Autograph Letter Signed ('J. R. Planché') from the dramatist and herald James Robinson Planché, thanking 'Mr. Barnett' for procuring the freedom of Her Majesty's Theatre, Haymarket, for him,with reference to its manager Benjamin Lumley.

James Robinson Planché [J. R. Planché] (1796-1880), dramatist, antiquary and Somerset Herald [Benjamin Lumley (1811-1875), manager of Her Majesty's Theatre, Haymarket]
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Garrick Club. 24 April [no year].

1p., 12mo. Fair, on aged paper and worn paper. He is 'exceedingly obliged' to Barnett for 'procuring for me the freedom of Her Majesty's Theatre'. He asks if he will 'receive an official commemoration from Mr. Lumley', or whether he should write and thank Lumley on the strength of Barnett's note.

Printed 'Property Plot' for a production of Ralph Lumley's 'Throrough-Bred' by 'Mr. J. L. Toole's Company', with stage manager's 'Call' sheet for 'Thoroughbred' by 'Mr. Edward A. Coventry & Mr. John R. Collins' Company'.

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Neither item with date or place. [First item: London: Toole's Theatre, 1893.]

The production to which the first item relates was Toole's last before being forced by gout to retire from the London stage. Both items in fair condition, on lightly-aged paper; the first with short closed tear at head. Both printed on one side only. Item One: 33 x 21 cm. Headed 'Mr. J. L. Toole's Company. | THOROUGH-BRED. | PROPERTY PLOT.' Listing, under 'Stage' and 'Hand', all the props needed for the three acts, the last (and shortest) entry reading '[ACT III.] HAND. | Field glasses, cases. Race cards for all. Letter (WILHELMINA). Set of bones (TOSH). Coins (all). 2 tambourines.

Autograph Letter Signed to Hubert Smith Stanier.

Gifford Lumley [Devonshire; W. Mate & Sons, Limited, printers and publishers of Bournemouth, Southampton and London]
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23 April 1906; 62 Commercial Rd, Bournemouth, on letterhead Mate & Sons letterhead.

8vo, 2 pp. Good, though a little grubby on the reverse. Printed down the left hand margin of the recto is a long list headed 'Printers and Publishers of Illustrated Guides to'. Printed in large letters at the centre of the letterhead is 'Shropshire: Historical and Biographical', but there is no record of this title being published, or of any volume on Shropshire by Mates & Sons. From the context it appears that Lumley had a hand in Frederick John Snell's 'Devonshire, historical, descriptive, biographical', published by Mate & Sons in 1907.

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