[Coventry Patmore, poet.] Autograph Signature ('Coventry Patmore') beneath Autograph quotation of four lines from his own poem, 'The Angel in the House'.

Coventry Patmore [Coventry Kersey Dighton Patmore] (1823-1896), poet
Publication details: 
Without place or date.

1p, 12mo. Folded twice. In good condition. Presumably in response to a request for an autograph, the central third of the page carries Patmore's signature ('Coventry Patmore.') beneath a four-line quotation from Patmore's best-remembered poem, 'The Angel in the House': 'Spirit of Knowledge, grant me this: | A simple heart and subtle wit | To praise the thing whose praise it is | That all which can be praised is it!'

Autograph Letter Signed ('Felicity Hill'). Together with autograph signature (also 'Felcity Hill').

Air Commodore Dame Felicity Hill [Felicity Barbara Hill] (1915-?), Director, Women's Royal Air Force, 1966-1969
Publication details: 
Undated; from Worcester Cottage, Mews Lane, Winchester, Hants.

The six-line letter, which is laid down on a slightly larger piece of lilac paper, was originally on one side of an octavo leaf, but it has had a strip (presumably carrying the name and address of the recipient) beneath the address cut away. It is now in two pieces: 5 x 15.5 and 12 x 15.5 cm. Otherwise very good. Laid down on the top piece is a slip of paper in Hill's hand, reading 'From: Air Commodore Dame Felicity Hill D.B.E. WRAF (retd)'. In the bottom right-hand corner of the second piece of paper is a strip carrying Hill's autograph.

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