]
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Published by the Institution, Storey's Gate, St. James's Park, Westminster, S.W. [1903.]

69pp., 8vo, paginated 281 to 349. In brown printed card covers. With shelfmarks and labels of the Board of Education Reference Library, otherwise in fair condition, on aged and worn paper. Scarce: no copy at the British Library, and the only copy on COPAC at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Copy of typed report into the 'Development of Rail Car Services in Europe [Germany, Austria, Hungary and Denmark]', by the Chief Mechanical Engineer, Junin, Peru [William Frank Stanton?]. With six fold-out blueprints.

[Chief Mechanical Engineer, Junin, Peru [William Frank Stanton (1887-1962), English civil engineer?]
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Junin, Peru; 29 November 1935.

32pp., foolscap 8vo, bound into white wraps with the six fold-out blueprints. In very good condition, on lightly-aged paper, in worn wraps. Figure 1: '2-6-2 Diesel Locomotive V.1601 (showing the 'general characteristics' of the 'new 1400 H.P. Diesel locomotive'). Figure 2: 'General Arrangement of the small standard Shunting Locomotive' ('75 H.P. Diesel shunting locomotive made by the Deutz Motorenfabr, Köln, Germany'). Figure 3: 'general proportions' of 'the old "Flying Hamburger" and the new unit equipped with hydraulic transmission'). Figure 4: '150 H.P. Diesel-Hydraulic Rail Car'.

The Institution of Junior Engineers. Founded 1884. [...] Presidential Address delivered by Archibald Denny, Esq. M.Inst.N.A. At the Inaugural Meeting of the Fifteenth Session, Held at the Westminster Palace Hotel, London, on [...] 1st November, 1895.

Sir Archibald Denny (1860-1936), Scottish shipbuilder who chaired the British enquiry into the sinking of the Titanic [The Institution of Junior Engineers]
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Record of Transactions. Part I. Volume 6. Published by the Institution, 47 Fentiman Road, London, S.W. [1895].

8vo: 16 pp. Stapled and unbound, in original blue printed wraps. Good, with light spotting, in stained, spotted wraps. Rust stains from staples. Ownership inscription of H. J. Young, dated November 1895, on front wrap. Advises his audience on 'the education proper for a budding Engineer', 'a lad who intends to tread the higher walks of theh profession'. Moves from apprenticeship to the positions of chief draughtsman and manager, before ending with observations on the 'combination of qualities' required by the 'successful business man'.

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