[Harkness Fellowships.] Five Typed Letters Signed and one Autograph Letter Signed from Lansing V. Hammond of the Commonwealth Fund to Mark Bonham Carter, discussing the organization, cultural matters and death of his father William Churchill Hammond.

[Harkness Fellowships] Lansing V. Hammond of the Commonwealth Fund of New York City [his father William Churchill Hammond (1860-1949), organist and choir master; Mark Bonham Carter (1922-1994)]
Publication details: 
ONE (ALS): 10 January 1948; on letterhead of the Hotel Durant, Berkeley. TWO to SIX (TLsS): 29 December 1948; 18 February, 9 June and 8 July 1949; 3 May 1950; all on letterhead of The Commonwealth Fund, 41 East Fifty-seventh Street, New York 22, N.Y.

Lansing Van der Heyden Hammond (b.1906), son of the distinguished organist and choirmaster of Mount Holyoake College William Churchill Hammond, was for many years Director of the Commonwealth Fund Division of International Fellowships. For Bonham Carter, see his entry in the Oxford DNB. The present group of six items shed light on the 1940s administration of the Commonwealth Fund. They are in good condition, lightly aged and creased. The autograph letter is 1p, 12mo; the five single-spaced typed letters total 6pp, 4to. All six are signed ‘Lance’. ONE: ALS, 10 January 1948. 1p, 12mo.

[One Victorian painter writes to another.] Autograph Letter Signed from James Sant, RA, to George Lance, regarding a portrait over which he has been ‘going hard’.

James Sant (1820-1916), RA, English portrait painter noted for his portraits of children [George Lance (1802-1864), English still-life painter]
Publication details: 
7 March 1856; [?].

See the two men’s entries in the Oxford DNB. 2pp, 12mo. On the first leaf of a bifolium, the second leaf being blank, apart from the end of the signature ‘Jas Sant’, which has extended across from the bottom right corner of the reverse of the first leaf. In good condition, lightly aged, with the reverse of the second leaf laid down on a rectangle of grey paper cut from a leaf of an album. Addressed to ‘G. Lance Esqr.’ The letter begins: ‘My Dear Sir / My best thanks for your note. Depend upon it I will look to myself and in doing so look to yr.

[ West Indies cricket team in England, 1963. ] Autograph Signatures of Sir Garfield Sobers, Sir Wesley Hall, Lance Gibbs, Rohan Kanhai, and 8 others in the touring side. With three printed souvenirs (programme, brochure and 'record of test matches').

[ West Indies cricket team, tour of England, 1963; Sir Garfield Sobers; Sir Wesley Hall; Lance Gibbs; Rohan Kanhai; Derryck Murray ]
Publication details: 
West Indian cricket team in England, 1963.

A nice collection of souvenirs of a very exciting and interesting tour. The West Indies did very well indeed, beating England in the test series 3-1. ONE: The signatures on four pieces of paper, laid down on green 8vo paper backing, with card carrying maroon and black logo of 'West Indies | 1963 | England'. All in good condition, lightly-aged. First, signature of 'G Sobers' written across 22.5 x 11.5 cm magazine photograph of Sobers at the crease. Second, signature of 'W Hall' across 8 x 5 cm magazine photograph of face of 'WESLEY HALL (Barbados), age 25.', with swollen left eye.

['Francesca Marton' [Margaret Bellasis], historical novelist.] Typed Letter Signed ('Margaret Bellasis | "Francesca Marton') to 'Mr. Wiener', agreeing to give a talk to his 'Society' and discussing a BBC radio adapation of her work by Lance Sieveking

Margaret Bellasis [Margaret Rosa Bellasis], historial novelist under the pseudonym 'Francesca Marton' [Lance Sieveking (1896-1972), English writer and BBC radio and television producer]
Publication details: 
"Pilot's Cottage", 35 Victoria Road, Deal, Kent. 2 March 1968.

2pp., 12mo. 36 lines. She begins by accepting an invitation to give a talk to Wiener's 'Society', about which she has 'hears so much'. She is 'honoured to add my name to such a distinguished roll of speakers'. She next explains why she believes radio to be 'infinitely superior to TV'. She next turns to 'Mr. Sieveking's adaptation', which she considers 'very clever, as he had to leave out the descriptions which formed such an important part of the book. He allowed me to see and criticise all his scripts, too. I'm so glad you are liking the result. Isn't the signature-tune pleasing?

Autograph Letter Signed ('J Montagu Sims') from the editor of the Manchester 'free Lance' to copy editor 'Mr. Alvarez', regarding the journal's system of punctuation.

J. Montagu Sims (fl. 1870s), editor of the Victorian Manchester periodical 'free Lance' [Alvarez, copy editor]
Publication details: 
'Southport. Tuesday.' [no date] On letterhead of 'The Editor's Department', "free Lance" Office, 36, Corporation Street, Manchester.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. He begins by informing Alvarez that the periodical 'somehow made a sad hash of the printing of ye last No. which I have sent to the works | As you are now definitely engaged to read, I will tell you our system. | No high pointing, the other plan being both more scholarlike & less expensive. | All proofs read after my signature is attached (in page) to be only altered for literals.' He ends by informing Alvarez that he has 'sent on something of yrs'.

69 engravings, mostly of libraries, extracted from the 'Encyclopédie d'Architecture' of Victor Caillat and Alfred Lance, and bound by George Pymm in a volume with 'BIBLIOTHEQUES' on the spine. From the collection of English architect Marshall Sisson.

Victor Caillat and Alfred Lance [Marshall Sisson [Marshall Arnott Sisson], RA (1897-1978), British architect; George Pymm, London bookbinder]
Publication details: 
Paris; 1855 (according to stamping on spine).

69 engravings, in brown 4to quarter-binding, with 'BIBLIO- | THEQUES' in gilt at head of spine, and 'PARIS | 1855' at foot. In fair condition, on aged paper, in binding worn at hinges. All engravings in 4to, with 12 double-page and 57 single-page. Two are in colour, the rest in black and white. Binder's stamp on front pastedown: 'BOUND BY G. PYMM'.

Manuscript and Typescript sections of an apparently unpublished work on 'British music and its present state'; 2 Typed Letters Signed, 3 Autograph Cards Signed, 1 Typed Card Signed to Mary Eversley, Covent Garden Opera, with copies of two replies.

Scott Goddard (c.1895-1965), British musicologist
Publication details: 

The collection as a whole is in good condition on aged paper. ITEM ONE: 90-page typescript headed 'II | ANTECEDENT', beginnning 'It has become a commonplace of musicology, at least in this country, that the first two decades of the Twentieth Century show an immense increase of creative activity in the composition of works of music by an astonishingly rich group of their [sic] young composers.

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