[Joseph Lancaster, Quaker educationalist.] Printed ephemera: Handbill titled ‘ROYAL BENEVOLENCE.’, appealing for subscription to ‘a Fund to enable Schools in the country, for TEN THOUSAND POOR CHILDREN’.

Joseph Lancaster (1778-1838), pioneering Quaker educationalist who advocated the monitorial system
Publication details: 
‘Free School, Borough Road, Southwark. / 19th of 3d Month, 1806.’

A scarce and fragile item: the only copy traced on WorldCat and Jisc is held by the Society Friends (Quakers). Lancaster’s entry in the Oxford DNB, which sums up his achievements: ‘his name was to survive in English educational history as one of the foremost pioneers of mass schooling and effective teacher training in the early industrial era’. The handbill is printed on one side of a 15 x 19.5 cm leaf of thin wove paper. A fragile survival: lightly aged and worn, with a small hole and closed tear, but text clear and entire.

[George Whitley, surgeon.] Autograph syllabus of lectures (by J. H. Green of St Thomas's Hospital?), 'Observations' by anatomist Edward Grainger, extracts from 'Pharmacopoeia Nosocomii Regalis Sancti Thomae. Londinensis' and 'Guy's Pharmacopoeia'.

George Whitley, surgeon, of Halton, Cheshire [Joseph Henry Green (1791-1863), surgeon and lecturer at St Thomas's Hospital, Southwark, London; Edward Grainger (1797-1824), teacher of anatomy]
Publication details: 
St Thomas's Hospital, Southwark, London: 1819 and thereabouts. Halton, Cheshire: 1820.

Two items in the hand of George Whitley, surgeon, of Halton, Cheshire (not to be confused with his namesake the epidemiologist George Whitley (1816-1881), for whose career see Fraser Brockington, 'Public Health in the Nineteenth Century', 1965). The two items are accompanied by the front board of a volume, with the following ownership inscription and note on the pastedown: 'George Whitley, Surgeon, | St. Thomas' Hospital. | London. | Novr. 22. 1819. | NB. See in this Book a Copy of a Letter to Lady Cunliffe pr. Mr. [?] Surgeon, about an Ulcerated Leg of her House Keeper, Mrs.

[ Richard Finch [ Richard ffinch ] of St Thomas's Hospital, Southwark. ] Autograph Signature ('Rich: ffinch') on Excise receipt on behalf of 'St. Thomas Hospitall in Southwark'.

St Thomas's Hospital, Southwark, Surrey: Richard Finch [ Richard ffinch ] [ Sir Edmund Turner [ Sir Edmond Turnor ] ]
Publication details: 
[ Tally Court, Court of Excise, London ('His Majesties Hereditary Revenue of Excize'). ] 24 May 1682.

1p., 8vo. On aged and worn paper, with slight chipping to edges, and some light damp damage. The usual printed document, completed in manuscript. Begins (manuscript text in square brackets): 'Received of the Officers of the Tally-Court, one Tally levied on His Majesties Hereditary Revenue of Excize [...] due unto [St. Thomas Hospitall in Southwark] for one quarter of a Year ended at [Lady Day 1681] [...] granted unto [them] by Assignment from [Sr. Edmond Turnor Knt.] out of the Yearly Rent, or Sum of [-275lb 11s] payable unto the said [Sr. Edmond Turnor] [...]'.

[ Samuel March Phillipps, legal writer and civil servant. ] Three Letters in a secretarial hand, all signed by him ('S M Phillipps'), to Seymour Teulon, regarding his attempts to present an 'Address of the Borough of Southwark' at a levee.

Samuel March Phillipps (1780-1862), legal writer and civil servant, Permanent Under-Secretary for Home Affairs [ Lord John Russell; Seymour Teulon, chairman, Southwark Reform Association ]
Publication details: 
All three from Whitehall. 18 and 22 July 1837, and 10 February 1838.

