[Henry Yule; Younghusband ] Autograph Note Signed "H Yule" to Stephen Wheeler, orientalist, about "Lieut. Younghusband" and his youthful expedition (Asia) with part of notes, presumably in Wheeler's hand, on Carey's "expedition" to Tibet (1885-1887).

Henry Yule, orientalist (1820-1889)
Publication details: 
3 Pen-y-wern Road, SW, 30 Nov.1887 [Embossed address excised - India Office]. With docket giving names of Yule and Younghusband.

Letter, one, page, 12mo; notes on verso one page. Letter by Yule: "The young officer to whom I referred in Lieut. Younghusband of (I think) the Ist dragoon guards, the son of an officer formerly well known in the Punjab. | He is I believe now on his way home through Russia, after a remarkable journey in Mongolia & Chinese Turkestan."; Notes by Wheeler (?), Foreighn Office, orientalist (starting mid-sentence, crossings out in square brackets: "traveller must encounter are formidable enough to rank Mr Careys expedition - described the other [day] even[in]g to the Royal Geographical Society.

[ Jocelyn Fitzgerald Ruthven, master mariner. ] Twenty-five items from his papers: correspondence, vellum certificates, commissions, testimonials, including address signed by 79 passengers on first (maiden) voyage to Australia of SS Orient.

Jocelyn Fitzgerald Ruthven [ born Jocelyn Fitzgerald Trotter ] (1849-1943), master mariner in Britain and Australia, Commodore of the Orient Line
Publication details: 
[ Orient Steam Navigation Company Ltd. ] England (London, Liverpool and Redhill) and Australia (New South Wales), between 1863 and 1912.

Ruthven was born in Ireland, the son of Galway landowner Clifford Trotter. He was a master mariner, a Younger Brother of Trinity House, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and wrote several nautical manuals. At the time of his retirement as commodore of the Orient Line of ships in 1911, Ruthven had completed forty-five years at sea and thirty years in command of Orient steamers (Orient Steam Navigation Company, Limited – hereafter OSNC).

[Sir James Emerson Tennent, Irish politician and traveller. ] Autograph Note Signed ('J. Emerson Tennent') to Mrs J. R. McClean.

Sir James Emerson Tennent (1804-1869), Irish traveller and politician, Colonial Secretary of Ceylon, 1845-1850
Publication details: 
66 Warwick Square, Belgravia [London]. 4 November 1861.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Reads: 'My dear Mrs McClean | Will you accept the accompanying Volume from me, as a slight token of my remembrance of old times & old friends | Faithfully Ever | J. Emerson Tennent'.

[James Shergold Boone, cleric and author.] Autograph Letter Signed ('J. S. Boone') to John Silk Buckingham, praising him and his 'undertakings', with reference to his own 'letter to Mr Raikes Currie'.

J. S. Boone [James Shergold Boone] (1799-1859), English cleric and author [James Silk Buckingham (1786-1855), Cornish author, orientalist, and Member of Parliament; Raikes Currie (1801-1881), MP]
Publication details: 
2 Stanhope Street, Hyde Park Garden [London]. 31 March 1849.

2pp., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. Having just received Buckingham's letter, he writes that he 'cannot but feel much gratified that my letter to Mr Raikes Currie should have in any way attracted the notice of a Gentleman like yourself whose name is so well known in connexion with our literature and our social progress.' He concludes by expressing an interest in the 'undertakings which have engaged, and now engage' Buckingham's attention, and by wishing him every success.

[Voyage to Australia, 1912.] Autograph notebook of H. A. Butcher of Wrexham, containing account of voyage to Australia from England, in 1912. With details of 'A few friends we met on the "Orama" during our voyage to Sydney ex London October 25 1912'.

H. A. Butcher of Wrexham, Wales [SS Orama, 'Orient' line steam ship; Australia; Australiana]
Publication details: 
'[...] on The "Orama" during our voyage to Sydney [Australia] ex London [England] Oct 25. 1912'. [Disembarking at Melbourne, 2 December 1912.]

