[ John Britton, antiquary and topographer. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('J Britton') to John Yonge Akerman, reporting the sale of his 'Wilts collection' to Devizes Museum., and inviting him to examine his 'Celtic Cabinet' before it is 'transported'.

John Britton (1771-1857), antiquary and topographer [ John Yonge Akerman (1806-1873), numismatist; Devizes Museum (Wiltshire Heritage Museum and Library) ]
Publication details: 
Place not stated. 22 March 1853.

2pp., 16mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. Britton begins by asking for 'Dr Lukis[']s address' (Frederick Corbin Lukis (1788-1871), antiquary and natural historian), together with a copy of his 'printed paper', before announcing: 'I have sold my Wilts collection – Books, MSS. Drawgs. Prints, models – letters &c &c – to a comm[itte]e.

[ Thomas Blore, topographer. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Tho: Blore') to Sir John Edward Harington of Ridlington, posing a number of questions so that he may complete his pedigree for his history of Rutland.

Thomas Blore (1754-1818), English topographer [ Sir John Edward Harington of Ridlington ]
Publication details: 
Stamford. 23 December 1807.

3pp., 4to. Bifolium. In fair condition, aged and creased with a few short closed tears. The reverse of the second leaf carries red wax seal with a good impression and two postmarks, and is addressed by Blore to Harington in Berkeley Square. Neatly and closely written, beginning: 'I am favoured with your letter and send you underneath the questions which I shall be glad to have answered to enable me to complete your Pedigree, down to the present time, for the History of Rutland.

[ Samuel Lewis, topographer. ] Printed prospectus, questionnaire and list of 'Subscribers in London': 'Preparing for publication, | By S. Lewis, | A Topographical Dictionary of England, | From a Personal Survey through every Parish in the Kingdom'.

Samuel Lewis (c.1782-1865), topographer and publisher
Publication details: 
12, Devereaux-court, Temple, London. [Late 1820s.]

4pp., folio. Bifolium. In fair condition, on lightly aged paper and creased paper, with slight damage to margins at foot of both leaves. Beneath the heading on the first page is a list of around 75 princes, dukes and lords, headed by 'His Most Gracious Majesty the King', under whose 'immediate patronage' the work is to be commenced. Beneath this, in small type is the prospectus, stressing the 'immense Labour and Expense' attending the work (Lewis later claimed had taken six years to compile it, at an outlay of £48,000), which is to be 'published in Four Volumes Quarto - Price 30s.

[Thomas Allen, topographer.] Autograph Note Signed ('Thos Allen').

Thomas Allen (1803-1833), topographer
Publication details: 
No place. 10 November 1824.

On piece of 6 x 10 cm paper. Laid down on 8.5 x 20.5 cm strip of paper cut from album. In fair condition, aged and worn, with a cross in light red ink through text. Bold signature, with date, and titles of two books above. Reads: 'Howells Londonopilis [sic] | Monumenta Vetusta | Thos Allen | Nov 10/24'.

Ten Autograph Letters Signed (all 'E Walford') to a number of different correspondents (including A., F. and H. Barker, Mrs Ratcliffe and a newspaper editor named 'Taylor').

Edward Walford (1823-97), topographer, genealogist, antiquary and editor of 'Once a Week' and 'The Antiquarian Magazine and Bibliographer'
Publication details: 
Five undated, the others 1860 to 1890; all but one (from Bracknell in Berkshire) from a number of London addresses.

All items good, though on dusty and aged paper. Five items are addressed to sellers of manuscripts (probably the same individual). ONE (to H. Barker, 23 April 1885, on letterhead of 'The Antiquarian Magazine and Bibliographer', one page, octavo): Asks to be offered Wellesley autographs purchased at a recent Sotheby sale, of which he sent an account to 'The Times', which was 'crowded out'. TWO (to F. Barker, 25 April [1885], 'at T.

Engraved portrait by Augustus Fox [from painting by Nathaniel Drake].

Thomas Gent (1693-1778), printer and topographer of York [Thomas Thorpe (1791-1851), London bookseller]
Publication details: 
Published by T. Thorpe, 38, Bedford Street, Covent Garden.' [1832]

Dimensions of paper roughly eight inches by five; dimensions of print four and a quarter inches by three and a half. Good clean image, on paper aged and creased at extremities only. A wild-haired octogenarian Gent leans on a pile of books in a stone archway, holding open a copy of his History of Rippon (1733). Taken from Thorpe's edition of Gent's 'Life', published in 1832.

Fragment of Autograph Letter Signed to unnamed correspondent.

John Britton
Publication details: 
Without date or place.

English antiquary and topographer (1771-1857). Paper dimensions roughly four and a half inches by two and a half. Folded once. Good, on slightly discoloured paper. Good clean signature. Reads 'Yrs very truly | John Britton | 17 Burton Street'. Lines above and below signature perhaps in another hand. Top line slightly cropped.

Autograph Notes signed to John Russell Smith, publisher.

John Britton.
Publication details: 
1849, 1853.

Antiquary, topographer and architectural writer (DNB).Two ANSs to Smith, 23 April 1849 and 21 June 1853, 12mo and 8vo. (1849) He returns "Mr. Halliwell's vol". (Smith published a good number of books by J.O. Halliwell[-Phillipps], some in 1849.) (1853) He proves that he is making progress with his Autobiography by sending a second instalment. (The Autobiography of John Britton was published in 1849/1850. I have found no reference to an edition published c.1853 but NSTC lists an imprint dated "1850[57?]" - whatever that means.)

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