[Harold Wilson, Labour prime minister.] Christmas card, signed by Wilson, his wife Mary and son Giles, together with his foreign secretary George Brown and his wife Sophie, who writes a message in German.

Harold Wilson (1916-1995), Labour prime minister; his wife Mary Wilson (1916-2018); his son Giles Wilson; George Brown (1914-1985), Labour politician; his wife Sophie Brown [Sophia Levene] (1911-1990)
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1966. Christmas card by Lum & Feher Press, Honolulu.

In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Christmas card with unusual image of the three wise men (in Roman helmets) seen from behind, following the guiding star as it leads them across a Hawaian beach to the hut in which the birth of the messiah is occurring. Printed message in card in Hawaian and English. The reverse of the second leaf has nothing printed on it other than the publisher's slug, and at the head the prime minister has written 'Happy Christmas'. Beneath this, one above the other, are the five signatures: 'Harold Wilson | Mary Wilson. | Giles Wilson.

[ Richard Royston, 'bookseller to three kings'. ] Autograph Signature, with that of 'Jo Smyther', to a Latin bond (by Giles Horsington for Hercules Comander, both signing), with English memorandum, regarding an obligation to pay Anne Blofeild.

[ Richard Royston (1601-1686), 'bookseller to three kings'; Joseph Smyther; Hercules Comander, scrivener; Giles Horsington; Henry Lacock; the Court of Chancery ]
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[ The Court of Chancery, London. ] 1664, 1665 and 1669.

1p., folio. On the recto of the first leaf of a bifolium, with the neat, controlled signature of 'Richard Royston' at the foot, with that of 'Jo Smyther' above it. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with two seals cut from the first leaf. The document was produced in the Chancery suit 'Kensey ads Smythyer': there is a note by 'Heydon' of the Court on the reverse of the first leaf, and the following docketing – written at different points in different hands – on the reverse of the second: 'Mr.

Manuscript 'Writing of Award indented', signed by 'John Whishaw & ffletcher Gyles Arbitrators' in a dispute between Joseph Fisher and 'Mark Jinks otherwise Jenks [...] Administrator of Samuel Mascie'.

Fletcher Gyles (d.1741), London bookseller; John Whishaw [ Joseph Fisher; Mark Jinks or Jenks; Samuel Mascie ]
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[ London. ] 10 August 1741.

On one side of a 42 x 33 cm. piece of watermarked laid paper. In good condition, lightly aged and worn, with Gyles's seal torn away from the bottom right-hand corner. Signatories' names at bottom right: 'J: Whishaw [seal in red wax] | F Gyles'. Witnesses' names at bottom left: 'Rob: Wadeson | Jno. Jackson Cursitor's Street'. Three embossed tax stamps to left-hand margin. Headed: 'All Matters adjusted to Midsummer 1735 inclusive', followed by two columns of accounts, that on the left headed 'Mr. ffisher hath paid Since that time to wit', and that on the right headed 'Mr.

[ Jane Austen's 'Northanger Abbey'. ] Typed Rehearsal Script of Maggie Wadey's 1987 BBC television adaptation. (directed by Giles Foster and produced by Louis Marks)

Maggie Wadey, scriptwriter and wife of actor John Castle; Louis Marks (1928-2010) BBC producer and scriptwriter; Giles Foster, television director; Jane Austen [ British Broadcasting Corporation]
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[ British Broadcasting Corporation, London. ] At head of covering page: '3rd Draft - Typed 3rd June 1986'.

[2] + 170pp., 8vo. On 172 leaves, held together by a steel stud. In good condition, lightly aged, with discoloring to first leaf and the last seven leaves dogeared. The names of the crew are given on the first covering page, and the cast of characters (but not the names of the actors playing them) on the second. An interesting artefact, indicative of the continuing reassessment and reinterpretation of the works of one of Britain's great writers.

[Printed programme.] An Amateur Concert will take place in Mr. Gibson's Show Room, Eynsford, [...] The Proceeds will be expended in the purchase of Coals, to be distributed previous to Christmas, among the poor of the Village.

[Amateur Charity Christmas Concert at Mr. Gibson's Show Room, Eynsford, Kent, 1869; C. Whitely; Miss Borton; T. B. Morrish; Harry Giles; W. & T. Dray; Miss Brice; E. Whomes; Miss Marshall]
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Eynsford, Kent. On Wednesday, December 15th, 1869. [E. Clarke, Printer, St. Mary Cray.]

3pp., 12mo. Bifolium, on yellow paper. In good condition, on aged paper, with traces of mount at head of second leaf. The full title reads: 'An Amateur Concert will take place in Mr. Gibson's Show Room, Eynsford, (Kindly lent for the occasion) On Wednesday, December 15th, 1869. | The Proceeds will be expended in the purchase of Coals, to be distributed previous to Christmas, among the poor of the Village.' Nine committee members are named on the first page, with details of tickets (to be 'obtained of any of the Committee, or Mr. T. M. G. Sharwood, Farmingham').

Attractive lithographic portrait of the English nonconformist minister and author Edwin Paxton Hood by the 'Ally Sloper' cartoonist W. G. Baxter. With Autograph Note Signed by Hood, regarding 'The True Born Englishman' (by Daniel Defoe?).

Edwin Paxton Hood (1820-1885), English Congregational minister and author [William Giles Baxter [W. G. Baxter] (1856-1888), 'Ally Sloper' cartoonist]
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Neither item with place stated. Hood's note dated 25 August 1878, and the engraving is undated.

Both items are in very good condition, neatly and attractively placed in windowpane mounts of laid paper. The portrait, of which there is no copy of the engraved portrait in the National Portrait Gallery collection, is black and white on 19 x 14 cm paper. Baxter's drawing depicts the head and shoulders of a shrewd-eyed bare-headed Hood, who is dressed in a wing-collared shirt, dog-collar and black coat and waistcoat. Facsimile signatures at foot of 'W. G. Baxter' and 'E. Paxton Hood'.

Eighteenth century manuscript manorial Court Leet 'Charge in the Court Baron', engrossed on vellum, giving instructions for an enquiry to be made by a land steward into matters 'that concen the Lord's Interest'.

[Eighteenth-century Manorial Court Leet 'Charge in the Court Baron']
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Place and date not given. [English; mid-eighteenth century?]

Engrossed on both sides of a long strip of vellum, 18.5 x 76 cm. Written in a neat clerk's hand. The vellum is worn, with slight damage at the head, and some passages, particularly at the start, are illegible. The heading appears to be 'Court Leet Charge', and the sub-heading 'Charge in the Court Baron' appears twice. The text is strongly reminiscent to the relevant sections in Giles Jacob's 'Complete Court-Keeper, or, Land-Steward's Assistant'.

Typed Letter Signed to Pete Goodyer.

Carl Ronald Giles
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16 March 1978; on Daily Express letterhead.

Probably the most famous of the Fleet Street cartoonists (1916-95). One page, quarto. Folded twice. Good, but lightly creased. He thanks him for the 'very nice letter and compliments', but feels he 'must administer a small but friendly reprimand. The Jean Rook [a noted Daily Express columnist] originals you refer to were ones concerning her article of the day and were a personal presentation.' Discusses charity commitments, before remarking 'It may surprise you that I spend more time in the studio working for charities than I do earning my living!

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