Autograph Letter, third person, to a Miss Maxwell

J.E. Bicheno,
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(2 May 1830)

Colonial secretary , Van Diemen's Land. 1.5pp., 8vo. He discusses the physical composition of a necklace. (Bicheno's works on Law and the Irish economy are listed on the reverse in a different hand.)

Signature only ("Althorp") with slight remains of Treasury document.

John Charles Spencer.:
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Viscount Althorp and third Earl Spencer 1782-1845. Signatures of Althorp, W. Wickham (see DNB) and J. , as Treasury officials, remains of documents (slight) indicate the grant of a pension to "Anne Thompson".

Autograph letter signed to Sir John Coxe Hippisley

Duke of Somerset
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Maiden Bradley, 12 Sept. 1821.

Edward Adolphus Seymour, eleventh Duke of Somerset (1775-1855), agriculturist, etc. Three pages, 4to. His correspondent was Sir John Hippisley who, among many avocations, pursued agricultural science which is the main topic of this letter. Somerset is pleased to see the books of General Beatson, former lt gen in the East India Company and Governor of St Helena, but also an experimental agriculturist.

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