[ Stephen Austin, Hertford printer, proprietor of the Hertfordshire Mercury. ] Autograph Letter Signed to Alexander Ramsay, offering to help promote 'The Scientific Roll', although Hertford is 'not a Literary or Scientific locality!'

Stephen Austin (1804-1892), Hertford stationer and printer, proprietor of the Hertfordshire Mercury [ Alexander Ramsay, editor of 'The Scientific Roll' ]
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On his Hertford letterhead. 10 November 1881.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. The letter begins: 'It would afford me very great pleasure to help you in the matter of "The Scientific Roll" This is not a Literary or Scientific locality! and we have given up our Booksellers' Shop'. If Ramsay will send 'a copy of the numbers printed', he will 'give a notice in the "Hertfordshire Mercury" and perhaps that will make it known and induce people to take it.' The Austin family continued to run the Hertfordshire Mercury until the 1980s.

[ John David Macbride, Principal of Magdalen Hall, Oxford. ] Autograph Note Signed ('J D Macbride') | Principal of Magd: Hall' ], [ to Major R. G. MacGregor] acknowledging the receipt of a copy of translations from the Greek Anthology.

J. D. Macbride [ John David Macbride ] (1778-1868), Principal of Magdalen Hall, Oxford, later Hertford College [ Major Robert Guthrie Macgregor (1805-1869) ]
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Oxford. 27 October 1864.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. Reads: 'Sir | I beg to thank you for a copy of your Greek Anthology which I shall deposit as your gift in the Hall Library of this Society.' Macgregor is not named, but the item comes from a batch of his papers. His 'Translations from the Greek Anthology' was published without date in London by Nissen and Parker. Macbride oversaw the move (completed in 1822) of Magdalen Hall from alongside Magdalen College to the site of the defunct Hertford College, after which it was renamed in 1874.

[ Sir Hamilton Seymour, diplomat. ] Calling Card, carrying an Autograph Note to 'Baron Ward' on seating arrangements.

Sir Hamilton Seymour [ Sir George Hamilton Seymour ] (1797-1880), British diplomat
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Place and date not stated.

For more on Seymour, who held diplomatic posts in Italy, Portugal, Belgium and Russia, see his entry in the Oxford DNB. The 4.5 x 7.5 cm card carries the words 'Sir Hamilton Seymour | Ministre d'Angleterre' in copperplate. Above this Seymour has written, in a difficult hand, what appears to be: 'My dear Baron Ward | I want you to shew your finess [sic] in your placing Machen & Mr Caird. | Yrs.'

[ Francis Ingram-Seymour-Conway, 2nd Marquess of Hertford. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Hertford') to Sir Robert Bateson Harvey, requesting his political support.

Francis Ingram-Seymour-Conway, 2nd Marquis of Hertford [ previously Viscount Beauchamp ] (1743-1822), British peer and politician
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Suffolk, 29 October [ 1806 ].

1p., 4to. On bifolium. In good condtion, lightly aged. Addressed, with part of red wax seal, on reverse of second leaf, to 'Sir Robert Bateson Harvey Bt | Langley Park'. He is 'perfectly aware' of his 'having not the smallest pretention to apply' to Harvey, but is encouraged 'by the friendly support which you gave to Mr Macnaughten at the general election in the county of Antrim to beg a continuance of your support and assistance on the present occasion'. Previously represented Lisburn and Antrim in the 1770s. See Wikipedia for details of his political career (not revealing about 1806 though).

[ The Marquess of Hertford and Sir Robert Bateson-Harvey. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Hertford') from the Marquess to Bateson-Harvey, regarding parliamentary activities in Antrim. With autograph copy of Harvey's reply, signed 'Rob: B Harvey'.

Francis Ingram-Seymour-Conway (1743-1822), 2nd Marquess of Hertford; Sir Robert Bateson-Harvey (c.1747-1825) of Killoquin, County Antrim, Ireland
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Hertford's letter: London, 29 April [1807]. Copy of Bateson-Harvey's reply: Langley Park. 30 April 1807.

Hertford's Letter: 1p., 4to. Bifolium. Addressed on reverse of second leaf, with broken seal in read wax, 'To | Sir Robert B. Harvey Bt'. In good condition, lightly aged, with closed tear caused by breaking open of seal. Reads: 'The dissolution of Parliament will I trust apologize for the liberty I take in requesting the continuance of your friendly offices in the county of Antrim, but I cannot apply for a new favor without expressing my obligations for those already conferred, and of assuring you that I remain most truly, Sir, Your faithful & very humble Servant'.

[Rev. Frederic Smith, Registrar, East India College.] Printed form, filled in and signed by him, giving 'Mr. Balfour's Account' with the College.

Rev. Frederic Smith, Registrar, East India College [now Haileybury College, Hertford Heath, Hertfordshire]
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East India College [Hertford Heath, Hertfordshire]. 17 December 1840.

1p., 8vo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, but with damage to one margin (not affecting text) caused by the tearing of the item out of a book. The account is itemised into: Apothecary; Bookseller and Stationer; Hair Cutter; Porter, for Letters, &c; Purveyor; Shoemaker; Tailor, with four categories added in Smith's hand: Fencing; Wine; Advances; Jackson (Packing Cases). Balfour's account comes to £60 19s 1d. Beneath the account are fourteen lines of printed notifications, concluding: 'N.B. The Registrar's Address, during the ensuing College Vacation, may be had of Mr.

Typed pages from her 'Chinese Prose Literature of the T'ang Period' (London: Probsthain, 1938), together with a proof slip from the printers.

Evangeline Dora Edwards (1888-1957) [Stephen Austin & Sons, Ltd., Hertford, Herts, publishers]
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Good, on lightly aged paper. Rust stains from paperclips on one leaf. Five pages of typescripts on five quarto leaves. The first page gives the contents, and the rest are covering pages with a few words of instructions (e.g. 'PREFACE | (To be prepared after revising first proofs)' and 'APPENDIX --- Authenticity........ | To follow with Bibliography and Indexes.' The proof slip, printed and with pencil insertions, is one page, on a leaf roughly eight inches by four and a half.

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