[ North African Campaign, 1940-1943. ] Duplicated four-page document giving 'Some Golden rules for the desert', 'Tips for the desert' and 'Hints on desert driving for "B" vehicles'. With signature of Lt M. P. M. Ollard, Leicestershire Yeomanry.

North African Campaign, British Army, 1940-1943 [ Lt M. P. M. Ollard of 154 (Leicestershire Yeomanry) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery; Field Marshal Montgomery of Alamein ]
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[ North African Campaign, British Army, 1940-1943. ]

4pp., 4to. On four leaves. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, with minor rust marks from paperclip. Ownership signature at top right of first page: 'Lt M P M Ollard'. The pages are numbered in type 5 [corrected in manuscript to '1'], 2, 3 and 4. The first page is headed 'Some golden rules for the desert', with subheadings 'Desert March Discipline', 'Protection', 'Navigation', 'Messing, Rations etc.', 'Maintenance' and 'General'. The next section is headed 'Tips for the desert', with subheadings 'Clothing', 'Stores and Equipment', 'M.

[Printed card.] Inspection Exercise for the Brigade of Bucks Yeomen Cavalry.

[John Seeley, printer, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire; Bucks Yeomen Cavalry; Royal Buckinghamshire Yeomanry]
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'(Seeley, Printer, Buckingham.)' [John Seeley, Buckinghamshire; circa 1825.]

On both sides of a piece of 11.5 x 7.5 cm card, with rounded edges, and with the reverse paginated '(2)'. A nice piece of provincial printing, in very good condition, lightly-aged. The first page headed: 'INSPECTION EXERCISE | FOR THE BRIGADE OF | BUCKS YEOMEN CAVALRY.' , and with the slug '(Seeley, Printer, Buckingham.)' at the foot. The first page carries 23 lines of commands, from 'MARCH past by half Squadrons.' to 'Wheel on Centre of Squadron, by the Right.' The reverse carries 25 lines of commands, from 'ADVANCE, File from right of threes. Front form.' to 'General Salute.

Three Autograph Letter Signed (all 'Eric') from Sir Eric de la Rue, 3rd Baronet, one to his father and two to his sister Diana, written during the Second World War as a Captain in the Notts Yeomanry, Middle East Forces (Egypt and Benghazi).

Sir Eric de la Rue [Sir Eric Vincent de la Rue] (1906-1989), 3rd Baronet, son of Sir Evelyn Andros de la Rue (1879-1950) [Notts Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry; British Army, Middle East Forces]
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Letter to his father: 17 March [1944]; 'H.Q. 215 Town Mayor M.E.F.' Letters to his sister: 4 May [1944] and 4 October [1944]. Both addressed from the MEF.

All three are air mail letter cards. Each with 'Field Post Office' postmark and censor's stamp. The three in fair condition, lightly aged and creased. Letter One: To his father, 17 March [1944]. Addressed to 'My dear Father', with the envelope addressed to 'Sir E. de la Rue Bart. | The Sol | Cookham | Berkshire | England.' 1p, 4to, and 1p., 12mo. A light-hearted letter, in which he jokes about his father's inability to read the word 'Aviv' ('I suppose a series of "i"s and "v"s is rather difficult even if printed') and find the place on the map ('it is much larger than Bournemouth').

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