[ Franklin White, Australian artist. ] 24 items from his papers, including drafts and copies of his letters to the feminist Thelma Cazalet-Keir and the artist Harold Copping, and an ALS to him from Louis McCubbin, National Gallery of South Australia.

Franklin White (1892-1975), Australian artist, teacher at the Slade Art School, London; Harold Copping (1863-1932), artist;; Louis McCubbin (1890-1952), Director, National Gallery of South Australia ]
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Several of White's letters on letterheads of The Reedbeds, Shoreham, Nr. Sevenoaks, Kent. Between 1921 and 1968.

Two years after arriving in England from Australia in 1913, Franklin White entered the Slade School. His studies were interrupted by the First World War, during which he worked as a draughtsman at the Admiralty. In 1919 he re-entered the Slade, and was soon invited by Tonks to join the teaching staff. On his retirement in 1957, he devoted his full energies to the Samuel Palmer School of Art, which he had run from his home in Shoreham since 1924, when he first held summer classes in landscape painting for his Slade students.

[George Richmond, English portrait painter, disciple of William Blake.] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'Geo Richmond') to 'Lilian', in the first speaking of a 'bond between us', and in the second discussing a 'print & frame'.

George Richmond (1809-1896), English portrait painter, in his youth a disciple of William Blake, and one of the 'Shoreham Ancients'
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Both on letterhead of 20 York Street, Portman Square [London]. 2 November1882 and 7 July 1885.

Both in good condition, on lightly-aged paper, and both with a mourning border (the first thick and the second thin). ONE: 3pp., 16mo. He apologises for 'having neglected to answer' her 'too kind and pretty note'. 'And really such neglect does great injusticce to my feeling, for your note brought back to me in vivid recollection, a visit to when we were both in great sorrow, which I am sure was a bond between us, though we had our games of Whist in the Evening with your Aunt Laura & Mrs. Buchanan!' TWO: 2pp., 16mo. He is glad she likes 'both print & frame'.

Typed Letter Signed to Miss Scott Rogers of the Royal Academy of Arts.

Ernest Alfred Sallis Benney
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9 May 1946; on Brighton School of Art letterhead.

Artist (1894-1966) and principal of Brighton School of Art. One page, octavo. Good, but lightly creased and with staple holes in the top lefthand corner. Date stamps in grey and red ink. Letter concerns the suitability of Alfred Charles Hull as a member of the Academy. Benney knew Hull 'for many years as a master at Shoreham Grammar School' and elsewhere. 'Mr. Hull is an extremely charming fellow and would socially fit in very happily with the Society. It is a little difficult, however, for me to say whether he is of fellowship standard.

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