The three items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. The first two, both on black-bordered paper, are each 1p., 4to; the third is 1p., folio. In the three letters Teulon's address is given as Dean Street, Southwark. The first two appear to be in Phillipps's hand, but the matter is uncertain. Phillipps writes on behalf of the Home Secretary Lord John Russell, to whom he acted as private secretary.

[ Red Cross Gardens, Southwark, London. ] Draft manuscript indenture assignment signed by the Earl of Ducie, Lancelot William Bennett, Charles Stewart Loch, Mary Lumsden, Helen Ironside, Janet Johnson, Thomas Slingsby Tanner, Cecil Antony Nussey.

[ Red Cross Garden recreation ground, Southwark, London ] Henry John Reynolds-Moreton (1827-1921), 3rd Earl of Ducie; Charles Stewart Loch (1849-1923), charity commissioner [ Octavia Hill (1838-1912)]
Publication details: 
[ Red Cross Garden, Southwark, London. ] Dated 15 August 1914.

On three sides of a vellum bifolium supplied by the London law stationers Witherby & Co. Dimensions of leaf 39 x 26 cm. In good condition, lightly aged and creased. The document is a draft, with several emendations in pencil, including a lengthy addition in the margin of first page, and a shorter one on the second page. Laid out in customary style, within red rules. Docketed on fourth side: 'Dated 15th August 1914 | The Earl of Ducie and Others | to | The Earl of Ducie and Others | Red Cross Garden | Assignment'. With stamp of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, signed by Hugh de Bock Porter.

Autograph itemised Receipt Signed by the Southwark stationer John Muggeridge, made out to 'Mr. Cromp' and listing five purchases including ink, blotting paper, wax and quills.

John Muggeridge (d.1825), Stationer, Borough [Southwark, London]
Publication details: 
[Borough (Southwark), London.] 21 February 1777.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Headed 'Mr. Cromp 21 Feby 1777 | Bought of John Muggeridge'. The first and most expensive of the six items, at £1 6s 0d, is 'a Book 6 qn fine Medium ruld. 9 lines Vellum <?> lind marbled & Alphabet'. Other items include '1/2 pind red Ink & Stone bottle', 'blotting paper', '1/2 pound supfine [sic] wax' and '400 best Quills'. The six items total £1 14s 6d. Docketed 'No.

Autograph Signature ('Wm Molesworth'), on a frank, of the Radical Member of Parliament for Southwark.

Sir William Molesworth (1810-1855), 8th Baronet, Radical Member of Parliament for Southwark, editor (with John Stuart Mill) of the Westminster Review
Publication details: 
London. 4 May 1839.

On piece of paper cut from front panel of envelope, 7 x 12.5 cm. In fair condition, with hole in paper made by seal or wafer (not affecting text). Red circular government postmark: 'FREE | 4 MY 4 | 1839'. All in Molesworth's hand, and reading: 'London May four 1839 | H H. Molesworth | St John Coll | Cambridge', with the signature as usual at bottom left: 'Wm Molesworth'.

[Two printed documents in one.] St. Thomas's Hospital | Royal Charter. | 12th August, 5th Edward VI. (1551). [Dated 26th June, 7th Edward VI. (1553) incorporating the Hospitals of Christ, Bridewell, & St. Thomas.]

[Royal Charters of St. Thomas's Hospital, Southwark, 1551 and 1553; Bridewell; Christ's Hospital] [Chiswick Press, Whittingham and Wilkins, Tooks Court, Chancery Lane]
Publication details: 
Chiswick Press: - Printed by Whittingham and Wilkins, Tooks Court, Chancery Lane. [1860s]

7 + 10 pp., folio. Stitched and unbound. Printed front wrap, with vignette and 'St. Thomas's Hospital | Royal Charter.' in black letter. Worn and aged, with heavily-worn front wrap detached. Each of the two sections has its own drophead title, and printers' slug on last page. Tastefully printed on thick paper, with vignettes above the two drophead titles. All text in Latin. Scarce: no copy in the British Library or on COPAC. Whittingham and Wilkins were active in Tooks Court in the 1860s.

