[ William Sowerby, artist and botanist. ] Autograph Signature ('Wm. Sowerby | Secty') as Secretary, Royal Botanic Society of London, on communication to 'The Proprietors of "Scientific Roll"'.

William Sowerby (1827-1906), Secretary, Royal Botanic Society of London, artist and botanist [ [ Alexander Ramsay, editor of the 'Scientific Roll' ]
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On letterhead of the Royal Botanic Society of London, Gardens, Regent's Park, London. 24 January 1883.

1p., 4to. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. A somewhat grand and expansive printed form, completed in manuscript by Sowerby. He thanks the 'Gentlemen' who are 'The Proprietors of "Scientific Roll"' for 'the continuation, as published, of The "Scientific Roll"'. From the papers of Alexander Ramsay, editor of the 'Scientific Roll'.

[ Regent's Canal Company, London. ] Seven items, comprising five printed circulars, an Autograph Letters Signed from secretary Edmund Leonard Snee to Sir John Edward Harington, and the autograph draft of Harington's letter..

Regent's Canal Company, London; Edmund L.eonard Snee (1793-1864), Secretary [ Sir John Edward Harington of Ridlington, 8th Baronet (1760-1831) ]
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[ Regent's Canal Company. ] Regent's Canal Office, 98, Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury. [ London ] Between 1827 and 1831.

First proposed by Thomas Horner in 1802, the Regent's Canal was incorporated by John Nash in 1811 in his plans for the development of Regent's Park. Hugely-successful in the nineteenth century despite the rise of the railways, it fell into decline in the early twentieth, but is now firmly established as an amenity of London. The seven items in the present collection are in good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. Items ONE to FOUR are printed circulars from Snee, transmitting copies 'of the Resolutions this day passed at the General Assembly of Proprietors of the Regent's Canal'.

[Printed pamphlet.] The Report of the Committee of the Baptist College at Regent's Park for 1919-1920, with a List of Subscriptions & Donations. [Regent's Park College (University of London). Report For the Year ending September 30th, 1920.]

[The Baptist College at Regent's Park, Founded at Stepney, A.D. 1810, Removed to Regent's Park, 1856; Regent's Park College (University of London)]
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London: Printed by Warren Hall & Lovitt, 88 and 90, Camden Road, N.W. 1920.

28pp., 12mo. Frontispiece photographic view of the college. Stitched. In grey printed wraps. In fair condition, on aged paper, in worn wraps. Scarce: no copies on COPAC or OCLC WorldCat.

Printed lithographic certificate for a gymnastic pyramid designed by Adolf Schlieder of Gohlis, with autograph signature of Adolf A. Stempel, director of Stempel's Physical Training Institute and Gymnasium, Regent's Park, London.

Adolf A. Stempel, Sole Proprietor and Director of Stempel's Physical Training Institute and Gymnasium, 76 Albany St, Regent's Park [Adolf Schlieder of Gohlis in Saxony]
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Certificate: Gohlis [Saxony]. 1888. Stempel's signature dated from London, 12 April 1888.

On one side of a piece of 11 x 22.5 cm card. In fair condition, aged and a little worn, with one crease. Crude but attractive design, within a thick-thin border, depicting a gymnast within a sylvan setting, holding a laurel wreath over the head of a bald and bearded figure (presumably Schlieder). To the gymnast's left is a large banner bearing the motto: 'FRISCH FROMM FRÖHLICH FREI'.

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