[Lord Canning [Charles John Canning, Earl Canning], Governor-General and first Viceroy of India.] Autograph Letter Signed to Lord Fitzgerald, as Under-Secretary to Lord Aberdeen at the Foreign Office, concerning Baron Brunow.

Lord Canning [Charles John Canning, Earl Canning (1812-1862)], Governor-General and first Viceroy of India [Lord Fitzgerald [William Vesey Fitzgerald (1783-1843)], Anglo-Irish politician]
Publication details: 
'F. O. [Foreign Office, Whitehall] Nov 11. 41 [1841]'.

Showing signs of the early stirrings of the Great Game. See Canning's entry, and that of Fitzgerald, in the Oxford DNB. At the time of the letter Canning was serving in his first governmental appointment, as Under-Secretary to Lord Aberdeen in the Foreign Office, in Peel’s administration, while Fitzgerald was President of the Board of Control. The ‘Baron Brunow’ referred to in the letter is Russian Ambassador in London, Philipp Graf von Brunnow (1797-1895). 2pp, 12mo. On first leaf of a bifolium. Docketed on second leaf, ‘Lord Canning / respecting Baron Brunow Novr 11/41’.

[Lord Buxton, Governor-General of South Africa [Sydney Charles Buxton, 1st Earl Buxton), Liberal politician].] Autograph Letter Signed, thanking Bernard Piffard for copies of the ‘West Herts Radical’, which he hopes will prove effective.

Lord Buxton, Governor-General of South Africa during the Great War [Sydney Charles Buxton, 1st Earl Buxton (1853-1934), Liberal politician] [Bernard Piffard (1833-1916), microscopist and entomologist]
Publication details: 
1 April 1890; on embossed letterhead of 14 Eaton Place, S.W. [London]

Buxton was a popular Governor-General who formed an effective partnership with Botha. 2pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded once for postage. Addressed to ‘B Piffard Esq’ and signed ‘Sydney Buxton’. He is obliged for the ‘copies of the “West Herts Radical”’, and is glad to hear that Piffard is ‘able to circulate such a large number in your Division’. He hopes it will have ‘a satisfactory effect on the next Election’.

[Sir Frederick Lugard [Lord Lugard], Governor of Hong Kong, Governor-General of Nigeria.] Typed Letter Signed (‘Lugard’) to ‘Dickinson’ (Lord Dickinson), regarding ‘Kenya settlers’ and a matter of ‘British honour’.

Sir Frederick Lugard [Frederick John Dealtry Lugard, 1st Baron Lugard; Lord Lugard] (1858-1945), soldier, explorer, Governor of Hong Kong, first Governor-General of Nigeria [Sir Willoughby Dickinson]
Publication details: 
5 January 1933. On letterhead of Little Parkhurst, Abinger Common, near Dorking, Surrey.

See his entry in the Oxford DNB. The recipient Lord Dickinson [Sir Willoughby Dickinson] (1859-1943), was a Liberal and then Labour politician and early advocate of the League of Nations.1p, 4to. In fair condition, lightly aged and creased, with short nick to one edge. Folded twice. He thanks him for the morning’s note, and is ‘adopting your suggestion to put down a Motion in the Lords’. He hopes that Dickinson will ‘add the weight of your name and influence in a letter to the Times’. He would like ‘the League of Nations Union would take the matter up’.

[Lord Auckland, Governor-General of India.] Autograph Letter Signed (‘Auckland’) to ‘FitzGerald’ [William Vesey-FitzGerald, 2nd Baron FitzGerald and Vesey], rejoicing in the ‘mark of favor and distinction’ he has obtained for Captain Macgregor.

Lord Auckland [George Eden, 1st Earl of Auckland] (1784-1849), Whig politician and Governor-General of India
Publication details: 
6 October 1822; Kensington Gore [London].

See his entry in the Oxford DNB. 2pp, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged, on the first leaf of a bifolium, the blank second of which carries traces of mount. Folded twice. Begins: ‘My dear FitzGerald / I thank you very much for your obliging note - and I rejoice greatly that you have obtained for Capt Macgregor this mark of favor and distinction. India has no better soldier, nor has any political agent, placed in trying circumstances, shewn a better nerve or a sounder discretion’. FitzGerald’s ‘just notice of him’ will be ‘well appreciated’ by others.

