[ Harington Baronets of Ridlington in Rutland. ] Two Manuscript Pedigrees, one (to 1856) with coats of arms in colours, the other (to 1817) in black ink. With two ALsS from R. H. Beaumont to William Radcliffe, with pedigrees and genealogical notes.

Richard Henry Beaumont of Whitley Hall, near Huddersfield, Yorkshire [ The Harington Baronets of Ridlington in the County of Rutland; William Radcliffe (1770-1828), Rouge-Croix Pursuivant ]
Publication details: 
Both pedigrees on Whatman paper, the coloured one (to 1856) with watermark dated 1848, the other (to 1817) with watermark dated 1817. Beaumont's two letters from Whitley Hall, Yorkshire; 28 January and 15 February 1800.

The four items in fair condition, on aged and worn paper, and all four rolled into the one packet. The material derives from the Harington family papers. ONE: Coloured pedigree to 1856, watermark: 'J WHATMAN | TURKEY MILL | 1848'. Roll, roughly 108 x 30 cm., made by attaching several leaves of thick paper together. Thirty-three generations, in a column of thirty-three coloured armorial shields flanked by circles containing the names of the couples connected with each shield (men to the left and women to the right).

[ Robert Hebert Quick, educationalist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('R H Quick') to his publishers Messrs W. S. Sonnenschein & Co., regarding their publication of Alice M. Christie's translation of a book by 'Frau Bülow'

R. H. Quick [ Robert Hebert Quick ] (1831-1891), English educationalist [ Messrs W. Swan Sonnenschein & Co., London publishers; Alice M. Christie;; Quick Memorial Library, University of London ]
Publication details: 
Hill House, Guildford. 3 September 1882.

3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. He begins by thanking them for sending 'a Copy of Hand work & Head work' by Baroness Martha Von Marenholtz Bülow (1810-1893), 'a book on a subject which I trust will soon attract general attention'. In his judgment 'Frau Bu¨low is […] very fortunate in getting so skilful a writer as Miss Christie [Alice M. Christie] to interpret her in England'. He is however 'sorry the circumstances so frankly explained in the translator's preface have not had more influence on the title page.

[ R. H. Mottram, author of the 'Spanish Farm' trilogy. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('R. H. Mottram') to 'Mr Pettitt', regarding the autographing of books and his Rankin relations in Rochford.

R. H. Mottram [ Ralph Hale Mottram ] (1883-1971), English novelist, author of the 'Spanish Farm' trilogy
Publication details: 
On letterhead of Poplar Avenue, Eaton, Norwich. 11 July 1928.

1p., 8vo. Lightly aged, and with creasing and closed tear at head. He will be pleased to autograph any copies of his book which Pettitt would like to send, and concludes: 'Are there any Rankin's in Rochford now? They are related to me'.

[ The Garrick Club, London. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('R H Atkinson') from the secretary of the Garrick Club to drama critic R. W. Lowe, regarding 'the privilege of engraving the pictures in the Club Collection'.

R. H. Atkinson, Secretary of the Garrick Club, London [ Robert William Lowe (1853-1902), drama critic ]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of the Secretary's Office, Garrick Club [ London ]. 15 May 1888.

2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged and creased. Lowe's request has been laid before the Club's committee, and there is no possibility of acceding to it: 'You say in your letter that you are aware that the privilege engraving the pictures in the Club Collection is "rarely" granted, but in this matter I fear you must have been misinformed as it is against the Rules to grant it at all'.

[ Robert Hall Westley, eighteenth-century London bookseller and stationer. ] Circular bookseller's ticket.

R. H. Westley [ Robert Hall Westley ], bookseller and stationer, No. 159, opposite the New Church, Strand, London
Publication details: 
R. H. Westley, Bookseller & Stationer, No. 159, opposite the New Church, Strand [ London ]. [ Between 1798 and 1829. ]

Printed in black on circle of white paper, approximately 4.5 cm in diameter. In good condition, lightly-aged. Tastefully designed, in turn of the century style, with two decorative borders enclosing the text 'Engraving & Printing neatly executed. Books elegantly bound. News Papers sent (Post free) to all parts of Gt. Britain'. The main text, enclosed by both borders, reads: 'R. H. Westley, | Bookseller & Stationer, | No. 159, | opposite the New Church, Strand | Magazines & all periodical | Publications | regularly delivered'.

[R. H. Naylor, astrologer.] Typed Signed Horoscope of President Roosevelt, with letter to John Gordon, editor of the Sunday Express, reporting 'queer indications therein'. With typed copy of report of Naylor's 1936 trial, brought by Maurice Barbanell

R. H. Naylor [Richard Harold Naylor] (1889-1952), Britain's first newspaper astrologer [John Rutherford Gordon (1890-1974), editor of the London 'Daily Express'; Maurice Barbanell (1902-1982)]
Publication details: 
Letter from Naylor to Gordon: On his letterhead, 43 Museum Street, London, WC1. 21 January 1941. Horoscope dating from a round the same time. Report of trial undated [March 1936].

Three items from the papers of John Gordon, editor of the Daily Express. The first two in good condition, lightly aged and creased; the third creased and torn, with slight loss to text. ONE: Typed Letter Signed ('R. H. N.') from Naylor to Gordon. 1p., 12mo. Headed 'Confidential'. He writes: 'Having drawn up an Astrological Chart for the time of the official inauguration of Roosevelt's Third Term I find some queer indications there. To me they are tremendously interesting and as I think you might find them interesting too I am sending you a copy of the notes I have filed.

Autograph Letter Signed ('A. C. Benson') to 'Mr <Fletcher?>.

Arthur Christopher Benson (1862-1925), English man of letters and Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge
Publication details: 
13 April 1915; on letterhead of Tremans, Horsted Keynes, Sussex.

12mo: 2 pp. Very good. 15 lines of text. He thanks him for his book . I can't read it leisurely at present - I am on the move - but I have been reading in it, as the old writers say'. He is very interested in the things he is gleaning from it. In a postscript he thanks the author for 'what you say about my work' and praises the book for its 'vitality which so much literature lacks, but which some books possess'.

Autograph Letter Signed to Sir Francis Freeling (1764-1836), Secretary to the Post Office.

Rev. R. H. Whitelock [Whitelocke] of Manchester [Sir Francis Freeling; Lavinia Robinson; Suicide]
Publication details: 
[March 1814; Manchester.]

Two pages, quarto. On slightly stained, aged paper, with a few closed tears and some wear to extremities. Black wax seal adhering to second leaf of bifolium. Docketed 'March 1814 | Manchester | Revd. R. H. Whitelocke', but the signature appears to read 'Whitelock'.

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