[Edmond Xavier Kapp, artist and caricaturist.] Two Autograph Letters Signed to Holbrook Jackson, complaining about payment for work for the magazine 'To-day', and 'contributor's copies'. With carbon copies of Jackson's forthright replies.

Edmond X. Kapp [Edmond Xavier Kapp] (1890-1978), British artist and caricaturist, of German-Jewish extraction [George Holbrook Jackson (1874-1948), author, journalists, publisher and bibliophile]
Publication details: 
Kapp's two letters: 20 and 25 January 1920; each on letterhead of The Studio, 32A Queen's Road, St. John's Wood, N.W.8 [London]. Holbrook Jackson's replies: 22 and 28 January 1920; neither with place.

A splendidly intemperate correspondent between contributor and publisher, almost worthy of one of Jackson's own bibliophile volumes. The four items are in fair condition, on aged and worn paper, one with paperclip stain, another with brass stud, and a third with staple holes; creasing to carbon copies. Kapp's handwriting is 'artistic', and his letterheads are unusually long 8vos. ONE: Kapp to Jackson, 20 January 1920. Signed 'E X Kapp'. 1p, 8vo. Begins: 'My dear Holbrook-Jackson, | Don't you feel you'd like to send me a copy or two of "To-Day" each time? I buy one or two as well, you know!

[ George Cruikshank, English caricaturist. ] Cabinet card photographic portrait of 'Mr George Cruikshank' by the London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company.

George Cruikshank (1792-1878), English caricaturist and illustrator [ The London Stereoscopic & Photographic Company ]
Publication details: 
The London Stereoscopic Company, 110 & 108 Regent Street and 54 Cheapside [ London ]. Undated [ circa 1873? ].

Albumen print photograph, dimensions 15 x 10 cm. Mounted on 16.5 x 10.5 cm card. Printed in red ink on the reverse of the card are the firm's illustrated details ('Photoraphers to the Queen the Prince of Wales and other members of the Royal Family' and 'Prize Medal For Portraiture Vienna Exibitiion 1873.' In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. The National Portrait Gallery lists four versions of this image, but not within an oval, as here.

[ Charles Cole, cartoonist. ] Signed photograph, accompanied by Typed Note Signed to 'Mr. Wakefield'.

Charles Cole, British cartoonist
Publication details: 
Note on letterhead of 'Charles Cole | Cartoonist', 1 Montrose Court NW11 [ London ]; 28 September 1945. Cole's inscription on photograph dated 1945.

ONE: TNS. 1p., landscape 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged with nick to corner. Letterhead features two small cartoons: a caricature of himself and a lion. Covering letter sending 'herewith my autograph for your collection'. TWO: Signed black and white portrait photograph of Cole. 8 x 5.5 cm. In good condition. Signed at bottom right: 'Sincerely | Charles Cole | 1945'. Cole has rather disappeared under the radar.

Autograph Note Signed "George Bentley", publisher, to George Cruikshank, caricaturist.

George Bentley, Publisher, Richard Bentley and Son.
Publication details: 
[Printed heading] New Burlington Street, W. [London], 7 Oct. 1863.

One page, 12mo, some marking but mainly good, clear and complete. "Dear Sir, | Please deliver to the bearer the design for The Merchant of Venice | Yours truly | George Bentley | George Cruikshank Esq,". There are pencilled notes and figures on the verso, probably in Cruikshank's hand (figures from 1-10 repeated, then 1-7, then notes including the words large and small and a name, the meaning of which escapes me.

Leaf from the notebook of the Victorian artist George Cruikshank, carrying two pages of serious sketches, each signed by him 'Geo Cruikshank'.

George Cruikshank (1792-1878), English caricaturist and illustrator
Leaf from the notebook of the Victorian artist George Cruikshank
Publication details: 
Undated, but on paper with watermarked date 1824.
Leaf from the notebook of the Victorian artist George Cruikshank

In ink on both sides of a 4to leaf of wove paper, watermarked 'J GREEN & SON / 1824'. None of Cruikshank's drawing or writing is affected, but one corner of the leaf has been cut away, and there is another thin strip cut from another. Fair, on aged paper. One page carries a full-length drawing of a bearded athletic man in shorts and sandals, making a sweeping theatrical gesture with his right hand, and holding a spear in his left. Beneath the drawing is Cruikshank's signature, and a study of the left foot.

Autograph Letter Signed Geo. Cruikshank, caricaturist, to J. Cruikshank Roger, about a project involving a friend of Roger's and the Redgrave brothers, Richard and Samuel.

George Cruikshank, caricaturist
Publication details: 
No place, 25 Oct. 1870.

Two pages, 12mo, bifolium, good condition. He visited Redgarve's house but the latter was out. But he caught up with him later in the day when the family returned to town. [He] suggested that I should write a letter to him explaining the object desired; which he would forward to his Brother without a moments delay; So I want you to write out the particulars, something like the enclosed for me to copy in my letter.

Coloured engraving: 'Copy of the Transparency exhibited at Ackermann's Repository of Arts, During the Illuminations of the 5th and 6th of November, 1813, In Honour of the Splendid Victories obtained by The Allies over the Armies of France, at Leipsic

Thomas Rowlandson [Rudolph Ackermann, Repository of Arts, Strand, London; Napoleon Bonaparte; Regency caricature]
Publication details: 
Date, place and publisher not stated. [London: R. Ackermann, 1813.]