[Richard Casey; 16th Governor-General of Australia] Typed Letter Signed R[G?] Casey to H. Rutherford Purnell, c/o The Public Library, North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia, saying that he's posting two books of his under separate cover.

Richard Casey [Richard Gavin Gardiner Casey, Baron Casey (1890 – 1976), Australian statesman]
Publication details: 
[Printed Heading] Commonwealth Treasury, Canberra, F.C.T., 9 March 1935.

One page, cr. 8vo, fold marks, good condition. Text: I have your letter of March 5th,and am posting to you - under separate cover - 'The World we live in' and 'Australia's place in the World'. | With my thanks for the courtesy of your letter. With additional note in his handwriting, Will be forwarded in next shipment.

[Marquis of Linlithgow; G G Australia] Brief subscription of letter, Signed Linlithgow.

Marquis of Linlithgow [John Adrian Louis Hope, 1st Marquess of Linlithgow, 7th Earl of Hopetoun, (1860 -1908) aristocrat, statesman, Ist Governor-General of Australia, earlier Governor of Victoria].
Publication details: 
No place of date.

Piece of letter, shaped, 7 x 4cm, laid down on paper (part of album leaf prob.), 14 x 8cm. Text: I am | Yrs very truly | Linlithgow. Docketed in pencil with information about him (Governor-General of Australia). See image. On reverse of paper, the signature of the Breadalbanes.

[Sir Frederick Lugard [Lord Lugard], Governor of Hong Kong and first Governor-General of Nigeria.] Three Autograph Letters Signed to colonial civil servant Simon Nicholson, and one to Nicholson's wife Molly.

Sir Frederick Lugard [Frederick John Dealtry Lugard, 1st Baron Lugard; Lord Lugard] (1858-1945), soldier, explorer, Governor of Hong Kong, first Governor-General of Nigeria [Simon Nicholson]
Publication details: 
The first of the four letters on letterhead of Little Parkhurst, Abinger Common, Nr Dorking, Surrey; the other three without place. One from 1940, two from 1941, one from 1943.

The recipient Simon Nicholson was a colonial civil servant and a neighbour of Lugard at Tallboys in Abinger Hammer. He and his wife Molly were a cultured couple, and were friends of Edith Wharton and Bernard Berenson. The four letters are in good condition, lightly aged and worn, and each is 2pp, 12mo. Each folded once. The first three are signed 'Lugard' and the last, to Molly Nicholson, 'Fred Lugard'. In the first letter (23 September 1940), after expressing pleasure at seeing Nicholson again and having 'a talk', he begs him 'not to postpone your week-end here.

[ Edward Law, 1st Earl of Ellenborough. ] Autograph Signature ('Ellenborough') on frank to the Duke of Wellington's private secretary Algernon Greville.

Edward Law (1790-1871), 1st Earl of Ellenborough, Tory politician and Governor-General of India, 1842-1844
Publication details: 
Without place or date.

On 7 x 12 cm. panel cut from front of envelope. In good condition, lightly-aged. All in Ellenborough's hand, it reads 'Algernon Greville Esq | Apsley House | Ellenborough'.. As required with a frank, Ellenborough's signature is between two horizontal lines, in the bottom left-hand corner.

[ Herbert John Gladstone, 1st Viscount Gladstone. ] Autograph Signature ('Gladstone') as Governor-General of the Union of South Africa.

Herbert John Gladstone (1854-1930), 1st Viscount Gladstone, British Home Secretary, 1905-1910, and Governor-General of the Union of South Africa, 1910 -1914
Publication details: 
South Africa. 27 April 1914.

On 9 x 13 cm piece of paper torn from bottom right-hand corner of document. In fair condition, lightly-aged. Typed document, with date added in manuscript. Reads: '<...>and and the Great Seal of the Union of South Africa at | [...] on this the [twenty-seventh] day of [April] 1914. | Gladstone | GOVERNOR-GENERAL.'

