[ Charles Croke, Gresham Professor of Rhetoric. ] Autograph Signature ('Ch: Croke:') and seal to receipt of one thousand pounds from his brother, against Cannon Court Farm, Chilton, Bucks. Witnessed by John Weekes and signed by Nathaniel Hoban.

Charles Croke (d.1657), clergyman and third Gresham Professor of Rhetoric, schoolmaster and cleric, son of Sir John Croke (1553-1620), Speaker of the House of Commons [ Court of Chancery, London ]
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[ Court of Chancery, London. ] 10 January 1643.

1p., 8vo. In fair condition, on an aged and worn bifolium. The document, in a Chancery hand, has been written out by the witness John Weekes. It reads: 'Received the Tenth day of January Anno dni 1643. of my brother John Croke the Sume of one thousand pounds of lawfull money of England wch. sume of one thousand pounds was given me by my ffather Sr. John Croke late of Chilton in the Contie of Bucks Knight, and for the true paymt.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Francis Paget') from the future Bishop of Oxford, Francis Paget of Christ Church, to Canon Hemming Robeson of Bristol, complaining of the 'malignant perversity of trains'.

Right Rev. Francis Paget (1851-1911), Bishop of Oxford, Regius Professor of Pastoral Theology, and Dean of Christ Church [Rev. Canon Hemming Robeson (1833-1912) of Bristol, Vicar of Tewkesbury]
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Christ Church, Oxford. 8 December 1887.

1p., 12mo. Good, on lightly-aged paper. He thanks him for his letter, stating that it will be 'a great pleasure to look forward to staying at the Abbey House', and hopes that, 'in spite of the malignant perversity of trains', he will 'get to Tewkesbury at 4.16'.

Autograph Signatures of seven leading figures in Victorian horseracing: 'Mornington Cannon', 'Thomas Cannon', 'Sam Darling', 'C. Morton', 'Roderic Owen', 'Leopold de Rothschild' and 'C Tattersall'.

Herbert Mornington Cannon (1873-1962); Thomas Cannon Snr (1846-1917); Samuel Darling (1852-1921); Charles Morton (1855-1936); Roderic Owen (1856-1896); Leopold de Rothschild (1845-1917); C. Tattersall
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Undated [1890s?]

The seven signatures are each cut from a letter. They are mounted in two columns on a page of grey paper, roughly 22.5 x 27.5 cm, removed from an autograph album. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper with occasional light spotting. At the head of the page is the word 'Horseman', with each individuals occupation in the same hand on the mount beneath his autograph. One (2.5 x 11 cm): '<...> delivery? | Yrs truly | Roderic Owen' ['Gentleman rider']. Two (5.5 x 11.5 cm): '<...> Yrs truly | Sam Darling' ['trainer']. Three (3.5 x 12 cm): '<...> Yours very sincerely | C. Morton' ['Trainer'].

Autograph Letter Signed to William Haines.

John N. Rhodes
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18 October 1838; '2 Maddox St. Bond S London'.

English artist (1809-42). One page, quarto, with the second leaf of the bifoliate bearing the address ('To | William Haines Esqr.. | Sol[icito]r. | Cannon Street | Birmingham'), with the remains of a red wax seal, and two postmarks. Discoloured, and with damp stains causing discoloration and damage to the paper, but not affecting the legibility of the text. Small spike hole through both leaves, not affecting text. Having been 'from home yestereday on a painting expidition' he could not acknowledge Haines' letter sooner.

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