Printed and manuscript material relating to the Band of the Royal Regiment of Artillery [Royal Artillery Band], including notes made by Quartermaster Sergeant E. A. Reynolds for the musicologist Herbert George Farmer, concert programmes, staff lists.

[The Band of the Royal Regiment of Artillery [Royal Artillery Band, Woolwich]; Quartermaster Sergeant Edward Arthur Reynolds; Herbert George Farmer (1882-1965), musicologist]
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[Royal Artillery Band, Woowich.] Dating from between 1902 and 1952.

The collection of more than 100 items is in good condition, on lightly-aged paper, apart from a damp-damaged notebook (see below). It derives from the papers of E. A. Reynolds, who was referred to in two works by Henry George Farmer. First, in his 'Cavaliere Zavertal and the Royal Artillery Band' (1951), Famer acknowledges 'the valuable assistance of Edward A.

Manuscript account book of the estates of Sir Thomas Maryon Wilson of Charlton House, titled 'Account of Payments Allowances and Expenditures for the Charlton Woolwich and Leicester Estates | From Christmas 1797'.

[Sir Thomas Maryon Wilson (1774-1821), 7th Baronet, of Charlton House; Woolwich and Charlton in Kent; Leicestershire]
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[Woolwich and Charlton.] Covering the period between 1797 and 1804.

36pp., 12mo. In worn calf-bound account book. In good internal condition, on aged paper; detached from the worn leather binding, and with the front free endpaper (bearing the title) loose. Label pasted to front cover reads: 'Accounts | G. B. R. | Charlton | Woolwich | Leicestershire | 1797 to 1804'. The volume is the work of Wilson (who acquired the estates in 1798 on the death of his father) or of his land agent. Paginated by the writer to 64, and with the accounts for 'Land Tax paid and allowed' on pp.1-7, for 'Cash paid & allowed for' on pp.11-23, and 'Cash paid & allowed for.

[ Paul Sandby, artist and engraver. ] Pencil notes by 'Paul Sandby Esqr.', over 'Monthly Return of the Classes under the First drawing Master at the Royal Military Academy'. With portrait of Sandby, engraved by H. Landseer from a drawing by W. Evans

Paul Sandby (c.1731-1809), English artist and engraver, Chief Drawing Master at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich [ H. Landseer; W. Evans ]
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Engraving 'Published Dec. 4 1809 by T. Cadell & W. Davies, Strand, London'.

MANUSCRIPT: 1p., folio. On the recto of the first leaf of a bifolium. On good watermarked laid paper, with pencil text written over an elegantly printed page divided into five columns ('Class', 'Studies', 'Order', 'Names', 'Remarks'), headed (with manuscript additions in square brackets): 'Monthly Return of the Classes under the First drawing Master at the Royal Military Academy. [March] 1st. 17[39 Paul Sandby Esqr.]'. The manuscript text is written both across the page and lengthwise. At the foot is a stave of music, with the words 'Violoncelloe [sic] de la music militaire'.

[ Sir Frederick Augustus Abel, chemist. ] Manuscript note, signed by Abel ('F. A. Abel') to Sir Walter Buller.

Sir Frederick Augustus Abel (1827-1902), British chemist, Lecturer in Chemistry at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich [ Sir Walter Lawry Buller (1838-1906), New Zealand ornithologist ]
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On letterhead of the Imperial Institute of the United Kingdom, the Colonies and India, London. 19 December 1893.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, laid down on leaf removed from album. The note reads: 'The form of receipt is in the printers' hands. Addressed to Buller at the South Kensington Hotel.

[George Marin De la Voye.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Marin De la Voye') to 'Mrs. General Baumgardt', regarding his employment preparing her son 'for his Woolwich examination'.

George Marin De la Voye (1796-1877), French author, tutor at the East India Military College and Addiscombe Military Academy [Major General John Gregory Baumgardt (c.1770-1855)]
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'Chateau de La Paix | Boulogne Sur Mer'. 28 May 1856.

3pp., 4to. Bifolium. On aged and worn paper, with repair to closed tears. He begins by thanking her for her acknowledgment of 'the humble services I had rendered you in preparing your son'. He praises the boy for '[h]is docility, endearing Manners and Gentlemanly Conduct', adding that '[h]e has very little now left to complete the course of instruction necessary for his Woolwich examination'. He will 'complete that course, on his return from Germany by three months' final training'. Other topics in the letter are her 'excursion', health, and an 'approaching trip'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Alphonse Esquiros'), in French, from Henri-François-Alphonse Esquiros to a 'concitoyen', regarding applications for professorships at the military academies at Woolwich, Addiscombe and Sandhurst.