96pp., 12mo (15.5 x 9.5 cm.), in 'Note Book for Pen or Pencil Writing'. Comprising the account of the voyage on 75pp. at the back of the volume, and the names and details of fellow passengers on 21pp. at the front. Built in 1911, SS Orama was torpedoed and sunk in 1917 while serving as convoy escort. In good condition internally, on lightly aged paper, in aged and worn card covers. The front section is described inside the front cover: 'A few friends we met on the "Orama" during our voyage to Sydney ex London October 25 1912', and the 21pp.

Autograph Card Signed "P. Loti", French author ["to A . Chasserian", (publisher?)pencil note]

Pierre Loti, French novelist
Publication details: 
No place or date.

Card, 11.5 x 9cm, vestiges of laying down in corners of verso, good condition. "J'ai été obligé de changer mes petits places de voyage. Voulez-vous aussi chamger les votres et venir mercredi au lieu de Vendredi. |Amitié[ ...]"Note in another hand on verso: "Autograph of Pierre Loti, Académician, officier in the French Navy (real name Viaud) author of Pecheur d'Islande, Fantomes d'Orient, etc. | Given me by M. Arthur Chasserian to whom it was addressed, Decr/92."

Manuscript document in French, a copy, ('Collationné Certiffié [sic] sincère et véritable') from the Duc de Luxembourg for the Grand Orient de France, to 'tous Les Maçons reguliers', certified by the 'Secretaire de la loge des vrais amis' (Daumas?).

[Le Grand Orient de France, French Masonic organization, founded in 1733; la Loge des Vrais Amis; Anne de Montmorency-Luxembourg, Duc de Luxembourg (1737-1803); Freemasons; Freemasonry]
Le Grand Orient de France, French Masonic organization
Publication details: 
Année de la Vraie Lumière 5781 [i.e. 1781]
Le Grand Orient de France, French Masonic organization

Folio, 3 pp. Bifolium. On watermarked laid paper. Headed 'A La Gloire du Grand architecte de L'univers sous Les auspices et au Nom du Serenissime G M | Le Grand orient de france a tous les Maçons reguliers, | union force salut'. Apparently regarding relations 'Entre Nous & Les directoires

Studi d'Indianistica in Italia dal 1911 al 1938. [Indian studies in Italy from 1911 to 1938.]

Giulia Porru [India; Indian studies in Italy; Italian bibliography]
Publication details: 
Pubblicazioni della R. Universita degli Studi di Firenze Facolta di Lettere e Filosofia. - III Serie - Volume X. Firenze [Florence] - Felice le Monnier - Editore - MCMXL-XVIII'.

4to: viii + 257 pp. In original grey printed wraps. Internally tight, on lightly-aged and foxed paper. Wraps spotted and worn, with chipping to extremities. The preface describes the work as 'una bibliografia descrittiva degli studi di Indianistica fatti in Italia nel periodo che va dal 1911 al 1937.' A descriptive bibliography of Indian studies in Italy, 1911 to 1937. Scarce in Britain: COPAC lists copies at the British Library, Oxford and SOAS.

Two Autograph Notes Signed to A. "Mr. [Andrew] Wilson, Oriental Press, Wild Court, Wild Street, Lincolns Inn Field.

L.D. Campbell. (Lawrence Dundas Campbell)
Publication details: 
A. Stratford Place, Sunday, no date [1804?] and B. St. Alban's Hotel, St. Alban's Street, Wednesday, no date [1808].

A. One page, 8vo, bifoliate, spike-hole, fold marks, minor damage, corner nearly detached, text clear and complete. "Dear Sir./ I beg you will do me the favour to let me know immediately on receipt of this, the exact quantity of tonnage it will be necessary to apply for in order to send 500 [underlined] Copies of the Register to Calcutta, 300do. to Madras, and 100 [underlined] to Bombay.

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