[Major Freeman Freeman-Thomas, 1st Marquess of Willingdon, 13th Governor-General of Canada.] Typed Letter Signed ('Willingdon'), with autograph conclusion, to 'Watson', thanking him for his congratulations on his appointment.

Major Freeman Freeman-Thomas (1866-1941), 1st Marquess of Willingdon, Liberal politician, 13th Governor-General of Canada
Publication details: 
On his monogrammed letterhead of Government House, Ottawa [Canada]. 9 January 1931.

1p., 4to. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Addressed by hand to 'My dear Watson'. He thanks him for his 'charming letter', adding that the 'generous encouragement of all our friends is a great help to my wife and myself in undertaking this great duty and service to the Empire'. Concluding in autograph, he writes: 'I see you are still on yr. march, so come & pay us a visit in India | Yrs. sincerely | Willingdon'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Ellenborough') from Lord Ellenborough to John Forbes Royle, commending his 'Essay on the Productive Resource of India'.

Edward Law (1790-1871), 1st Earl of Ellenborough, Tory politician and Governor-General of India between 1842 and 1844 [John Forbes Royle (1799-1858), English botanist, born in India]
Publication details: 
Grosvenor Place, London. 1 January 1841.

2pp., 12mo. Fair, on lightly-aged paper. He begins: 'I have just received your work on the productive resources of India for which I beg to offer you my best thanks.' The subject has always been to him 'one of the deepest interest', and he rejoices that 'a gentleman of your knowledge has directed his attention to it'.

An Act to empower the Legislature of Canada to alter the Constitution of the Legislative Council for that Province, and for other Purposes. [11th August 1854.]

British Act of Parliament, 1854, regarding the Canadian Legislature [Canada]
Publication details: 
London: Printed by George Edward Eyre and William Spottiswoode, Printers to the Queen's most Excellent Majesty. 1854.

8vo, 3 pp. Paginated [1233] to 1235. Disbound bifolium. Good, on lightly-aged paper, with small hole in gutter. Headed with the royal crest and 'ANNO DECIMO SEPTIMO & DECIMO OCTAVO VICTORIAE REGINAE.' and 'CAP. CXVIII.]

Autograph Note in the third person to William Henry Kearsley Wright (1844-1915), Plymouth Borough Librarian, naval historian and antiquary.

John George Edward Henry Douglas Sutherland Campbell, Marquis of Lorne [Marquess of Lorne] and Duke of Argyll (1845-1914), Governor-General of Canada
Publication details: 
21 October 1875. Kensington [i.e. Kensington Palace].

12mo: 1 p. Very good on lightly-aged paper. Reads: 'The Marquis of Lorne presents his compliments to Mr Wright and thanks him for the copy he has sent him of "The Spanish Armada." Wright's 'The Spanish Armada: a descriptive historical poem' was published in Plymouth by G. P. Friend in 1874.

Autograph Note in the third person to autograph collector 'Mr. Barker'.

Arthur William de Brito Savile Foljambe, 2nd Earl of Liverpool (1870-1941), 1st Governor-General of New Zealand
Publication details: 
27 November 1908; 44 Grosvenor Gardens, London SW. [on embossed House of Lords letterhead].

Two pages, 12mo. Very good. A formal letter written in the third person. 'Lord Liverpool presents his compliments to Mr. Barker and in answer to your [sic] letter regrets that his father has been dead two years and therefore he cannot comply with Mr. Barker's request for his signature.'

Autograph Signature as front of franked envelope addressed to Sir James Kempt.

John Thomas Townshend, 2nd Viscount Sydney
Publication details: 

Lords of the Admiralty, the Treasury and of the Bedchamber under George III (1764-1831). On front of envelope, cut down to roughly 11 centimeters by 7 1/2 centimeters. Very good, if slightly grubby, and with traces of mount adhering to blank reverse. Kempt (1764-1854) was Governor-General of Canada. Address reads 'Lieut General | Sir James Kempt. | &c &c &c | Ordnance Office'. Signed 'Sydney.' Neatly docketed at head '1830. a Lord of the Treasury in 1800'.

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