[‘Nor will I lose a farthing for all the Generals in the Kings dominions’.] Autograph Letter Signed from future Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Dashwood, concerning prize money for the Danish ship the Venus, captured by him at the Battle of Copenhagen, 1807

Sir Charles Dashwood (1765-1847), Royal Navy Vice-Admiral who served during the American War of Independence, French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, and War of 1812 [Battle of Copenhagen, 1807]
Publication details: 
‘Franchise [HMS Franchise], Spithead / 16th Feby. 1808.’

See his long obituary in the Gentleman’s Magazine, December 1847. This letter, which concerns the prize money for the capture of the 36-gun Danish fifth-rater the Venus, captured by Dashwood at the Battle of Copenhagen, 1807. 2pp, 4to, on the first leaf of a bifolium, the reverse of the second leaf is addressed, with two postmarks, to ‘James Sykes Esqe / Arundle St / London’, and docketed ‘C. Dashwood / 16 Feb 1808 / Recd 17 do’. In good condition, lightly aged, with slight damage to second leaf from breaking open of the wafer. Folded for postage.

[Bombardment of Copenhagen, 1807.] Printed pamphlet: 'An Examination of the Causes which led to the late Expedition against Copenhagen. By an Observer.'

'An Observer' [Second Battle of Copenhagen, 1807; Bombardment of Copenhagen; Royal Navy; Napoleonic Wars]
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'London: Printed for J. Hatchard, Bookseller to Her Majesty, Opposite Albany, Piccadilly. 1808.' ['Brettell & Co. Printers, Marshall-Street, Golden-Square.']

Although ostensibly neutral, Denmark participated was participating in the Continental Blockade, and under heavy pressure from the French and their Russian allies to pledge its fleet to Napoleon. As a consequence a Royal Navy fleet, under Vice-Admiral James Saumarez, bombarded the Copenhagen for a period of days in August and September 1807. The controversial action succeeded in its aims: the Dano-Swedish fleet was seized, and the sea lanes of the Baltic and North Sea were secured for the use of the British merchant fleet.

[Embargo Act of 1807?;] Substantial copy letter, John Holmes, lawyer & politician in Maine/Massachusetts, to William Sabatier, merchant, about land in Maine/MA. Annotated & Copied by Sabatier,and forwarded to Thomas Hutchinson, Jr (see notes below)

William Sabatier, "office holder, merchant, jp, and lobbyist (Canadian DNB) [John Holmes, US Senator, etc. (Wikipedia)]
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[Holmes letter] Alfred, Mass., 24 March 1809; [Wm Sabatier note], 5 May 1809.

Four-pages bifolium, fold marks, good condition. Holmes letter copied by Sabatier to Hutchinson, and with substantial added material also by Sabatier, 2pp., folio; Sabatier added the note to Hutchinson, p.3, "A cross grained business has happened in the appointment which will occasion a temporary delay; Hutchinson's address appears on page four with a note (presumably in Hutchinson's hand), "Willm Sabatier Esq.

Remarque Proof Impression of etching on japon paper, signed by the engraver, of Meissonier's celebrated battlefield painting of Napoleon, 'Friedland, 1807'.

Charles Klackner, New York and London printseller; Jean Louis Ernest Meissonier, French artist; L. Ruet, engraver [Napoleon Bonaparte; Battle of Friedland, 1807]
Publication details: 
Copyright 1913 by C. Klackner, 7 West 28th Street, New York. [20 Old Bond Street London, Printed by Ch. Wittmann.]'

On japon paper, roughly 260 x 330 mm. Dimensions of image roughly 140 x 225 mm. The impression has a metallic sheen. An impressively-executed engraving, a clear and crisp representation of Meissonier's celebrated painting, with a remarque of a horse at the foot. To the right of the remarque is the engraver's signature in pencil, ''. Klackner's copyright details run along the head of the engraving. Good, in crude card mount. A light smudge in the top left-hand corner of the margin, and a little damage to the bottom right-hand corner of the margin.

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