[Robert Ord, lawyer and politician.] Autograph Legal Opinion Signed ('Robt. Ord'), headed 'Case on Mr. Chrisr. Blacketts Will & Mr. Ords Opinion'.

Robert Ord (1700–1778), English lawyer and politician, Chief Baron of the Scottish Exchequer [Christopher Blackett; Elizabeth Smart; Martha Maria Bellassyse; Durham; Northumberland]
Publication details: 
13 June 1750.

1p, 8vo. Aged and worn, with closed tears, chipping and creasing. Several folds. The full heading reads: 'Case on Mr. Chrisr. Blacketts Will & Mr. Ords Opinion | See Copy of Will'. Endorsed on reverse: '1750 June 13th - | Copy | Mr. Ords Opinion on Mr. Blacketts Will'. Twenty-eight lines of neatly-written text, arranged as two queries, each with its answer. Contains a couple of corrections by Ord. The case concerns the various claims on a freehold of 'Mrs. Eliz: Smart and Mrs. Martha Maria Bellassyse' and 'Mrs. Blackett'. The various families in the case hailed from the north-east of England.

[V-Letter from Karl Shapiro to George Barker, written in publication year of Shapiro's 'V-Letter and other Poems'.] A V-Mail [Victory Mail] letter (i.e. photographic print of autograph letter), praising Barker and criticising current 'War Poetry'.

Karl Shapiro [Karl Jay Shapiro] (1913-2000), American poet [George Barker (1913-1991), English poet]
Publication details: 
A V-Mail [Victory Mail] letter. San Francisco. February 1944.

An interesting communication from one noted twentieth-century English-language poet to another, and of additional significance as a V-Letter written in the year of publication of Shapiro's first successful collection, the Pulitzer Prize winning 'V-Letter and Other Poems' (1944). (See Diederik Oostdijk, 'The Wartime Success of Karl Shapiro's V-Letter' (2006).) The present item is a V-Mail [Victory Mail] letter: a 13.5 x 11 cm photograph print of an autograph letter bearing the censor's stamp.

[ Sir George Thomas Smart, English composer. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('George Smart') to 'Mr. Taylor' regarding a mistake in 'Cards' and the 'state of poor Walker'.

[ George Smart ] Sir George Thomas Smart (1776-1867), English composer and musician, organist at the Chapel Royal
Publication details: 
91 Great Portland Street [ London ]. 27 June 1826.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly-aged. He asks him 'to forward these Cards immediately (I have sent one to Mr. Doane) as many have call'd asking if they are to be engaged'. He expresses his regret for 'the mistake in the Name card', but it is too late to alter it. The 'sole cause' of the error was his 'constantly thinking of the state of poor Walker'.

[ Sir A. J. B. Beresford-Hope, Tory politician and author. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('A J B Beresford Hope') to W. de Boinville, thanking him for uncovering information about the poet Christopher Smart.

Sir Alexander James Beresford Beresford Hope [ Alexander Hope; A. J. B. Hope; A. J. B. Beresford Hope ] (1820-1887), Tory politician and author
Publication details: 
Bedgebury Park, Cranbrook [ Kent ]. 4 February 1858.

3pp., 12mo. Writing in a difficult hand, he thanks him for his very curious & interesting letter respecting Chr. Smart, of whose birthplace I had been previously ignorant, tho' his name was not unknown to me in connection with Horace'.

Two Aquatint engravings by William Henry Pyne, both engraved by 'Smart & Hunt', titled 'Cheap Meat', showing an angry man bursting into an eighteenth-century bookshop, and 'A Thief in the Kirk', showing a man in tartan running through a congregation.

William Henry Pyne (1769-1843), author and artist; S. & J. Fuller, 34 Rathbone Place, London printsellers
Publication details: 
Both 'London, Published July 1, 1822, by S. & J. Fuller, 34, Rathbone Place.'

Both in the same style. ONE: 'Cheap Meat.' Dimensions: paper 25 x 29.5 cm; plate 22.5 x 27.5 cm; image 18.5 x 23.5 cm. In good condition, lightly aged and worn, with slight discoloration to corners from previous mounting. Beneath plate: 'W. H. Pyne delt.

[Issues No. 2 and No. 3 of printed magazine, with contributions by Doris Lessing and Elizabeth Smart, and photograph by John Deakin.] The Fortnightly. A Review of Life & Literature.

Peter Everett and John Rety, eds [Oliver Bernard; Anthony Carson; John Deakin; John Heath-Stubbs; John Larkman; Doris Lessing; Alun Owen; Alan Riddel; Murray Sayle; Elizabeth Smart; Richard Weber]
Publication details: 
Both 'Published by John Rety, c/o Villiers Publications Ltd., and printed by them at Ingestre Road, London, N.W.5.' [Both 1958.]

Both issues 8pp., folio. Both in fair condition, on lightly-aged newspaper, with minor creasing and wear to edges. No. 2 has an on the cover a 'Photograph by John Deakin' of a black man, illustrating a symposium on apartheid titled 'The Man Beside You'; also the short story 'Wine' by Doris Lessing, and 'a short except from "Who Cares"' by Elizabeth Smart. No. 3 has a still from Fellini's 'Nights of Cabiria' on the cover, and features a symposium on the Wolfenden Report by the editors, titled 'Tis Pity She's A Whore', with 'Comment by Victor Musgrave'.

Eleven Autograph Letters Signed from the diplomat Sir William Alexander Smart to Ernest Frederick Gye of the Foreign Office, from New York, Saloncia, Beirut, Damascus, and five from Paris, with references to James Joyce, Sylvia Beach and Proust.

Sir William Alexander Smart (1883-1962), British diplomat in the Levant and Egypt [Ernest Frederick Gye (1879-1955), diplomat; Sylvia Beach; James Joyce; Marcel Proust]
Publication details: 
Dating from between 1917 and 1926. One from New York (1917); one from Salonica (1919); five from Paris (one undated, the other four 1922); one from Beirut (1923); three from Damascus (1924, 1925 and 1926).

Totalling 68 pp, comprising 50 pp, 12mo; 18 pp, 4to. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Two signed 'W. A. Smart' and the others 'WAS.' All addressed to 'My dear Ernest'. Written in a spirited, chatty, and (for a diplomat) surprisingly indiscreet style, of which the beginning of the second letter (Salonica; 19 August 1919), concerning the appointment of Victor Vincent Cusden (1893-1980), gives a good example: 'Were you not content with condemning me to physical and financial ruin in this death-trap? Why, to add to my afflictions, did you send me this pathetic shop-boy?

Part of Autograph Letter Signed ('Tho Hughes') to Twining.

Thomas Hughes [Thomas Smart Hughes] (1786–1847), historian [Richard Twining (1772-1857), tea and coffee merchant]
Thomas Hughes, historian, Letter
Publication details: 
15 September 1823.
Thomas Hughes, historian, Letter

Strip of paper cut from letter, roughly 19 x 9 cm. Poor, on lightly-stained paper, with small section lacking from the breaking open of the seal, resulting in loss of one word. Postmark and fragment of address on reverse: '<...>d Twining Esqr | <...> Strand | London'. Reads 'Yrs very truly | [signed] Tho Hughes | 15 Sepr 1823 | I was glad to hear so tolerable an account of your father: while life continues <...> him, I hope it will please God to render it tolerable'. From the Twining archives.

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