[Catchpenny; Spoof?; Miss Faithfull; Employment and Emigration of Women] Autograph Letter Signed E.S. Faithfull to unnamed correspondent (Madam) saying how working class women are better provided for than the educated classes.

E.M. Faithfull [pseud.?][Miss Faithfull]
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[Printed Heading] several lines (SEE IMAGE and text below) concluding Sole Office: 136 Regent Street, W. | London, 18 February 1887.

Two pages, 12mo, remnants of tipping in process, good condition. Printed heading commences: English and Foreign Educational, Industrial, Commercial, Plain Work, Benevolent and Emigration Institute for the Employment of Women. Conducted by Miss FAITHFULL [...........] See IMAGE for the (substantial) rest. Text: All my sympathies I must say are given to the homeless & destitute of the educated classes'[.] [T]hey are so utterly friendless. The working classes have untold benefits.

[ Anthony Ashley Cooper, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Shaftesbury') to 'Miss Faithful' [ the publisher and suffragist Emily Faithfull ], explaining his reasons for being unable to attend a lecture.

Anthony Ashley Cooper, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury (1801-1885), Liberal politician and social reformer [ Emily Faithfull (1835-1895), London publisher and campaigner for women's rights ]
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No place. 28 April 1871.

2pp., 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged, and slightly creased at foot. He apologises for being unable to attend a meeting, 'which I had given up, hearing that Sir C. Trevelyan had, already, promised to undertake the duty'. As president, he must attend 'an important Lecture' at the Victoria Institute, 'the Committee having fixed the day, supposing me to be free'.

[ 'The Girl on a Motorcycle', 1968 film starring Alain Delon and Marianne Faithfull. ] Material relating to arbitration by Jack Pulman, for the Writers' Guild of Great Britain, of dispute over credits between Jack Cardiff and Ronald Duncan.

Jack Pulman (1925-1979), British screenwriter [ Ronald Duncan (1914-1982), author; Jack Cardiff (1914-2009), film director; The Writers' Guild of Great Britain; 'The Girl on a Motorcycle' ]
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[ The Writers' Guild of Great Britain, 430 Edgware Road, London. ] Two items on Pulman's letterhead, 31 Steele's Road, London. 1968.

Six items relating to Pulman's arbitration, including 'a careful breakdown [by him] of scene continuity of the Bourguignon script, the Duncan script and the final shooting script', these three breakdowns (Items Two to Four below) totalling 8pp. In his four-page arbitration, Pulman gives a detailed account of the process of the film's composition, of all the more interest as coming from a master screenwriter and contemporary. All six items in good condition, lightly aged. ONE: Carbon copy of Pulman's signed four-page 'Arbitration - "GIRL ON A MOTORCYLE" | Writers involved - S.

Autograph Signature and short note.

Emily Faithfull (1835-1895), English women's rights activist, and founder of the Victoria Press
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Without date or place.

On piece of paper roughly 4 x 7 cm, cut away from letter. Very good on lightly-aged paper. Laid down on piece of paper removed from autograph album, headed 'Women of Note' and dated '1895'. Reads '[signed] Emily Faithfull. | Mr L Mrs. Faithfull Begg's your card for I want you to know each other'.

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