On a piece of good wove paper, roughly 415 x 260 mm. Dimensions of engraving 180 x 220 mm. On aged paper and with the margins of the leaf trimmed. Laid down along the right hand margin runs a strip of blue paper, 30 x 410 mm, which it may be possible for a professional restorer to remove. This edges the border of the print (which is clear and entire) and overlaps a few letters of the text. Neatly coloured in sombre tones.

Allegorical coloured engraved 'Hieroglyphic Portrait' of Napoleon Bonaparte, 'faithfully copied from a German Print', with explanatory letterpress beginning 'NAPOLEON | THE FIRST, and LAST, by the Wrath of Heaven Emperor of the Jacobins, [...]

Rudolph Ackermann, publisher, Repository of the Arts, 101 Strand [Napoleon Bonaparte; Regency caricature; Georgian London]
Publication details: 
Pubd. by R. Ackermann, 101 Strand, London.' Undated [dated by George to March 1814].

BM 12202. On piece of wove paper roughly 410 x 280 mm. On lightly aged and spotted paper, with slight wear and small closed tears to extremities. Closely trimmed at head and foot. Repair to blank reverse, which carries a strip of cloth from previous mount. Text and image clear and entire. Image roughly 190 x 120 cm.

Four ALSs and one Typed Note Signed to Harry Furniss, caricaturist and illustrator.

F.C. Burnand, comic writer, sometime editor of "Punch"
Publication details: 
[Three with printed heading "Whitefriars, London, E.C." Three with no year given, others 1886 and 1894]

Total thirteen pages, mainly 8vo, fair to good condition, texts clear and complete. Jocular, often obscurely, and in a difficult hand, subjects include: an invitation to ride; Furniss missing the Cardinal; trip to Calais; Paris trip for "Mr Punch"; "night gatherings of clubs"; Lord Rosebery; another ride, giving directions, suggesting meeting at Tenniel's place, and concluding with cartoon of a mill on top of a hill (obvious destination); reference to the Punch table and something confidential happening involving the proprietors.

Lithographic caricature of Panizzi by 'Ape' ['Men of the Day. No 77'], with letterpress.

Ape' [Carlo Pellegrini (1838-89)], Victorian caricaturist; Sir Anthony Panizzi (1797-1879), Chief Librarian at the British Museum
Publication details: 
[London]: published in 'Vanity Fair', 17 January 1874.

Paper dimensions roughly fifteen inches by ten and a half wide; print dimensions twelve inches by seven and a quarter wide. Good clear image with border a little dusty and aged. Full-length image of a dour Panizzi standing at a desk holding a book. Page of letterpress on separate leaf of same dimensions, containing spirited account ['he sought refuge in Switzerland, but he was expelled discreditably from that country, [...] Keeper of the Printed Books [...] the man in all Europe most competent to fill it.

Engraving of four portraits, entitled '(Bucks have at you all or who's afraid)'.

John Kay (1742-1826), Scottish miniature painter and caricaturist [Dr Eiston; Hieronymo Stabilini; Francis McNab; Captain McKenzie]
Publication details: 
[Edinburgh]; 1786.

Plate size roughly four and a half inches by four and a quarter wide, on paper six inches by five wide. 'Kay fecit' in bottom left-hand corner and date in bottom right. Good clean image on aged paper with some wear to blank border. The figures are identified in pencil at foot as 'McNab, K. McKenzie, Easton [^surgeon in the army] & Stabilini'. They are named as Eiston, Stabilini, McNab and McKenzie' by the National Portrait Gallery.

Autograph Letter Signed to 'Mrs. Samuel'.

Edward Tennyson Reed (1860-1933), Punch cartoonist
Publication details: 
20 December [no year]; on letterhead '17, FITZ-GEORGE AVENUE, | WEST KENSINGTON, | W.'

One page, 12mo. Good, if a little aged and lightly creased. He apologises for the delay in 'sending the drawing that now I ask you to please me by accepting' (not present). He asks her to accept it as a present for 'that almost superannuated festivity' of Christmas. 'I send you a coat-of-arms as that includes a certain amount of letterpress which you will I think prefer to a simple drawing'. He has delivered all the drawings bought by Mrs Samuel's friend and has received his thanks.' Signed 'E. T. Rees'.

Autograph Note Signed to [Puggi?]. In French.

Cham (de Noi).
Publication details: 
1 April [no year].

Noé, Amédée-Charles-Henry de (1818-1879). French cartoonist.. - caricaturist. One page, 8vo, laid down, sl. damaged but text clear and complete. He says that Madame de Noe [avec accent] is fully recovered from illness and wonders if his correspondent can dine next sunday. "Un mot de reponse s.v.p." He concludes with formal best wishes. The conjoint blank leaf is laid down - on the recto of this blank is a draft acceptance signed [Paggi?].

Autograph Letter Signed to unnamed male publishers.

Harry Furniss [Punch, or the London Charivari]
Publication details: 
Thursday' [docketed 7 May 1885]; on Garrick Club letterhead.

Anglo-Irish journalist and caricaturist (1854-1925), best known for his work for Punch. Three pages, 12mo. Very good, but with slight wear and discoloration to recto of first leaf of bifoliate. Asks to 'know the fate of Miss Lyster's M.S.' 'You will recollect I called & saw you about it some months ago. She is anxious you should understand you can have the M.S. without the drawings as you did not seem <?> for the latter | An answer will much oblige | Yours very truly | [signed] Harry Furniss'.

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