[A trip up the Nile by a gentleman-artist, 1864.] Manuscript agreement between Thomas Kennet Were and Fairman & Co. of Alexandria, to charter a dehabeah for a four-month trip up the Nile, signed by him, certified by the consul's clerk, with receipts.

Thomas Kennet Were (1838-1916) of Sidmouth, traveller and gentleman-artist [Fairman & Co. (latterly Kelson, Hankey & Cie.), Alexandria, Egypt]
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Agreement and certification dated from Alexandria, Egypt, 9 December 1864; receipt for balance dated 17 April 1865. Separate receipt for payment in account, 9 December 1864.

The University of Wyoming American Heritage Center has mounted a ‘traveling exhibit’ of watercolours and diaries from Kennet Were’s 1868-9 journey across the United States, a long account of which he published in the Gazette (‘Nine Months in the United States’) on his return. Were’s obituary in the Transactions of the Devonshire Association, vol. 48, (1916), p. 54, describes him as one of Sidmouth’s ‘most respected inhabitants’ and ‘the prime mover in movements for the improvement of the resort and a supporter of all good causes’, but does not refer to his artistic activities.

[ Kennet and Avon Canal Company. ] Two printed circulars, by Dundas and Page respectively, each including reports of the committee of management and statements of accounts; second featuring lithographed map by Cartwright and notice of Lord Amesbury.

Kennet and Avon Canal Company [ Charles Dundas and Frederick Page, Chairmen; Lord Amesbury; R. Cartwright, London lithographer; Sir John Edward Harington of Ridlington, 8th Baronet (1760-1831) ]
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[ Kennet and Avon Canal Company. ] Marlborough: 20 July 1830 and 17 July 1832.

The 57-mile canal section of the two rivers was constructed between 1794 and 1810. In the face of competition by the Great Western Railway it fell into disuse in the latter nineteenth century. A process of restoration began a hundred years later, and the canal is now a popular amenity. Both items in good condition, lightly aged and worn. Both headed on first page 'Report of the Committee of Management, of the Kennet and Avon Canal Navigation.' Both are 3pp., 8vo, on bifoliums.

[First World War Royal Navy Night Order Book.] Autograph Signed night order book of Lieut. Commander E. T. R. Chambers, relating to the destroyers HMS Kennet, HMS Welland and HMS Otter, and mostly spent around China.

Lieut. Commander Ennis Tristram Ratcliffe Chambers (b.1884), Royal Navy [HMS Kennet; HMS Welland; HMS Otter; Commander R. M. Alleyne, RN]
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In 'S.553' Night Order Book ('Revised December, 1910') by Waterlow & Sons Limited, Printers, London Wall, London. 25 October 1911 to 4 March 1915.

82pp., small 4to. In good condition, on lightly aged paper, in worn black cloth, with large printed official 'NIGHT ORDER BOOK' label on front cover, to which Chambers has added 'Captain's' in large letters, and 'TO BE RETURNED TO MY CABIN'. Ruled pages, with printed 'NIGHT ORDER BOOK, H.M.S. [name of ship in manuscript] | ORDERS.' at head.

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