[Charles Wadsworth inscribes Rampant Lions Press book with his illustrations to poems on Robert Frost to Christopher Fry, also signed by author.] Seed Leaves | Homage to R. F. | Poetry by Richard Wilbur | Prints by Charles Wadsworth.

Richard Wilbur; Charles Wadsworth; Richard R. Godine, Publisher, Boston; Will Carter, Rampant Lions Press, Cambridge [Christopher Fry; Robert Frost]
Publication details: 
David R. Godine, Publisher, Boston. [No 44 of '160 copies only designed and printed by Will Carter at the Rampant Lions Press, Cambridge, England'] 1974.

Beautiful stitched pamphlet, with three gorgeous colour natural history prints by Wadsworth, comprising frontispiece and one other full-page print, and double-page print incorporating the words of the title. Near fine. Text unpaginated, printed on eleven pages, over eight leaves of green laid paper. Numbered 44 on the colophon, which carries the device of the Rampant Lions Press, and is signed 'Richard Wilbur' and 'Charles E.

[Rampant Lions Press, Cambridge.] Printers' dummy for the author of 'Root & Sky. Poetry from the plays of Christopher Fry. Compiled and arranged by Charles E. and Jean G. Wadsworth. Collagraph-intaglios designed and printed by Charles E. Wadsworth.

Rampant Lions Press, Cambridge; Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright; Charles E. Wadsworth and Jean G. Wadsworth; Will Carter and Sebastian Carter
Publication details: 
Rampant Lions Press, Cambridge. [Circa 1975.]

A very nice artefact relating to a beautiful Rampant Lions production, published in 1975. Printers' dummy, produced to indicate the intended layout of the book, consisting of duplicated typed leaves, with emendations and printing instructions in manuscript, showing the intended arrangement of the 125 pages of letterpress (and including an alternative version of p.78), with eleven illustrations loosely interleaved. In good condition, lightly aged and worn.

[Sir Edwin Landseer, painter and sculptor of animals.] Autograph Letter Signed ('E Landseer.') regarding 'the Lions Heads' - presumably the bronze statues of lions at the base of Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square, London.

Sir Edwin Landseer (1802-1873), English painter and sculptor noted for his treatment of animals, such as 'The Monarch of the Glen' and the lion sculptures in Trafalgar Square, London
Publication details: 
Undated. On his letterhead, St John's Wood Road, N.W. [London] [before 1867?]

1p, 12mo. On bifolium. Printed on grey-blue paper, with letterhead printed in orange-red, without Landseer's name, but with his stag's head motif. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with thin strip from stub mount adhering to blank second leaf. Folded twice. The recipient is not named. Apparently referring to his bronze sculptures of the four lions at the base of Nelson's column (installed in 1867), the letter reads: 'My Dear Sir | Many thanks for your obliging Note and kind attention to the Lions Heads – I can't leave home Tomorrow before 4. oc when I shall go to B.

[ William Powell Frith invites Sir Edwin Landseer to 'tea-supper smoke-whist'. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('W. P. Frith') from Frith to Landseer, inviting him to an evening with 'a few artists & others'.

W P. Frith [ William Powell Frith ] (1819-1909), RA, Victorian genre painter [ Sir Edwin Landseer (1802-1873), painter and sculptor, mainly of animals
Publication details: 
On his letterhead, 10 Pembridge Villas, Bayswater, W. [ London ] 13 March 1862.

2pp., 12mo. On bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged, with minor damage in margin at the gutter of the second leaf caused by removal from stub. Addressed to 'Sir Edwin Landseer RA | &c &c'. A week from the writing of the letter Frith is expecting 'a few artists & others to tea-supper smoke-whist &c'. He explains that the group usually meets 'about eight supper at ten or half past. We should all be pleased if you can be induced to give us the pleasure of your company.

[ Sir Edwin Landseer, painter and sculptor. ] Autograph Signature ('E Landseer.').

Sir Edwin Landseer [ Sir Edwin Henry Landseer ] (1802-1873), English artist and sculptor, best known for his works depicting animals
Publication details: 
Without place or date.

Good, bold underlined signature in brown ink on 4 x 6 cm piece of paper. In good condition, with light signs of age and wear. Laid down on piece of thick paper, on the reverse of which are traces of grey paper mount. Presumably cut from a letter.

[Joseph Simpson, English artist and cartoonist.] Signed proofs of six prints, caricaturing George Bernard Shaw; Maxim Gorky; Hall Caine; Thomas Hardy; Algernon Charles Swinburne and J. Pierpont Morgan' ['London Opinion' and 'Lions'].

Joseph Simpson (1879-1939), English artist, engraver and cartoonist [George Bernard Shaw; Maxim Gorky; Gabriele D'Annunzio; Thomas Hardy; Algernon Charles Swinburne]
Publication details: 
[First published in the weekly magazine 'London Opinion'. Reprinted in the book 'Lions', published in New York and San Francisco by Morgan Shepard Co., [1906].]

Simpson was a native of Carlisle in Cumbria, and came to London in the early years of the twentieth century, where he was encouraged by Frank Brangwyn to take up etching. In 1918 he was made official artist with the new Royal Air Force. The National Portrait Gallery has eight of Simpson's works, but none of the present six, which are all in the style of the artist's portrait ('ink, irregular') of the Earl of Halsbury, present in the Gallery's collection.Each of the six caricatures is printed in black within a 17 x 12 cm border.

Autograph Letter Signed to the numismatist Ewald Junge, with papers relating to the artist and theatrical Edward Gordon Craig (1872-1966).

Sebastian Carter, printer and typographer (born 1941)
Publication details: 
Letter undated, on letterhead of Victoria House, 40 Oxford Road, Cambridge.

LETTER: One page, quarto. Somewhat aged and creased. An attractive item in Carter's disciplined calligraphic hand. A damning assessment of Craig's son Edward Anthony Craig ('Edward Carrick', 1905-98). '[...] If you know him, you presumably also know what you are taking on! We had some dealings with Teddy over possibly printing old EGC's engravings of Robinson Crusoe, but Teddy sold them, [...] My impression is that the old rogue manufactured archives in order to sell them to someone - preferably twice.

Prospectus for an edition of Johnson's 'THE VANITY OF HUMAN WISHES', with sample illustration by Tegetmeier.

Rampant Lions Press [Denis Tegetmeier; Samuel Johnson]
Publication details: 
To be published this summer 1984 by the | RAMPANT LIONS PRESS | 12 Chesterton Road, Cambridge, England'.

Unbound. Large Octavo bifolium on grey wove paper. Good only, with creasing to corners (that would carefully iron out), and some marking to front cover. Title in large gold letters on front, details of edition on versos of both leaves, and specimen page on recto of second leaf. Illustration ('The author | A reproduction of Tegetmeier's frontispiece') on Arches paper (twelve and a half inches by nine wide) loosely inserted, together with printed 'Book order' leaf.

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