[Arthur Henry Fox Strangeways, English musicologist.] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'A. H. Fox Strangeways') to an unnamed recipient, declining to print an article in 'Music and Letters', and providing information about the composer Rauzzini.

A. H. Fox Strangeways [Arthur Henry Fox Strangeways] (1859-1948), English musicologist, music critic of the 'Observer' and founder of the magazine 'Music and Letters'
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Both on letterheads of 'Music and Letters', 38 Lansdowne Cresent, W11 [London]. 13 January and 3 February 1934.

Both items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. ONE (13 January 1934): 1p., landscape 12mo. The 'proposed article sounds the sort of thing', but Strangeways cannot accept it until he sees it. TWO (3 February 1934): 2pp., landscape 12mo. He thanks him for sending the article, regarding which he writes: 'if the musicians mentioned in it had been more important or there had been more about them, it wd. have been worth printing; but as it is I am afraid it is not of sufficient interest.' The writer's reference to 'Ranzini' is, Strangeways points out, 'almost certainly' a mistake for 'V.

[ Trottiscliffe Church, near Maidstone, Kent. ] Manuscript list by the organist ('J. M. W.') of 'The Tunes used in the Church every Sunday in the year, with the number of the Hymn placed under'.

[ Trottiscliffe Church, near Maidstone, Kent (Rev. Charles William Shepherd (1838-1920) of Trinity College, Cambridge, rector)]
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Trottiscliffe Church, near Maidstone, Kent. From 1872 to 1911. [ In a 'Pettitt's Octavo Diary for 1873', London. ]

124pp., 8vo., with numerous other lists and other matter loosely inserted on pieces of paper. In shaken binding and on aged paper, but with the contents clear and legible. Accompanying the entry for January 1885 is the following note: 'These written in red ink were played on the Harmonium while the organ was being repaired.' The entries are arranged with the 'No. of Barrel in Organ', the date, and the name (omitted in later entries) and number of the hymn played.

Autograph Signature on fragment of letter.

Marie Krebs [Marie Krebs-Brenning] (1851-1900), German pianist
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Without date or place.

Dimensions of paper 3 x 8 cm. Good, firm signature, on lightly aged and spotted paper. The flourish beneath the signature (paraph) has been cropped.

Manuscript and Typescript sections of an apparently unpublished work on 'British music and its present state'; 2 Typed Letters Signed, 3 Autograph Cards Signed, 1 Typed Card Signed to Mary Eversley, Covent Garden Opera, with copies of two replies.

Scott Goddard (c.1895-1965), British musicologist
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The collection as a whole is in good condition on aged paper. ITEM ONE: 90-page typescript headed 'II | ANTECEDENT', beginnning 'It has become a commonplace of musicology, at least in this country, that the first two decades of the Twentieth Century show an immense increase of creative activity in the composition of works of music by an astonishingly rich group of their [sic] young composers.

Autograph Letter Signed to unnamed male correspondents.

Léon Goossens
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BBC. | Evesham. | Ware. | 18/3/42'.

English oboist (1897-1988). One page, octavo. Good, on thick laid paper. Pin marks in one corner and neat red stamp '20 MAR 1942'. He 'would like to see the proofs of the Mozart Quartet to check up the crescendo's and diminuendos just in case they are not correct.' He agrees with the 'scheme of marking only the parts'. 'With regard to Boughton's times I have them safe, I hope to play them in the near future but am rather at the mercy of the BBC.'

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