[Edmund Burke, Anglo-Irish statesman, orator and author] Autograph Signature and seal on part of document relating to William Burke of Madras, with those of his son Richard Burke; Lord Ravensworth (with seal); Richard Champion and two others.

Edmund Burke (1729-1797), Anglo-Irish statesman, orator and author; his son Richard Burke (1758-1794); Henry Liddell, Lord Ravensworth (1708-1784); Richard Champion (1743-1791)
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[Circa August 1782.]

On 11.5 x 20 cm piece of paper, cut from a document. The signatures of Ravensworth and Burke are written in firm clear hands one above the other to the right of the page, with their respective seals in red wax to the right of them. In good condition, lightly aged, and laid down on 11.5 x 20 cm piece of cream paper removed from an album. Slight loss at head of Burke's seal caused when paper was folded. The signature and seal of 'Ravensworth' is at top right, and at top left: 'Signed Sealed & Delivered by the said Right Honble.

[Edmund Burke, Irish statesman.] Autograph Signature ('Edm Burke'), with seal in red wax, cut from legal document.

Edmund Burke (1729-1797), Irish statesman, orator and author, Whig Member of Parliament in the British House of Commons, member of the circle of Doctor Samuel Johnson
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Without date or place.

On one side of a 7 x 12.5 cm piece of paper, cut from the end of a legal document. In good condition, lightly aged. Laid down on 11 x 16.5 cm piece of cream paper, cut from the leaf of an album. The seal, in red wax, is at bottom right, and is crisp and clear, despite being lightly cracked. The excellent signature ('Edm Burke') is to the left of seal. The surviving text is above the signature, in another hand, and reads: '[...]ed remain in full force and Virtue - | [...]ourble. Edmund Burke'.

[ Henry Grattan, Irish nationalist politician. ] Autograph Note Signed to an unnamed recipient.

Henry Grattan (c.1746-1820), Irish nationalist politician
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No place. 1 April [ 1815 ].

1p., 12mo. In good condition, laid down on part of a leaf from an album. Headed in a contemporary hand 'Read', with the date '1815'. The note reads: 'Dear Sir | I beg to return you my warm thanks for your very kind & obliging letter which has made me very happy & conferd [sic] on me a great favor | I Have Dear Sir | the honour to | be with great | thanks your | faithful humble srvt | Henry Grattan'.

[John B. Gough, 'the Apostle of Cold Water', American temperance orator.] Lithographic handbill titled 'John B. Gough's Beautiful Peroration on Water', the text accompanied by a portrait of Gough on stage, holding up a glass of water.

[John B. Gough (1817-1886), 'the Apostle of Cold Water', American temperance orator]
Publication details: 
'Published by E Tisdall No 5. Church St Kensington [London]'. Undated [1850s?].

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper, with small piece cut away from one corner, and traces of mount adhering to the blank reverse, which also carries a few marks in ink, with a couple of minor marks in the margin at the foot of the recto. At the head of the page is the engraving, roughly 12.5 x 12 cm, attractively done, and showing Gough in cutaway jacket and waistcoat, standing behind a table, with a seated audience behind him, holding aloft a glass of water.

Autograph Letter Signed from the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Edward Everett, enclosing a copy of a book to aid the recipient's 'statistical enquiries'.

Edward Everett (1794-1865), American orator and Whig politician, 15th Governor of Massachusetts and President of Harvard College
Publication details: 
46 Grosvenor Place [London]; 12 December 1842.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper, with slight discoloration at head and evidence of previous mounting on reverse. Docketed on reverse. The letter reads: 'Dear Sir, | Knowing your fondness for statistical enquiries, I have thought the accompanying copy of the last annual return of the Commerce & Navigation of the Unites States, might have some interest for you. - | Very truly & faithfully Yrs, | Edward Everett'. Note: 'Everett, one of the most famous American orators, is most remembered for his oration at Gettysburg on Nov.

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