[Swan Sonnenschein & Co., Limited, London publishers.] The first number and the only one printed of the periodical ‘What to read / A guide to the best in periodical literature books of the hour & books for all time’.

Swan Sonnenschein & Co., Limited, London publishers [A. Fenwick; W. Macdonald; Charles Weekes; George Sampson; Tolstoy; Gilbert White of Selborne; Rudyard Kipling]
Publication details: 
5 November 1902 (vol. 1, no. 1). Swan Sonnenschein & Co., Limited, London. Printed by C. F. Hodgson & Son, London; ‘Published for the Proprietors by A. FENWICK, at 18 Bride Lane, Fleet Street, London.’

Stapled periodical in black and white: iv + 12 pp, 4to. The outer leaves carry advertisements, with the front leaf paginated i-ii and the back leaf iii-iv. Engraved masthead at top of front cover. Containing thirteen articles between ‘Foreword’ (the journal aims ‘to address itself to all who, caring to read about Books, care especially to read about the Best - about those which are, beyond question, always worth reading and worth writing about’) and ‘Editorial Notices’, including ‘Books and Life’ by W. Macdonald, ‘The Birth of a Classic’ (i.e.

[ Sermon by Sampson Kingsford, with preface by John Evans. ] A Sermon, preached, Sunday, Nov. 3, 1811, at the General Baptist Chapel, Chatham, upon the interment of the Rev. Joseph Seaton, who died October 13, 1811, aged sixty-nine years.

Sampson Kingsford [ John Evans (1767-1827), Welsh Baptist minister; Rev. Joseph Seaton (c.1742-1811) of the General Baptist Chapel, Chatham, Kent; Whittingham and Rowland, London printers ]
Publication details: 
'Published by particular request.' London: Printed by Whittingham and Rowland, Goswell Street; and sold by Townson, Chatham; Cotton and Co. Canterbury, T. Wiche, Beech Street, Barbican; and D. Eaton, High Holborn. 1812.

26 + [2] pp., 12mo. The title-page has at its head: 'The End of the Good Man – Peace.', and carries a quotation from Blair's 'Grave'. The sermon is preceded by a six-page preface by 'J. EVANS', dated from 'Islington, Feb. 11, 1812.', incorporating Smeaton's obituary from the Monthly Repository, December 1811. Following the eighteen pages of the sermon are two pages of advertisements for books by Evans and Kingsford. Stitched and unbound. In good condition, lightly aged, with slight spotting to title-leaf.

[ Victorian Gypsies. ] Four Victorian photographs, including three of John Sampson of the Gypsy Lore Society and children (Gypsies?) in bohemian dress.

John Sampson [ 'The Rai' ] (1862-1931), Irish linguist, Blake scholar, and authority on Gypsies [ Romani culture; Romany ]
Publication details: 
Undated Victorian photographs.

The Gypsy Lore Society was founded in 1888, and one of its prime movers was John Sampson, friend of Augustus John (for many years President of the Gypsy Lore Society) and the subject of the book 'The Scholar Gypsy' (1997), written by his grandson Anthony Sampson. According to a review in The Times, 17 May 1997, Sampson was 'a Victorian autodidact and philologist, who spent most of his life running the Liverpool University Library.

[Printed booksellers' catalogue.] Illustrated Hand-books of Art included in The Art Prize List of the Science and Art Department Published by Sampson Low, Marston, Searle and Rivington.

[E. J. Poynter and Professor Roger Smith, editors, 'Illustrated Hand-books of Art history', Sampson Low, Marston, Searle and Rivington, London publishers, St Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane
Publication details: 
London: Sampson Low, Marston, Searle and Rivington at St Dunstan's House in Fetter Lane. 1887.

8pp., 12mo. Two bifoliums, one loosely inserted in the other. Printed in red. In fair condition, on aged and lightly-stained paper. A tasteful Italianate design, with thick decorative borders containing flowers, birds, a cherub and a monkey. The last page ends with commendatory quotations from the Spectator and Times.

Autograph Letter Signed, apparently to his publishers Sampson Low & Co.

Sir William Laird Clowes
Publication details: 
Sark. 9.9.02.'

British naval historian (1856-1905), author of a standard history of the Royal Navy (7 vols, 1897-1903). One page, on piece of stiff paper, roughly four and a half inches by three and a half. In poor condition, discoloured and stained, and with one small hole and some fraying to extremities. Reads 'Thanks for yours of the 8th. | I am afraid that I can only express the hope that you will, in this case, keep the price as low as possible, - as I do not know the business aspects of the question.

Autograph Letter Signed to "Mrs Trevelyan".

Lady Anne Isabella Ritchie.
Publication details: 
27 Young Stree, Kensington Square, W., London, Tuesdau [no date].

Novelist and essayist, daughter of Thackeray (see DNB). Two pages, 8vo, remnants of mounts, mainly good condition. She is sorry she missed her but was "at the hairdressers superintending Hector's first crop". She looks forward to visiting and mentions that she "spent a very happy half hour yesterday with Fox in Fleet Street in Messrs Sampson Lows shop, so that it seemed quite natural to see yr writing."

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