[Spencer Perceval, the only British Prime Minister to be assassinated.] Autograph Rough Notes, titled 'Parliamentary | Miscellaneous', for a House of Commons debate on Customs and Excise duties, with reference to 'the Brandy act of last year'.

Spencer Perceval (1762-1812), Tory Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer [William Pleydell-Bouverie, 3rd Earl of Radnor [Lord Folkestone] (1779-1869); Customs and Excise duties]
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[Houses of Parliament. 1808.]

On both sides of a 37 x 24 cm piece of paper (i.e. half a 'pinched post' folio leaf), with 1806 fleur-de-lys watermark. Folded twice, to make eight 24 x 9 cm panels (four on each side), in seven of which Perceval has written his notes in a close and neat hand. The eighth panel forms the outside of the folded paper, and on this Perceval has written 'Parliamentary | Miscellaneous'. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn.

[ Theresa Harriet Beney, pianist, composer and organist of Christ Church, Folkestone. ] Autograph Card Signed ('Theresa Beney') to an unnamed female recipient, making arrangements for her to accompany the singer Richard Green in a recital.

Theresa Beney [ Theresa Harriet Beney ] (b.c.1860, fl.1936), Organist of Christ Church, Folkestone, pianist and composer [ Richard Green, English baritone singer ]
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On letterhead of 4H, Blenheim Mansions, Marylebone Road, N.W. [ London ] 20 April 1900.

On both sides of a grey 8.5 x 11 cm. card. She writes that she forgot to tell her in her reply to her note 'that Mr. Rich. Green is an old friend of mine & sings my songs admirably. If I am accompanying he wd. probably like to know - before making his selection of songs for May 5.' She wishes to know whether she is to 'book the date at your earliest convenience'. She is leaving town for a week, 'but letters will be forwarded'. Beney disappears from view in 1936.

Two Autograph Letters Signed from the Oxford Professor of Fine Arts, Selwyn Image, to 'My dear Barnard' [Rev. P. M. Barnard?], regarding funghi and moths.

Selwyn Image (1849-1930), Slade Professor of Fine Art at Oxford University [Rev. Percy Mordaunt Barnard (1868-1941) of Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, antiquarian bookseller]
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Both from 20 Fitzroy Street, W.; 12 and 17 August 1908.

Both items good, on aged paper. Written in Image's distinctive calligraphic hand. Letter One (12 August 1908): 1 p, 12mo. The 'Galatheas' arrived the previous evening 'quite safe'. 'Fancy your being at The Warren as well as at Deal! The Warren [Folkestone] is famous for being stocked with good things. You are indeed in the very heart of the richest entomological country in England.' Letter Two (17 August 1908): 2 pp, 12mo. He is delighted with 'these beautiful ochroleuca, which arrived this afternoon quite safely'.

Typed Letter Signed to Sir Henry Wood, [Secretary,] Royal Society of Arts.

Basil Williams [Arthur Frederic Basil Williams; War Refugees Committee, Folkestone]
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7 October 1914; Old Harvey Grammar School, Folkestone, headed 'WAR REFUGEES COMMITTEE, FOLKESTONE'.

Historian (1867-1950), who 'organised reception of Belgian Refugees at Folkestone for L.G.B., 1914 (Med. du Roi Albert)' (Who's who). One page, quarto. Good. Folded three times. Docketed and bearing the Society's stamp. Signed 'Basil Williams'. In answer to Wood's telegram Williams replies 'I am to say that I am afraid we cannot sent [sic] people from here to Aldeburgh.

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