[ Herbert Mills Birdwood, Anglo-Indian botanist. ] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'H. Birdwood') to H. B. Wheatley of the Royal Society of Arts

Herbert Mills Birdwood (1837-1907), Anglo-Indian botanist and jurist [ H. B. Wheatley [ Henry Benjamin Wheatley ] (1838-1917), Assistant Secretary, Royal Society of Arts ]
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Both from Dalkeith House, Cambridge Park, Twickenham (one on letterhead). 25 January and 12 June 1901.

Both items in good condition, on grey-paper bifoliums, the first with the Society's stamp and both docketed. ONE: 25 January 1901. 1p., 12mo. Concerning the binding up of his copies of the Society's journal, and the supply of missing parts. TWO: 12 June 1901. 3pp., 12mo. Concerning his 'promised letter' for 'Friday's Journal': 'I cannot hope to have a proof sent me, but if you accept the letter & should be correcting a proof yourself & would, when ordering a proof, order a spare copy for me to see at your office, I shd. be greatly obliged & wd. call in tomorrow afternoon to look through it'.

[Henry Benjamin Wheatley.] Manuscript 'List of Plays seen by Pepys from 1660 to 1669' and other related material.

[Henry Benjamin Wheatley (1838-1917), author and editor; Samuel Pepys]
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Without place or date. [London, 1880s?]

Unattributed, but in Wheatley's hand. The 'List of Plays seen by Pepys from 1660 to 1669' is 5pp., foolscap 8vo, on loose leaves of unwatermarked ruled paper. In fair condition, aged and worn. It is neatly written out in ink, with occasional pencil emendations, giving dates, theatres and titles. A few comments on the theatres are included, for example on 'Davenant's New Theatre in Lincolns Inn Fields'.

Autograph Letter Signed to Wheatley.

Edwin Norris (1795-1872), linguist and Assyriologist [Henry Benjamin Wheatley (1838-1917), bibliographer, editor and London topographer; Frederick James Furnivall]
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17 August 1865. Brompton.

12mo, 2 pp. Thirteen lines of text. Good. The letter possibly relates to Furnivall's Early English Text Society, founded in 1865. He is enclosing a Post Office Order for a guinea, but, as he 'said to Mr Furnivall last year', he does not consider himself a subscriber, 'wishing to reserve the right of withdrawal in case of finding it inconvenient to pay, which will certainly be the case when I give up my official position'. Nevertheless asks Wheatley to remind him 'when the time comes for collection'.

Autograph Letter Signed to E. J. Wheatley.

Henry R. Potter [David Love, the Nottingham poet]
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Wymeswold Sat[urda]y AM.'

Possibly the Henry R. Potter, of the Office of Works, who corresponded with Gladstone in 1885 and 1894. 4 pages, 16mo. In good condition: neatly folded twice, with traces of stub along one edge of verso of second leaf of bifoliate. Apologises for 'the numerous omissions of which I have been guilty' in his lecture. His only excuse is that he 'submitted the lists to two or three persons resident in Nott[ingha]m and consequently, as I concluded, conversant with its "Notables" '.

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