[Jane Dalgliesh.] Manuscript itemised laundry bill, made out by her for David Williamson [later Lord Balgray].

Jane Dalgliesh [David Williamson (1761-1837), Lord Balgray]
Publication details: 
Place not stated [Scotland]. Entries dating from 7 April to 9 August 1780.

2pp., 12mo. Headed 'Mr David Williamson to Jane Dalgliesh'. Twenty items, each with separate charge, beginning with 'April 7th 9 Shirts - -

Autograph Letter Signed ('G : A Galignani'), in Italian, to Twining. With signed receipt by Galignani, in Italian, for '18 Lezioni'.

Giovanni Antonio Galignani (1757-1821), Paris bookseller and publisher of English works [Richard Twining (1772-1857), tea merchant]
Publication details: 
Letter: 'Venerdi mattina' (docketed with date 8 November 1796). Receipt dated 21 January 1797.

Letter: 12mo, 1 p. On bifolium. Text clear and complete. On aged and ruckled paper. Slight damage to second leaf caused by breaking open of wafer. Addressed to 'Illustrissimo Signore'. Having 'un affare di qualche importanza alle nove', he would like to give Twining his lesson (presumably in Italian) the following morning at 8 o'clock. He hopes that coming half an hour early does not cause any inconvence. Receipt: on one side of a slip of paper, 7 x 19.5 cm. Headed 'Memorandum del Signor Twining'. For '18 Lezioni la prima delle quali fa data li 15 Novembee', and signed 'Galignani'.

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