[ Minnie Walters Anson, English miniaturist. ] Two Autograph Letters Signed to 'Miss Newcomb' [ secretary of Marcus Adams Limited], regarding miniatures made from photographs of children taken by her brother-in-law Marcus Adams

Walters Anson [ Minnie Walters Anson ] (1875-1959), RMS [ Royal Miniature Society ], miniaturist [ Lambeth School of Art ], wife of artist Chris Adams (1867-1960), brother of Marcus Adams
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Both on her letterhead ('WALTERS ANSON, R.M.S.'), 48 Parkstone Avenue, Parkstone, Dorset. 6 and 11 February 1950.

Both letters 2pp., 12mo. Both in good condition, lightly-aged, the second with the first page lightly crossed through in pencil. The letters relate to work done for the firm of her brother-in-law Marcus Adams (described in his Times obituary as 'the outstanding child photographer of his day and photographer to the Royal Family for more than 30 years'), at 43 Dover Street, Mayfair. She begins the first letter by explaining that she has 'endeavoured to make the Woodall miniature like the snapshot, but unless they are really satisfied I had better do another.

[ Walton Adams, Victorian photographer.] Unpublished autograph biographical account, written in his nineties, describing his career as 'the oldest living British photographer', with reference to Queen Victoria, General Gordon and his son Marcus Adams

Walton Adams [ Arthur Walton Adams ] (1842-1934), pioneering British photographer, co-inventor of the dry-plate process, father of Marcus Adams (1875-1959) and grandfather of Gilbert Adams (1906-1996)
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Without place or date, but written after May 1932, when he was living in Caversham, Reading, Berkshire.

4pp., 8vo, paginated 1-4. On two bifoliums. Aged and worn, but with the text clear and complete. From the Adams family papers, which also include an extensive archive of Walton Adams's papers relating to the British Israelites. An interesting artefact relating to an important figure in the history of British photography. (See also his obituary in The Times, 15 June 1934.) Untitled and unsigned, the unpublished account begins: 'As I am now over 90 years of age I believe that I am the oldest living British photographer, my first Studio was opened in 1864'.

The Carrionflower Writ [complete run of ten issues, from 1 to 9/10 and including 2a].

Javant Biarujia, editor [Nosukumo, Melbourne; Ian Birks; Jurate Sasnaitis, Philip Siss; Kris Hemensley; Chris Mann; Raimondo Cortese; Adrian Rawlins; Australian literature]
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Melbourne ('at Labassa'): Nosukumo. 1985 to 1990.

Each issue a single broadsheet, folded twice to make eight pages. On different light shades of paper. In good condition. An energetic collection of Australian 'poetry on the margins', with unconvential typography and striking illustration. Described, on cover of issue 3, as 'An art and literary broadsheet issued on an irregular basis'. Poets include Ian Birks, Jurate Sasnaitis, Philip Sipp, Kris Hemensley, Chris Mann, Raimondo Cortese, and Adrian Rawlins. Excessively scarce: no copies of any issues in the British Library, or recorded on COPAC, let alone a complete run.

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