[ Allan Wilkie, Shakespearian actor-manager in Australia. ] 24 Autograph Letters Signed to the theatre historian Allan Duncan, discussing his life and career in England and Australia, with copies of 18 of Duncan's replies, and nine other items,.

Allan Wilkie (1878-1970), Anglo-Scottish Shakespearian actor-manager in England and Australia; Barry Duncan Duncan [ Horace Alexander Barry Duncan ] (1909-1985), theatre historian and bookseller
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The first five from 42 Mount Edward Road, Rothesay, Bute, Scotland; 17 of the others (including 7 on his letterhead) from Montford House, Rothesay; the other one from Edinburgh. Between 11 January 1965 and 15 October 1969.

It is safe to say that no Shakespearian actor travelled as widely as Allan Wilkie, and few can surely match the number of his performances. Although born in Liverpool, Wilkie considered himself Scottish ('a young Scots boy'). Inspired by Osmond Tearle, he took to the stage, learning his craft with Ben Greet's company. The Times obituary of 'Mr. Allan Wilkie | Shakespearian actor-manager', 8 January 1970, describes how, after six years as a touring actor-manager in England, Wilkie took his troupe to India, China and Japan, 1911-1913.

[ The British Army in the Peninsular War. ] Autograph Letter Signed (twice 'J. Barker') from Deputy Storekeeper General John Barker to British Minister at Lisbon [ Charles Stuart ], giving details of 'Stores shipped by this Department' to Portugal.

John Barker, Deputy Storekeeper General, Storekeeper General's Office, London [ Charles Stuart (1779-1845), 1st Baron Stuart de Rothesay; Peninsular War ]
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Storekeeper General's Office [ 23 Great George Street ], London. 28 January 1812.

2pp., folio. In fair condition, with light signs of age and wear. On first leaf of bifolium, the second leaf docketted in pencil. In fair condition, with light signs of age and wear. Detailed letter, filling two whole folio pages, beginning: 'Sir. | In the absence of the Storekeeper General I have the honour to refer you to his letters of the 12th. Novr. 19th. & 31st. Decr.

[ The Peninsular War. ] Manuscript Letter, in a secretarial hand, signed by J. L. Mallet of the Audit Office, to Charles Stuart, British envoy to Portugal, regarding £277,450 spent by him on supplies for Wellington's army.

John Lewis Mallet (1775-1861), Secretary of the Audit Office, Somerset Place, London [ Charles Stuart (1779-1845), 1st Baron Stuart de Rothesay; the Peninsular War ]
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Audit Office Somerset Place [ London ]. 29 January 1812.

2pp., folio. In good condition, on lightly aged paper. He is directed to 'make up and transmit to this Office an account Current of the receipt & application of the [...] Sum of £277,450, duly attested upon oath & accompanied by the necessary vouchers & authorities in support thereof'. The money is made up of 'various bills of Exchange drawn by you upon their Lordships on 4th. Novr: 1810 payable to M. T. Sempayo [Sampayo]'.

Autograph Letter Signed to Sir Charles Stuart (later Baron Stuart de Rothesay), Ambassador to Paris.

William Richard Hamilton, Minister at Naples.
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20 July 1824; Naples.

For Hamilton (1777-1859), Treasurer of the Royal Institution and one of the Trustees of the British Museum, see Boase's 'Modern English Biography'. He was secretary to Lord Elgin in Constantinople, recovered the Rosetta Stone from the French and aided in collecting and removing the Elgin Marbles from Athens. 3 pages, 16mo. Creased but in good condition. Begins by saying that a few years ago Stuart introduced Charles Rothschild to him, 'but it was probably at the request of his brother, as he has now asked me to introduce him to you'.

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