[Frederick Burnaby, British traveller and national hero.] Engraving by Elizabeth Adela Forbes, of a drawing of Burnaby by Mary Blanchard Reed, signed by both women ('Mary B Reed' and 'Elizabeth A. Armstrong').

Frederick Burnaby [Frederick Gustavus Burnaby] (1842-1885), soldier, traveller and balloonist; Elizabeth Adela Forbes [née Armstrong] (1859-1912), Canadian artist; Mary Blanchard Reed; Sidney Redrup
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'London Published July 8th. 1885 by Sidney Redrup. 175. New Bond Street. Copyright Registered.'

See the Oxford DNB entry on Burnaby ('He was commemorated in verse, song, and Staffordshire pottery').

[ Fodens Motor Works Band, celebrated brass band of Sandbach, Cheshire. ] Autograph Signatures of the conductor Fred Mortimer and 26 members of the band, annotated in pencil with their instruments.

Fodens Motor Works Band [ Foden's Band ], celebrated brass band from Sandbach, Cheshire [ Fred Mortimer (1880-1953), conductor ]
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[ Fodens Motor Works Band, Sandbach, Cheshire. ] Undated, but between 1927 and 1953, the 27 years that Fred Mortimer served as conductor.

On one side of a ruled 13.5 x 19 cm. leaf extracted from an album. A very nice piece of Fodens ephemera, in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Mortimer's signature ('F Mortimer') is centred at the head, with the 26 names of band members in two columns beneath. Lightly annotated in pencil, with identification of: first cornets (5); repiano; flugel; second cornet; third cornets (2); soprano; horns (3); baritones (2); euphoniums (2); trombones (3); bass (4); and drums. For information on the band, see the works by F. D. Burgess (1977) and Allan Littlemore (2000).

[ Herbert Sutcliffe, Frank Woolley, Fred Root and William Astill, England cricketers. ] Autograph Signatures ('H Sutcliffe', 'F E Woolley', 'Fred Foot', 'W. E. Astill'), with the signature of 'B W Bullock'.

Herbert Sutcliffe (1894-1978); Frank Woolley [ Frank Edward Woolley ] (1887-1978); Fred Root [ Charles Frederick Root ] (1890-1954); William Ewart Astill (1888-1948); B. W. Bullock
Publication details: 
Given at the Yorkshire v. Rest of England match, the Oval [ London ], September 1923.

The signatures of Sutcliffe and Woolley are on a 16 x 18 cm. piece of grey paper, cut from an album, those of the other three men are crowded onto an L-shaped piece of paper, laid down on the same leaf. At head of page: 'Yorkshire v. Rest of England, The Oval, Sept. 1923.' The odd man out is B. W. Bullock [ Burnett Wedlake Bullock ] (1896-1954), who did not take part in the match. He played for Surrey, and was presumably around when his more illustrious colleagues were giving autographs. According to the report in The Times, the match ended in a draw.

[ Ginger Rogers, Hollywood star. ] Autograph Signature.

Ginger Rogers [ born Virginia Katherine McMath ] (1911-1995), Hollywood actress, dancer and singer, famed for her partnership with Fred Astaire
Publication details: 
Place and date not stated.

Good, firm signature in blue ink, 7cm. long, on a piece of paper laid down on a 16 x 25cm. piece of card, beside a magazine cutting of a photograph of Rogers, the two protected by a loose plastic sheet. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper.

[ Guy Bolton and Fred Thompson. ] Early uncensored typescript draft of 'Song of the Drum' ('A New Musical Comedy | Book'), before the setting was changed from India to 'Huzbaria' because of political unrest.

Guy Bolton [ Guy Reginald Bolton ] (1884-1979), Anglo-American writer of musical comedies, associated with P. G. Wodehouse; Fred Thompson [ Frederick A. Thompson ] (1884-1949), English librettist
Publication details: 
With typed address of 'Fred Thompson | 419, East 57th Street | New York City. | (Plaza 2018)'. Stamp of the Theatre Royal Drury Lane Ltd. London, W.C.2. Undated [ circa 1931 ].

