[Indian Students' Department, East India Association, London.] Six yearly issues of the printed 'Report on the Work of the Indian Students' Department', variously by C. E. Mallet, N. C. Sen and Thomas Quayle, from between July 1912 and 31 March 1922.

Indian Students' Department, East India Association, London (C. E. Mallet, N. C. Sen and Thomas Quayle) [Office of the High Commissioner for India]
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London: His Majesty's Stationery Office [the last published by the Office of the High Commissioner for India]. Six items: a run of four from July 1912/June 1913 to July 1915/June 1916; with: 1 April 1920/31 March 1921 and 1 April 1921/31 March 1922.

From the papers held at the headquarters of the National Indian Association and the Northbrook Society, 21 Cromwell Road, London (referred to in the report for 1912/1913 as 'The House in Cromwell Road' and 'The London Bureau' and 'still to a large extent the headquarters of the Student's Department'; and in the report for 1914/1915 as 'Mr. Arnold's Bureau', referring to 'Mr. T. W. Arnold, C.I.E., the Educational Adviser in London'). For the context see F. H. Brown's article 'Indian Students in Great Britain' (with 'Discussion'), Asiatic Review, July 1925, quoting Sir Charles E.

[ Pamphlet. ] Dangerous Trades for Women.

Mrs. C. Mallet [ Louisa Tempe Mallet [née Udny] (1837-1904), women's activist ]
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The Humanitarian League's Publications. No. 9. London: William Reeves, 185, Fleet Street, E.C. 1893.

22 + [2]pp., 12mo. Disbound and without covers. In good condition, on aged paper. The last two pages advertise the Humanitarian League, including a page of publications. Scarce. For more on Mallet, see her entry in the Oxford DNB.

[ The Peninsular War. ] Manuscript Letter, in a secretarial hand, signed by J. L. Mallet of the Audit Office, to Charles Stuart, British envoy to Portugal, regarding £277,450 spent by him on supplies for Wellington's army.

John Lewis Mallet (1775-1861), Secretary of the Audit Office, Somerset Place, London [ Charles Stuart (1779-1845), 1st Baron Stuart de Rothesay; the Peninsular War ]
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Audit Office Somerset Place [ London ]. 29 January 1812.

2pp., folio. In good condition, on lightly aged paper. He is directed to 'make up and transmit to this Office an account Current of the receipt & application of the [...] Sum of £277,450, duly attested upon oath & accompanied by the necessary vouchers & authorities in support thereof'. The money is made up of 'various bills of Exchange drawn by you upon their Lordships on 4th. Novr: 1810 payable to M. T. Sempayo [Sampayo]'.

[Census of England and Wales, 1911.] Six printed documents comprising: 'Welsh Schedule' and 'enlarged' schedule, set of 'Explanatory Notes', and circular, memorandum and notice issued by the Welsh Department, Board of Education, Whitehall.

[Census of England and Wales, 1911; Welsh Department, Board of Education, Whitehall, London; Bernard Mallet, Registrar-General; John Burns, President; Alfred T. Davies]
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Three of the documents from the Welsh Department, Board of Education, Whitehall. 1910 and 1911.

The six items are in excellent condition, on lightly-aged paper. None of the forms have been filled in. From the Board of Education Reference Library, but with no indications of the fact. ONE: An 'enlarged copy of the front of the Occupier's Schedule' (so described in Item Five below), headed 'CENSUS OF ENGLAND AND WALES, 1911.' Printed in March 1911 by Eyre & Spottiswoode ('3/11. E. & S.'), on one side of a piece of 68 x 86 cm. paper.

Inauguration du Nouvel Hotel de la Societe; le 14 Janvier 1897.

M. A. Mallet; M. F. Delmas; Societe des Ingenieurs Civils de France [Civil Engineering]
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Paris: Aulanier et Cie, Editeurs; 13, Rue Bonaparte, 13. [Imprimerie de la Construction Moderne.] 1897.

Octavo: 27 pages. A rather nice production, with nine double-page plates, frontispiece and double-page table. Unbound. In original grey printed wraps, with gold foil seal of the society laid down as part of cover design. Good, in lightly aged wraps. Some tissue guards. Two essays: 'La Societe des Ingenieurs Civils de France de 1848 a 1896' by M. A. Mallet, and 'Le Nouvel Hotel de la Societe des Ingenieurs Civils de France' by M. F. Delmas ('Architecte de la Societe').

Autograph Postcard Signed to Kenneth Bredon, of Bredon's Bookshop in Brighton.

Nicolas Bentley
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Postmarked 24 September 1974; 'The Old School, Downhead, Shepton Mallet, Somerset.'

One page, very good. Postcard illustration of Marie Taglioni. In Bentley's distinctive neat hand. 'If & when Angus & Robertson's traveller shows you a book called Dead Funny, illus. by Bill Tidy, pubs. Ask & Grant, I hope you'll feel compelled to place a huge order: The Grant is Arabella's husband, just breaking into publishing (mad!) How are you & Billie? We should love to see you both, but I doubt that you ever come this way. If you do, you can count on a warm bed & reception. Try & make it sometimes.' Signed 'Nick'.

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