[Printed pamphlet.] Workmen's International Exhibition, 1870. Report of the General Conference of Delegates, held at the Theatre of the Society of Arts, John Street, Adelphi, on Monday, January 10, 1870.

[ Conference of Delegates, Workmen's International Exhibition, 1870; Theatre of the Society of Arts, John Street, Adelphi, London; A. J. Mundella; T. H. Huxley; Auberon Herbert; Samuel Morley ]
Publication details: 
London: Published at the Offices of the Workmen's International Exibition, 150, Strand, W.C. [1870.] [Dunlop & Co., Printers, King's-head Court, Shoe Lane, E.C.]

40pp., 12mo. In small print. In good condition, in brown paper wraps with manuscript label. Giving the text of speeches by delegates including the MPs Samuel Morley, Thomas Hughes, W. H. Smith, and A. J. Mundella; Auberon Herbert; and the chairman T. H. Huxley. Stamp and shelfmark of the Board of Education Library on title-page, and stamp on front wrap.

[Female suffrage; printed pamphlet containing speech by John Stuart Mill.] Report of a Meeting of the London National Society for Women's Suffrage, Held at the Hanover Square Rooms, on Saturday, March 26th, 1870.

[London National Society for Women's Suffrage; John Stuart Mill; Jacob Bright; Lyon Playfair; Sir Charles Wentworth Dilke; Helen Taylor; Auberon Herbert; Sir Robert Anstruther; Mrs Fawcett]
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[London National Society for Women's Suffrage.] ['London: Printed by Spottiswoode and Co., New-street Square and Parliament Street'] [1870.]

34pp., 8vo. Drophead title. In good condition, lightly-aged, no wraps, disbound. Includes a five-page speech by John Stuart Mill (pp.4-9), and others by Mrs Taylor, Professor Cairnes, Mrs Grote, Sir Robert Anstruther, Mrs Fawcett, Lord Amberley, Miss Helen Taylor, Auberon Herbert, Jacob Bright, Sir Charles Wentworth Dilke, Miss Hare, Professor Hunter, Sir Wilfred Lawson. Four copies on COPAC, and two (other than surrogates) on OCLC WordCat. No other copy currently on the market.

Autograph Letter Signed to Mark [Bonham-Carter].

Barbara Bentley [née Hastings], widow of Nicolas Bentley
Publication details: 
30 August 1978; on Nicolas Bentley's Shepton Mallet letterhead.

Barbara Hastings, daughter of the jurist Sir Patrick Hastings, married Nicolas Bentley (1907-78) in October 1934. In the 1940s she wrote a series of children's books which he illustrated. Two pages, octavo. good, but folded twice and with some creases. An important letter, in which she describes the circumstances of her husband's death. She is very grateful for his letter. 'It was an enormous pleasure to have you here with Kenneth and Billie [bookseller Kenneth Bredon and his wife], but do you know I think it was that dreadful fire that killed poor Nick - indirectly.

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