Alphonse Esquiros [Henri-François-Alphonse Esquiros] (1812-1876), French writer [Woolwich; Addiscombe; Sandhurst]
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6 St German's Villas, Lewisham. 2 April [no year].

3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Very good, on lightly-aged and slightly-creased paper. He begins by apologising for the lateness of his response, caused by work which was supposed to be finished at the end of the previous month.

Six manuscript record and minute books of the St. Alban Club for young men, Plumstead, filled with references to football and cricket, and containing a number of newspaper cuttings and items of printed ephemera.

[The St. Alban Club, Woolwich; St Alban's (Plumstead) Football Club; Hugh Lambert Ogle, Vicar of Plumstead; Edwardian football and cricket]
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St. Alban's, Plumstead. 1902, 1904, 1905, 1906, 1907, 1908.

In six 'Boudoir' diaries (printed by Joseph Mead, London), of uniform format and layout, but in different colours. Very good, on aged paper, with slight damp damage to a couple of the worn bindings. Although containing numerous entries, the volumes are by no means completely full of entries: there are none, for example, beyond March in the 1907 volume, or beyond Apirl in the 1908 one. Of interest is the club's proximity to the Manor Ground, Plumstead, home until 1913 of the Woolwich Arsenal F.C.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Olinthus Gregory') from the English mathematician Olinthus Gilbert Gregory to Knight Spencer, Secretary, Surrey Institution[, regarding a series of lectures by his friend John Mason Good]. With engraved portrait of Gregory.

Olinthus Gregory [Olinthus Gilbert Gregory] (1774-1841), Mathematical Master, Royal Military Academy, Woolwich [Knight Spencer, Secretary, Surrey Insitution; John Mason Good (1764-1827), lecturer]
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Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. 26 March [1812].

1p., 4to. Bifolium. Very good, on lightly-aged paper, with slight traces of mount on reverse of second leaf, which is addressed, with three postmarks and docketing by Spencer, to 'Knight Spencer Esq. | Surry [sic] Institution | Blackfriar's Road'. Gregory is pleased to learn 'that there is a probability of Mr. Jones being able to accommodate us with apparatus for our proposed Lectures, upon such terms as are likely to square pretty well with the funds of the Surry Institution'.

Autograph Note Signed ('Fred Slade') to 'My dear Bee'.

Lt-Gen. Frederick George Slade (1851-1910), Royal Artillery, Assistant Adjutant-General, Woolwich Arsenal
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24 February 1899; on letterhead of the Chief Staff Office, Woolwich.

12mo, 1 p. 6 lines. Clear and complete. Fair, on aged and slightly grubby paper, with strip of glue from mount on blank reverse, which has laid down on it a ten-line biographical newspaper cutting referring to Slade ('[...] one of the youngest major-generals on the Staff in the Army [...] His most recent appointment was that of Assistant Adjutant-General at Woolwich'). He is sending 'a missed lot of Soldiers autographs. Some that you already have may be useful in exchanging for others'.

Two Typed Notes Signed to [C.H. Grinling, socialist, editor of the Woolwich "Pioneer"

Leo Chiozza Money
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[Headed notepaper] The Daily News Office, London, 14 Nov. 1905 and 13 Oct. 1906

Member of Parliament, economist, etc. Two pages each, 8vo, good condition, one docketed with writer's name, etc. in another hand [Grinling's?]. [14-11-05] He tells Grinling that his "Riches and Poverty" is the right response to the latter's "first paragraph", and the point is dealt with at length in two chapters. His column will also deal with the point. He goes on to emphasise the importance of a matter concerning electiricity. In an autograph postscript, Money says "The 'Pioneer' has gone astray - I get more papers than I can look at.

Autograph Letter, signature and significant part of date missing

John Duncombe
Publication details: 

Commissioner (Office of the Master General of the Ordnance). Duncombe is instructing a Mr Sherborne of the Tower of London to go to Chatham, Gravesend and Woolwich to see "how many gunnes are mounted & of w[ha]t nature". He expects a report the following morning. The barbarian who cut the signature off also cut off the date, but this letter could well predate the Dutch raid up the Thames Estuary in June 1667 which particularly affected the fleet at Chatham, and indicate preparations.

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