[Edward Pusey, Regius Professor of Hebrew at Oxford.] Autograph Letter Signed ('E B Pusey') to 'Mary', a servant, regarding the sending of books and fixing of a leak in the roof.

Edward Pusey [Edward Bouverie Pusey] (1800-1882), Regius Professor of Hebrew at the University of Oxford and leading figure in the Oxford Movement [Christ Church]
Publication details: 
15 November [no year]; on letterhead of Christ Church, Oxford.

2pp, 16mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly-aged. Folded once. A nice letter, providing an insight into domestic arrangements in nineteenth-century Oxford, and the more mundane doings of an elevated soul. Begins: 'Mary, | Will you look in the glass room my sitting room. I think that on the right part of the bookshelf there are 3 copies of S. Augustine's Confessions. Will you be so good as to send them to me'. Turning to another matter he writes: 'I do not know any good glazier at Malvern who could do such a job, as the roof of that room in which I sit.

[John Manby Gully, Malvern physician who pioneered 'water cure' treatment.] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'J M Gully') to the publisher John Churchill, one on patients including Lord Francis Egerton, the other on a vacant post.

James Manby Gully (1808-1883), physician with pioneering 'water cure' treatment (hydropathy) at Great Malvern [John Churchill (1801-1875), London medical publisher]
Publication details: 
Great Malvern; 19 December [no year]. Malvern; 6 August [no year].

Both items in good condition, lightly aged, and each with thin strip of paper from mount adhering to reverse. ONE: Great Malvern; 19 December. 2pp, 12mo. Now that he has returned to Malvern, having been 'on a visit to Mr W. Whitman', he thanks Churchill for his 'kindness which I may say, I never found at fault'. He continues: 'Though away from Malvern I have not been idle: most of the neighbouring gentry came to Dudmaston to consult me'.

[The Morgan Motor Company Limited, Malvern.] Double-column account book of 'The Morgan Motor Company, Limited, in account with Lloyds Bank Limited, Malvern', detailing disbursements to companies and individuals, mainly within the motor industry.

The Morgan Motor Company Limited, Malvern, Worcestershire, established in 1910 [Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan (1881-1959), English sports car manufacturer]
Publication details: 
The Morgan Motor Company, Limited, Malvern, Worcestershire. From May 14 1927 to May 31 1929. [Printed by Lloyds Bank Limited, Malvern]

[4] + 288pp., 8vo. In vellum-style cream cloth binding with flap and front pocket. Internally in good condition, lightly-aged, in somewhat grubby binding. In manuscript across front cover: 'May 1927 May 31 1929 | Morgan Motor Company Limited'. The volume gives a valuable sidelight into the finances of an iconic British firm, during a boom period in its history, and place the company squarely at the centre of a network of other firms within the motoring industry.

Testimonials of Commander George Yeats Paterson, R.N. Late Senior Lieutenant of H.M. Training Ships "Illustrious" and "Britannia.["]

Commander George Yeats Paterson (fl. 1896)
Publication details: 
[1860, with manuscript emendations by Paterson in 1868] Printed by T. BRETTELL, Rupert Street, Haymarket, Westminster.

4to: 6 pp. Unbound. Leaf dimensions 26 x 19.5 cm. A bifolium, with a third leaf attached. Good, on lightly aged and creased paper. With a few manuscript emendations by Paterson. One page is taken up with a copy of a letter, originally dated from Brockhurst House, Gosport, Hants, 1st May, 1860.', but with a manuscript label reading 'Victoria Lodge | Osborn Road, Fareham | Hants | April 15th. 1868' laid down over the printed text. In the original printed text Paterson offers himself as 'a Candidate for the Appointment as GOVERNOR of H.M.

Autograph signature.

Felix Swinstead (1880-1959), English composer
Publication details: 

On piece of laid paper paper (roughly 11 x 16 cm) cut from diary. Good, on lightly-aged paper. Under the heading 'June 25'.

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