[Printed.] St. Thomas's Hospital. Judgment of the Lord Chancellor delivered November 1864. [upon the appeal by the Corporation of London from the Order of Vice Chancellor Sir William Page Wood, [...] approving the Stangate Site for the new Hospital.

[Richard Bethell (1800-1873), 1st Baron Westbury, Lord Chancellor of Great Britain] [Sir William Page Wood; St Thomas's Hospital, Southwark]
Publication details: 
J. B. Nichols and Sons, Printers, 25, Parliament Street. [London, November 1864.]

11 + [i] pp., foolscap 8vo. Stitched and unbound. Grubby and aged, with wear to dog-eared corner. Title printed on reverse of last leaf, with drophead title on p.1 reading: 'ST. THOMAS'S HOSPITAL.

[Printed act.] Anno Regni Georgii III. Regis. Cap. LXXVII. An Act [concerning the hospitals of 'Christ, Bridewell, and Saint Thomas the Apostle [...] "The House of the Poor," in West Smithfield, [...] and of the House and Hospital called Bethlehem'].

[Act of Parliament, 1781, relating to the Corporation of the City of London and hospitals St Thomas's, Southwark; St Bartholomew's, Smithfield; Bedlam; Clayton, Cookson & Wainewright, solicitors]
Publication details: 
London: Printed by George Eyre and Andrew Spottiswoode, Printers to the King's most Excellent Majesty. 1834.

11pp., foolscap 8vo. Stitched and unbound. Aged and worn, with closted vertical 5cm cut from bottom through all six leaves. The full drophead title reads: 'CAP. LXXVII.

Album of correspondence and newspaper cuttings., including material relating to ecclesiastical matters, Liberal politics and Bedfordshire.

Reverend Paul Williams Wyatt (c.1855-1935), Vicar of St Leonard's, Bedford, and Chaplain of the Chapel Royal, Savoy, antiquary and author [William Ewart Gladstone; Liberal politics; Bedfordshire]
Publication details: 

See obituary, Times, 31 December 1935. Son of geologist James Wyatt. Educated at Christ Church, Oxford. Books include 'Hardrada, and Other Poems' (1878). Most items in the album laid down on around forty leaves of an 8vo ledger, but much matter loosely inserted. Ledger internally sound and clean, in worn, sturdy boards, with spine lacking. Contents in good condition, clear and complete. Cuttings browning slightly.

Autograph Signature ('Edgar T. Cook').

Edgar Thomas Cook (1880-1953), organist of Southwark Cathedral
Publication details: 

On piece (15 x 16 cm) of laid-paper cut from a page of a diary. Creased and worn at head. Signature under heading 'March 18'. Lightly docketed in pencil.

Signed Autograph inscription.

Eliza Cook (1812-1889), English poet and journalist
Publication details: 
Without date or place.

On a piece of pink paper, roughly 9 x 11 cm. Neatly laid down onto a piece of white paper. Very good. A reply to a request for an autograph. Reads 'I am | my dear Lady | Yours truly | [signed] Eliza Cook'. The signature is firm and bold, with a small part of the flourish beneath it shaved away.

Autograph Letter Signed to T. E. Lea.

Frederick Rowton
Publication details: 
26 November 1884; City of London Institution.

Rowton edited a celebrated anthology of British female poets. One page, 12mo. Poor: grubby and with remains of stub from previous mounting adhering to edge of bifoliate. 'It will give me great pleasure to deliver my Lecture on Charles Dickens at the Southwark Institution during the next Season. - My terms will be eight Guineas for the Three. - | I may perhaps be allowed to say that I am now delivering these Lectures (the Second comes on tomorrow night) at this Institution, with very great success, to crowded audiences.

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