Jeffrey Richards, in his 'Imperialism and Music: Britain, 1876-1953' (2001), pp.272-274, discusses this piece at some length, beginning: 'There was a late entry in the imperial cycle, the now-forgotten The Song of The Drum, written by Fred Thompson and Guy Bolton, which opened at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, on 9 January 1931. It starred Derek Oldham as Captain Anthony Darrell, Bobby Howes as comic relief Chips Wilcox, Peter Haddon as silly-ass "Goofy" Topham and Marie Burke as glamorous spy Countess Olga von Haulstein.

[ Andrew Cowper Lawson, Professor of Geology at the University of California. ] Two Autograph Field Notebooks of an American geologist, including notes of Californian surveys conducted with E. F. Davis and A. R. Whitman while studying under Lawson.

A. C. Lawson [ Andrew Cowper Lawson ] (1861-1952), Professor of Geology, University of California; E. F. Davis [ Elmer Fred Davis ] (1887-1974); A. R. Whitman [ Alfred Russell Whitman ] (1881-1940)
Publication details: 
Mostly relating to the San Francisco Bay Area of California, but also to other parts of the state. Between 1912 and 1950.

The two volumes contain a total of 239pp., 12mo, in ink and pencil, with entries dating from between 29 November 1912 and 28 March 1950. In fair overall condition, with light signs of age and wear. In two Keuffel & Esser notebooks, each in remains of brown calf binding, the first with 'MINING | TRANSIT BOOK | 363' stamped on front cover, and the second with 'Cross Section Book | 375 S'. In manuscript on cover of first volume: '19<...> Dec. | The Psilomelane D | of the Francis <....> | by | Don <...> | Under Prof. A. C. L <...>'.

[The first two printed parts, the first with inscription by author.] History and Antiquities of Brentford by Fred Turner, F. R. Hist. Soc., Author of "Brentford Literary and Historical Sketches," etc.

Fred Turner, F. R. Hist. Soc., Author of "Brentford Literary and Historical Sketches," etc.
Publication details: 
Both parts: Printed for the author by Henry R. Bohee, 58 & 59, High Street, Brentford. 1921.

Both parts in fair condition, with light signs of age; the second part with creased corner causing damage to the last couple of leaves and back cover. Two stapled pamphlets, uniform in grey printed wraps. PART I. 'Stone Age to 8th Century A.D. | Illustrated.' [4] + 13pp., 4to. Frontispiece and two full-page illustrations, with two more illustrations in text. Inscribed on front cover 'With the author's best wishes | Xmas 1921'. PART II. '10th to 14th Centuries A.D., etc. | Illustrated with Photographs by the Author.' 19pp., 4to (paginated to 32).

Four Typed Letters Signed and two Autograph Cards Signed from the Hampstead poet Frederick Grubb (one in full, four 'Fredk G' and one 'Comrade G') to the critic Derek Stanford, including a virulent attack, and with two other items signed by Grubb.

Fred Grubb [Frederick Grubb] (born 1930), English poet [Derek Stanford (1918-2008), English writer; 1960s Hampstead coterie]
Fred Grubb [Frederick Grubb] (born 1930), English poet
Publication details: 
1973 and 1974; most from 243 Haverstock Hill, Hampstead.
Fred Grubb [Frederick Grubb] (born 1930), English poet

All items clear and complete, on aged paper. Letters totaling: 4to, 1 p; landscape 8vo, 5 pp. The two cards carry long messages, written in red ink in Grubb's close, neat hand; one is standard size, the other 27 x 13.5 cm. Five envelopes are stapled to their letters. Grubb ('one of the last survivors of the famous 1960s Hampstead coterie of writers, actors and critics') writes entertainingly in an emphatic, energetic manner marvellously evocative of the 1970s London literary scene.

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