[Coventry Patmore, poet.] Autograph Signature ('Coventry Patmore') beneath Autograph quotation of four lines from his own poem, 'The Angel in the House'.

Coventry Patmore [Coventry Kersey Dighton Patmore] (1823-1896), poet
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Without place or date.

1p, 12mo. Folded twice. In good condition. Presumably in response to a request for an autograph, the central third of the page carries Patmore's signature ('Coventry Patmore.') beneath a four-line quotation from Patmore's best-remembered poem, 'The Angel in the House': 'Spirit of Knowledge, grant me this: | A simple heart and subtle wit | To praise the thing whose praise it is | That all which can be praised is it!'

[ General Sir Dighton Probyn. ] Autograph Letter in the third person, as 'Comptroller & Treasurer of the Prince of Wales' Household', inviting Sir Robert Herbert to visit the Prince and his wife at Sandringham, and giving transport details.

General Sir Dighton Probyn [ General Sir Dighton Macnaghten Probyn ] (1833-1924), British army officer and recipient of the Victoria Cross [Sir Robert Herbert; King Edward VIII; Sandringham, Norfolk ]
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On letterhead of Sandringham, Norfolk. 15 November 1884.

4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged and a little smudged. He 'writes by direction of The Prince and Princess of Wales to invite him to pay their Royal Highnesses a visit at Sandringham from Saturday next the 22nd. Inst. to remain till Monday the 24th. He gives details of the best train to catch to 'Wolferton (the Station for Sandringham)', where there will be 'conveyances to take Sir Robert and the other Guests travelling by the same Train, from the Station to the House'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('C. R. Aldrich') from the philatelist and cricketer Charles Roper Aldrich of Huyton, to an unnamed female correspondent, regarding a possible exchange of African stamps with the Indian ones of 'Mrs. Dighton'.

Charles Roper Aldrich (1935), philatelist and cricketer, of Park House, Huyton, near Liverpool [Mrs Dighton; stamp collecting]
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Park House, Huyton, near Liverpool. 26 November 1895.

4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Fair, on aged and chipped paper. As 'Mails for India leave at the end of the week', he considers the letter to be more convenient for her to forward. What attracted his attention to 'Mrs. Dighton's advertisement was the mention of African Stamps which she wished to obtain in exchange for those of Travancore'. He describes his own interests: 'I am especially strong in African Stamps having much correspondence from the West Coast'. He lists sets he would be willing to send to Mrs Dighton 'in exchange for 3 or 4 full sets of Navancore'.

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