[Thomas George Bonney, geologist, Alpine mountaineer.] Autograph Letter Signed ('T G Bonney'), urging a lady to abandon 'matters far too difficult and complicated' for her, to be 'useful to others in a less ambitious but more practical sphere'.

T. G. Bonney [Thomas George Bonney] (1833-1923), geologist and Alpine mountaineer, President of the Geological Society of London and the Alpine Club
Publication details: 
8 October 1904. On letterhead of 23 Denning Road, Hampstead, N.W. [London]

See Bonney's entry in the Oxford DNB. 4pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. The recipient is not named. It is unfortunate that the subject of the letter is not stated. Against the charge of misogyny, it should be noted that Bonney 'had the reputation of being a hard teacher, but also a generous man', and that he could equally well have written in the same way to a man he considered equally ill-equipped for a theological task.

[Gordon of Khartoum climbs Mount Ararat.] Autograph Letter Signed ('M. A. Gordon') from General Gordon's sister Mary Augusta Gordon to 'Mr. Robson', regarding the latter's meeting with 'one of the sappers' who took part in the expedition.

Mary Augusta Gordon [latterly Mary Augusta Blunt] (1822-1893), sister of General Gordon [Charles George Gordon (1833-1885); Gordon of Khartoum; Chinese Gordon; Royal Engineers]
Publication details: 
5 Rockstone Place, Southampton. 16 November 1889.

The ascent of Mount Ararat took place in 1857, while Gordon was leading a mission of the Royal Engineers ('sappers') to delineate the border between Russian and Ottoman Armenia. While he did not himself reach the summit of Mount Ararat, he did toboggan down it. 3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, aged and worn. She thanks him for 'the interesting account of your meeting one of the sappers who attempted the ascent of Mount Ararat with my brother'.

[ Le Comité de Montagnards d'Ecosse. ] Manuscript 'Chopy' [Copy] of communication in French to 'Le Premier Gentilhomme de la Chambre du Roi', regarding the presentation of a volume of Ossian's poems 'en langue celtique' to the King of France.

[ Comité de Montagnards d'Ecosse, 1815 [ Committee of the Mountaineers of Scotland; ]; nineteenth century Scottish mountain climbing ]
Publication details: 
'Paris le 27 December 1815'.

1p., 8vo. Headed 'Copy' and with a Britannia watermark implying an official origin. On aged and worn paper with chipping and loss at head and tail. Reads: 'Monsieur | Le Comité de Montagnards d'Ecosse ayant deputé My Lord , Les Colls. Macdonall et Mackenham et Mr James Hamilton pour faire l'hommage a Sa M. Le Roi de France d'un exemplaire original des Poesies d'Ossian en langue celtique L'Ambassadeur d'Angleterre profitte de l'intervention de Mr. Le Premier Gentilhomme de la Chambre pour faire connaitre cette intention a Sa Majesté et prier S. Exce.?>

[Sir John Hunt, mountaineer and soldier] Eight Typed Letters Signed and two Autograph Letters Signed to journalist, Arthur Bourne, with autograph letter from Lady Hunt, two letters from secretaries, Hunt's funeral service, copies of Bourne's replies.

Sir John Hunt [Brigadier Henry Cecil John Hunt; the Lord Hunt of Llanfair Waterdine] (1910-1998), leader of the 1953 Mount Everest expedition; President, Royal Geographical Society [Arthur Bourne]
Publication details: 
Six of Hunt's letters on House of Lords letterheads, three on letterhead of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, and one on letterhead of the Royal Geographical Society, London; the ten dating from between 1962 and 1983.

The collection contains 31 items and is in good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. Hunt's eight typed letters (three signed 'John Hunt' and five signed 'John') total 4pp., 4to, and 4pp, 12mo; his two autograph letters (one 'John Hunt' and one 'John') total 3pp., 12mo.

Autograph Note Signed "William T. Palmer", The Fell & Rock Climbing Club, to a "Mr Smith", about the 'Journal'.

William T. Palmer, Editor of the Journal of The Fell & Rock Climbing Club of the English Lake District
Publication details: 
[Printed heading, "The Fell & Rock Climbing Club ", etc., Beechwood, Kendal, 22 Dec. 1916.

One pager, fold marks, minor defects not affecting text. "Dear Mr. Smith, | The 'Journal' is in preparation, but will be greatly delayed this year. I will notify you later. | Yours faithfully, | William T. Palmer | Editor".

Autograph Letter Signed ('James Bryce') from James Bryce, 1st Viscount Bryce, former President of the Alpine Club, to E. W. Hallifax, endorsing 'a protest [...] raised against the ruin wrought in Switzerland by the construction of tourist railways'.

James Bryce (1838-1922), 1st Viscount Bryce, British Liberal politician and author, President of the Alpine Club, London, 1899-1901 [E. W. Hallifax, master, Mill Hill School]
Autograph Letter Signed ('James Bryce') from James Bryce
Publication details: 
20 November 1905; on letterhead of Hindleap, Forest Row, Sussex.
Autograph Letter Signed ('James Bryce') from James Bryce

12mo, 4 pp. 41 lines. Text clear and complete. Fair, on aged paper, with slight discoloration to edges. 'It was high time that in England, whence so many mountain climbers and tourists go to the Alps, a protest should be raised against the ruin wrought in Switzerland by the construction of tourist railways up the slopes of the mountains'. Deplores the 'irretrievable harm' already done to 'some of the noblest landscapes in the world, [...] easily accessible from the populous cities of Central and Western Europe, such as those on the shores of the Lake of Lucerne'.

Autograph Letter Signed to unnamed male correspondent.

John Tyndall (1820-1893), English physicist and mountaineer
Publication details: 
16 November 1881; on embossed letterhead of the Royal Institution of Great Britain.

12mo, 2 pp. good, on aged paper, but with slight damage along the inner edge as a result of removal from stub. Text entirely legible. Docketed 'Professor Tyndall' in a contemporary hand at foot of second page. He wishes he 'could respond to half the invitations for which I am indebted to the kind acts of my friends'. The 'duties now pressing' on him 'render this literally impossible'. 'All I can do under the circumstances is to wish success to your young society'.

Autograph Letter Signed to [J.W.H. Thorp], Macclesfield silk manufacturer and mountaineer.

W.A.B. Coolidge.
Publication details: 
Magdalen College, Oxford, 17 Oct. [1887].

William Augustus Brevoort Coolidge (1850-1926), mountaineer, writer on mountaineering and climbing history, sometime editor of the "Alpine Journal". Two-pages, 8vo, some marking but text clear. "Many thanks for your lists. I fear you have been anticipated in your ascent of the Stecknedelhorn from the Nadelhorn by Herr Eckenstein. I have his notes (now in type) before me & it appears . . . " He goes into detail, including Eckerstein's times for the various stages. He cannot therefore publish Thorp's note.

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