[ T. Perronet Thompson, MP for Bradford: printed pamphlet. ] Catechism on the Ballot; Or, A List of Fallacies and the Answers. By Major-General Thompson, M.P. for Bradford, Author of the "Catechism on the Corn Laws."

Major-General Thompson [ Thomas Perronet Thompson (1783-1869) ], M.P. for Bradford, Author of the "Catechism on the Corn Laws."
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'Stereotype. - Third Edition.' 1859. 'Published by G. Brown, at the Offices of the Ballot Society, 5, Guildhall Chambers, Basinghall Street, London. Printed by B. D. Cousins, Helmet Court, Strand.'

28pp., 8vo. A side-stitched pamphlet, issued without wraps. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. At the head of the title-page is an engraving of the dove bringing the olive branch to Noah's Ark on the top of Mount Ararat. At foot of title-page: 'This publication having been reduced to its present price by the abandonment of profit and the sacrifice of the cost of the type, persons approving its contents are requested to purchase one additional copy and give away, giving the preference to individuals possessing the elective franchise. | Price Threepence.

[ Sir William Evans on the [secret] ballot, 'secret voting', 'evils of intimidation'. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('T W Evans') to Rev. W. Griffith, expressing 'serious doubt' on the question, and explaining his reasons for abstaining to vote on it.

Sir William Evans [ Sir Thomas William Evans ] (1821-1892) of Allestree Hall, Liberal Party politician, Member of Parliament for Derbyshire South
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Allestree Hall [ Derbyshire ]. 11 April 1859.

4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. He declares his belief that he will 'act well in accordance with what I stated on the nomination day in 1857, by pursuing the course followed by me since I have been in parliament, & abstaining from voting either way on the ballot'. The subject is one concerning which he feels 'great difficulty': 'I fully appreciate the evils of intimidation & bribery which the ballot is intended to cure, although I hope that they are gradually diminishing & will be still further diminished when we have fewer small constituencies'.

Autograph draft of a circular letter by the comedian Tommy Trinder urging Equity members to vote in favour of Sunday opening in a wartime ballot on that question. With a typescript of the circular, and a printed facsimile of Trinder's signature.

Tommy Trinder [Thomas Edward Trinder] (1909-1989), English stage, screen and radio comedian with the catchphrase 'You lucky people!' [C.A.S.T., Campaign of Actors for Sunday Theatres, 1943]
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Undated [1943].

The three items are stapled to one another, in good condition on lightly-aged paper. The first item is the typescript, which is 1p., 4to. It is addressed to 'Dear Brother Artist,' and begins: 'You will possibly be rather surprised to receive a letter from me, but after having spent most of my life in the Provinces, I now find myself landed in London. I am surprised at the amount of discussion and activity that takes place here regarding the "politics" of the theatre - and realise how you in the Provinces are apt to get left out.

Northern Territory Land Orders. Ballot for Order of Choice, held at Adelaide, on the 10th & 11th May, 1870. Reprinted and forwarded by the Agent-General for the information of Land Order Holders in England.

Australian Northern Territory Land Orders, 1870 ballot
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[London: Agent General's Office? 1870.]

3 pp, in a bifolium. Leaf dimensions 33.5 x 21 cm. Clear and complete. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper. Each page divided into four columns of small type, each column headed 'LONDON REGISTER' and containing numbers under three heads: the first being 'No. of Land Order', and the other two, jointly under 'Order of Choice', being 'Town Lots' and 'Country Sections'. Beneath heading: 'NOTE.

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