[Elaine Greene, Literary Agent, sister-in-law of Graham Greene] The small archive of mainly correspondence between Literary Agent and Author-Client

Elaine Greene (later Lady Greene)(1920-1987), Literary Agent, American-born sometime sister-in-law of novelist Graham Greene, married to his brother, Hugh Carleton Greene; [ R.P. Lister, author ]
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"One of the top [literary] agents in London"The extensive correspondence, business and personal, between Elaine Greene and Elaine Greene Literary Agency, and R.P. Lister [Richard Percival Lister], travel-writer, novelist, poet, contributor to periodicals, and eventually friend. He published extensively in the USA. As well as the UK.Elaine Greene to Lister: Twenty-five (25) Typed Letters and Notes Signed ("Elaine Greene" becomes a cordial "Elaine"), total 27pp., 8vo and 4to, 14 Dec. 1962-10 April 1969.

Manuscript Interrogatories in a law suit over Colonel Nicholas Shuttleworth's alleged abuse of Richard Greene, with claims that he has beaten him, cheated his estate and taken his wife as mistress. With transcript and letter by William Beamont.

William Beamont (c.1797-1889) of Orford Hall, antiquary and first Mayor of Warrington [Sir Nicholas Shuttleworth; Richard Greene [Grene]; Richard Green of St Martin's in the Fields]
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1653. Beamont's letter and transcript both 15 March 1878, the letter on letterhead of Orford Hall, Warrington.

1p., 4to. On a piece of watermarked laid paper. Aged, and with chipping and loss along the fold lines, which have been repaired on the reverse with (nineteenth-century?) tape. The words 'Cromwells Protector' in a later hand at the head of the reverse, which is otherwise blank. Accompanied by a autograph transcript (3pp., foolscap 8vo) by Beamont, 'Copied from the original Mar. 15, 1878', and an Autograph Letter (2pp., 12mo) from him to 'Miss Blackburne', on letterhead of Orford Hall, Warrington, also dated 15 March 1878. Beamont begins his letter: 'I return your paper with a transcript.

Three Autograph Letters Signed and three Typed Letters Signed (all 'Charles') from the Chairman of the BBC Governors Lord Hill to the Observer journalist Hugh Massingham, mainly regarding their collaboration on the two volumes of his memoirs.

Charles Hill (1904-1989), Baron Hill of Luton [Lord Hill], BBC 'Radio Doctor', Conservative MP, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Chairman of BBC Governors [Hugh Massingham (1905-71), journalist]
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On letterheads of Bury Knowle, Milton Road, Harpenden; The Independent Television Authority, 70 Brompton Road, London SW3; Winch Hill House, Wandon End, near Luton; and last three from Broadcasting House, London W1. 1963 (1), 1967 (1) and 1968 (4).

Totalling 5pp., 4to and 3pp., 12mo. The six items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper, with the first three in autograph and the last three (from Broadcasting House) typed. Hill begins the first letter (22 April 1963) with the assertion that he is 'taking heed' of Massingham's 'stimulating advice', and this sets the tone of the whole correspondence.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Nathl.. Greene') from the American newspaper editor Nathaniel Greene to W. Chamberlain junior, with reference to the Swedish Consul Claudius Edward Habicht. With engraved portrait.

Nathaniel Greene (1797-1877), journalist and editor associated with Concord Gazette, New Hampshire Gazette, Haverhill Gazette, Essex Patriot, and Statesman [W. Chamberlain; Claudius Edward Habicht]
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Boston; 17 November 1840.

1p., 4to. Good, on lightly-aged paper. Greene writes that he is returning Chamberlain's 'Copenhagen letter, together with a translation from the pen of C. E. Hablicht Esq. Swedish Consul at this port', to whom he 'applied for the purpose'. He has 'every disposition to be useful on all similar occasions'. The engraving of Greene, beneath which is a facsimile of his signature, and the words 'Postmaster Boston Mass.', is in good condition, lightly and neatly attached onto a paper mount. Greene was himself also a translator, from German, Italian and French.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Chs G. Greene') from the American newspaper editor Charles Gordon Greene to W. F. Allston, regarding the involvement of 'Capt. Sturgis' [William F. Sturgis?] with a newspaper article.

Charles Gordon Greene (1804-1886), newspaper editor, associated with Boston Statesman, Taunton Free Press, Boston Spectator, National Palladium, United States Telegraph [Captain William F. Sturgis]
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Boston; 17 November 1841.

1p., 4to. Good, on lightly-aged paper. In reply to Allston's letter Greene assures him that 'Capt. Sturgis did not write the paragraph' Allston alludes to, 'nor did he contemplate the publication of his decision in a newspaper at the time he made it known to the gentleman who furnished me with the information'.

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