[Royal Mail; General Post Office.] Six items in Postal History: subscription form for Post Office Relief Fund, 1914; circular from E. W. Walker of National Federation of Sub-Postmasters; article on 'A Postal Anniversary'; three Glasgow District items

[Royal Mail; General Post Office; postal history; Post Office Relief Fund, 1914; National Federation of Sub-Postmasters; Glasgow District Manager; George Ritchie of Linlithgow]
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[Royal Mail; General Post Office; Glasgow District Manager] 1914, 1916 and 1940.

Six items. The collection in fair condition, apart from Item Two. ONE: Printed form, a 'List of Subscribers' for the 'Post Office Relief Fund. | Second Appeal.' Dated '11/14T', i.e. November 1914. (In 1914 the Post Office set up a relief fund to help relatives of GPO staff who had gone off to fight.) 1p, folio. Eleven lines of text are followed by the 'List of Subscribers', in three columns headed: 'Name', 'Rate for every complete 10/-' and 'I hereby authorise the deduction of my Subscription from my salary', the last subdivided into 'Signature' and 'Rank'.

[ First World War: proposed British Parliamentary legislation. ] Typescript of 'Skeleton Draft of a Bill prepared in August 1914.', proposing to 'organise and make fully effective the services which every subject of the Realm is bound to render'.

[ First World War, compulsory service on the Home Front: proposed British Parliamentary legislation, 1914; the Houses of Parliament ]
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[ London? Circa August 1914. ]

An anonymous document, clearly the work of a member of the British Parliament. Typescript of 12pp., folio. With retrospective title page in neat manuscript, reading: 'Skeleton Draft of a Bill prepared in August 1914. | How many troubles and disasters might have been saved if some such scheme had been carried out.' A few minor emendations in the same hand. On 'British Loan' Britannia wove paper. In good condition, with light signs of age and wear.

[ British Army field exercises of First World War German invasion. ] 'Field Message Book' of Captain E. A. Grubbe, used in training reservists at Newhaven Fort, with maps. With ALS from Grubbe to his brother, telling of captured 'Prussian guards'.

Edmund Alexander Grubbe (b.1857), Captain in the 88th Connaught Rangers [ 8th (Reserve) Battalion, City of London Rifles; Post Office Rifles ]
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FIELD MESSAGE BOOK: 'Army Book 153', Waterlow & Sons Ltd, London. With stamp of '8th. (Reserve) Batt., City of London Rifles'. Newhaven Fort, East Sussex: December 1914 to June 1915. LETTER: from London and Paris Hotel, Newhaven; 2 December 1914.

FIELD MESSAGE BOOK: Landscape 8vo notebook with 43pp of manuscript, in a number of different hands (one of them apparently Grubbe's), including seven full-page maps, with two further pages of carbon copies, preceded by 3pp. of printed text titled 'Field Message Book / (For the use of Dismounted Regimental Officers and Non-commissioned Officers of Cavalry and Mounted Infantry.)' In pencil and ink on graph paper pages. In detachable brown cloth cover, with explanatory label ('Cover for Army Book 153').

[Rupert Brooke; booklet] 1914 by Rupert Brooke set to music for Chorus and Organ, or Orchestra

Alan Gray, composer
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Novello and Company Limited; New York: The H.W. Gray Co [1919? see COPAC]

24pp., cr. 8vo, grey printed paper wraps, partially detached, creased and and worn, with two stains on front cover, largest 3/4"dia, contents aged but good. Tow copies listed on COPAC/WorldCat (both BL), i.e. very scarce.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Spenser Wilkinson') from Henry Spenser Wilkinson (1853-1937), Chichele Professor of Military History at Oxford University, to S. M. Wood, regarding his writings and the need to save England and France from 'German attack'.

Henry Spenser Wilkinson (1853-1937), Chichele Professor of Military History at the University of Oxford
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On letterhead of the Morning Post, London. 30 August 1914

1p., 12mo. Good, on lightly-aged paper. With envelope addressed by Wilkinson to Wood at Underwood, Oatlands Avenue, Weybridge. He disavows 'The Lost Possessions of England', explaining that he 'discussed the concessions of England to Germany in volumes published in 1894 & 1896'. He has 'not time now to write another book. The business of us all now is to do what we can to save our country & France from the German attack'.

Mimeographed typed 'SECRET' Royal Navy First World War intelligence document by 'Hugh Miller | Paymaster | "Arethusa"' [later a Rear-Admiral], titled 'Information obtained from a German officer. Action at Heligoland' [Battle of Heligoland Bight].

Rear-Admiral Hugh Miller (1880-1972), Royal Navy [First Battle of Heligoland Bight, 28 August 1914]
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Headed 'H.F.0022'. Dated from '"ARETHUSA" | 27th November, 1914.'

3pp., foolscap 8vo. Mimeographed in purple on three leaves. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, with marks at head and in left-hand margin of each leaf from rusted pin. The first leaf stamped 'SECRET' in blue ink in top left-hand corner.

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