[ Brian Aldiss, English science fiction author. ] Typed Letter Signed ('Brian') to Don Malcolm, discussing his 'Billion Year Spree' and other matters.

Brian Aldiss [ Brian W. Aldiss ] (b.1925), English 'science fiction author [ Don Malcolm ]
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On his letterhead, Heath House, Southmoor, near Abingdon, Berkshire. No Date [circa 1973].

1p., 4to. In very good condition. He is glad that Malcolm enjoyed 'Billion Year Spree' (subtitled 'The True History of Science Fiction'), 'despite all the random scholarship floating around in every chapter', which was 'designed to silence if not impress all the hostile critics outside the field who seem to think that it is just a stamping ground for the juvenile or the insane'. A few 'family jokes' have been inserted, 'to keep the rest of us amused'.

[ Christina Foyle of Foyle's Bookshop, London. ] 57 Typed Letters Signed and 20 Autograph Letters Signed to Philip Dosse of 'Books and Bookmen', with letters from her husband Ronald Batty. With other material including correspondence received by her.

Christina Foyle (1911-1999), proprietor of London bookshop, Foyle's of Charing Cross Road; her husband Ronald Batty (d.1994) [ Philip Dosse (d.1980) of Hansom Books, publisher of 'Books and Bookmen' ]
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The letters of Foyle and Batty on two letterheads: 'From the Director's Office | W. & G. Foyle Ltd. | Booksellers | 119-125, Charing Cross Road, | London, W.C.2.' and Beeleigh Abbey, Maldon, Essex. Between 1968 and 1980.

The collection is in good condition, with light signs of age and wear. Of Foyle's 77 letters, 63 are signed 'Christina Foyle' and 14 'Christina'. Almost all 1p., 4to. Foyle's character shines through, an extraordinary mixture of steely determination, frankness and snobbish hauteur (for a good assessment, see her obituary in The Independent, 10 June 1999). Topics include: literary luncheons for Diana Mosley, Dirk Bogarde ('He is so very appealing. My friend Vivian Ellis thinks he is greater than Shakespeare.

Etched portrait, by W (?) Burton

William Ewart Gladstone [W. Burton]
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A clean copy, on good thick paper, of an engraving, three versions of which are in the National Portrait Gallery (NPG D8332, NPG D8333, NPG D8334), where they are dated 1889, and described as being etched 'after a photograph originally published in the Pall Mall Gazette 'Grand Old Man' extra'. Dimensions of paper roughly nine inches by six, dimensions of image roughly five inches by four. Burton's signature is faintly etched at the foot of plate, and the print is docketed in pencil 'W E G' at the foot of the paper, with 'Burton 1/-' on reverse.

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