[Sir Benjamin Ward Richardson, physician and medical author.] Autograph Letter Signed ('B W Richardson') to 'Dr Cleveland' [William Frederick Cleveland], regarding a University of St Andrews dinner and testimonial for George Edward Day.

Sir Benjamin Ward Richardson (1828-1896), physician, sanitarian and medical author [William Frederick Cleveland (1823-1898), surgeon; George Edward Day; University of St Andrews]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of 12 Hinde Street, W. [London] 28 April 1864.

2pp, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged, with thin strip of paper from mount adhering to the blank second leaf of the bifolium. Folded twice. With regard to the University of St Andrews, where he and Cleveland received their medical education, Richardson writes that he is 'very pleased to hear from Dr Paul' that Cleveland 'will attend our University dinner. We shall have a very agreeable and I believe successful meeting'.

[ Andrew Alexander, Professor of Greek in the University of St Andrews. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Andw. Alexander') to Major R. G. Macgregor

Andrew Alexander (c.1787-1859), Professor of Greek in the University of St Andrews, Fife, Scotland [ Major Robert Guthrie Macgregor (1805-1869) ]
Publication details: 
St Andrews [ Fife, Scotland ]. 15 December 1855.

4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, aged and worn. A good long letter, full of content, thanking him for a presentation copy of his 'Translations from the Greek Anthology' (published without date in London by Nissen and Parker). He has perused most of Macgregor's translations 'with great pleasure, & several with a sentiment which the word pleasure too coldly expresses'. He has not 'examined them critically, comparing them minutely with the Greek text, in order to satisfy myself, whether the meaning of the Authors was faithfully rendered.

[ Lewes Mechanics Institution, Sussex. ] Manuscript notebook titled 'Introduction to the Natural Philosophy Class at the Lewes Mechanics Institution', containing an introduction in one hand & entries relating to its magazine in another hand ('Nemo').

Lewes Mechanics Institution, Sussex, founded 1825 [ Henry Browne; John Webb Woollgar; Joseph Woods ]
Publication details: 
[ Lewes Mechanics Institution, Sussex. ] No date. [ 1840s or 1850s? ]

19pp., small 4to. Stitched and unbound. On cover;': 'Introduction to the Material Philosophy Class at the Lewes Mechanic's Institution'. Clearly dating from the early years of the Institution. Comprising a five-page introduction in one hand, and fourteen pages of drafts - signed on the last page 'Nemo' - in another. The first section with emendations, and the second with deletions. The initial five-page section is an introduction to a course of lectures.

[ S. G. Soal, mathematician and psychical researcher. ] Typed Letter Signed ('S. G. Soal | (S. G. SOAL DSc)') to J. G. Gillman, Vicar of St Andrews, Leicester, regarding Soal's BBC talk 'Seeing into Future Time', concerning 'precognitive telepathy'.

S. G. Soal [Samuel George Soal] (1889-1975), British mathematician and psychical researcher
Publication details: 
Scratton Lodge, 21 Priory Crescent, Prittlewell, Essex. 4 August 1945.

1p., 4to. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, with slight damage to corners caused by removal from an album. 'The successful subject referred to in the talk was Mr. Basil Shackleton, a London photographer. On an average he would get about eight cards correct out of every twenty five, compared with a chance expectation of only five. When this occurs consistently over a very large number of trials, the odds soon pile up.' Gillman's summary is 'correct as far as it goes'.

[John Percival Day, Professor of Economics, McGill University, Montreal.] Six large notebooks, filled with autograph lectures on economic affairs and history, delivered at the Dundee School of Social Study and Training and McGill University, Montreal

John Percival Day (1880-1949), Professor of Economics, McGill University, Montreal [University of St Andrews; University of London; Stephen Leacock]
Publication details: 
Dundee School of Social Study and Training (University of St Andrews), Scotland; McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Dating from between 1920 and 1942.

A total of 1290 pages, in six 4to notebooks. Internally clean, on lightly aged paper, in worn and repaired bindings, with the back cover of one of the volumes loose. Day has signed three of the covers, and decorated the cover of one volume with the crests of three Universities: Montenegro, St Andrews and London. All the texts are carefully written out Day's neat, close hand, with tables and graphs, some titles in red ink, and occasional pencil annotations. A list of the contents of the six volumes ends this description.

[Francis Jeffrey, Lord Jeffrey.] Autograph Letter Signed to Dr James Hunter, Professor of Logic, St Andrews, writing with great affection on his return from America.

Francis Jeffrey (1773-1850), Lord Jeffrey, editor of the 'Edinburgh Review' [Dr James Hunter (1745-1837), Professor of Logic at the University of St Andrews]
Publication details: 
Edinburgh. 12 March 1814.

3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. On aged paper unobtrusively repaired with archival tape. Addressed, with postmarks, on the reverse of the second leaf: 'To | Dr James Hunter | Professor of Logic | St Andrews'. He begins by complaining that he has 'only this day got rid of the end of the session - and of the review - and here - for the first time since my return - a morning to myself - and my friends'. He is happy to find himself 'at home again [...] Mrs J. suffered a great deal during the voyage', but has recovered. It will give them both great pleasure 'to see you here'.

Manuscript 'Secretary's Books' of the 'St. Andrews Colleges Chess Club', with signed annual reports by various Club Secretaries and signatures of Club Presidents. [University of St Andrews].

Publication details: 
Dating from between 26 February 1957 and 7 March 1966.

165pp., 4to. In a single (despite plural 'Books' in title) ruled notebook.Title on the front pastedown: 'ST. ANDREWS COLLEGES CHESS CLUB | SECRETARY'S BOOKS.' The first of the Secretaries' annual reports, 'Given at the A. G. M. on February 26th. 1957' by Robert J. V. Logan states that at the time it is 'just over three months since the Club came into re-existence [...] The Club has been meeting on Tuesday evenings in Joe's Café, where members have been playing each other.' Signatures of Grant Waller, John Smail, Michael A. Brewer, Duncan Pirie, R. H. Billington, Harry Cleghorn, W. J. P.

Autograph Signature of John Hunter, LLD, Professor of Humanity at the University of St Andrews, with accompanying note by Rev. Thomas Dick.

John Hunter (1745-1837), Professor of Humanity, University of St Andrews, Fife, and classical scholar [Rev. Thomas Dick (1774-1857), writer on science]
Publication details: 
[February 1834]; St Andrews, Fife.

On one side of piece of paper approximately 18 x 8.5 cm. Neatly placed in a windowpane mount of laid paper, 25 x 20 cm. Good, on lightly-aged paper. Written in a clear, firm hand: 'John Hunter LL.D. | Profr. of Humanity | St. Andrews. | Fife.' Beneath this, along the foot of the page, in a small hand (identified in note on mount as 'The writing of Dr Dick, author of "The Christian Philosopher &c'): 'Dr Hunter is about 90 years of age, and still retains his bodily & mental vigour | This Autograph was written in Feby. 1834. T. D.'

Autograph Signature ('Albert Chevalier') with quotation from his song 'Our Bazaar'.

Albert Chevalier [Albert Onésime Britannicus Gwathveoyd Louis Chevalier] (1861-1923), comedian and actor
Publication details: 
Date and place not stated.

On a piece of paper 6 x 14 cm. Laid down on part of leaf from autograph album. Good, on lightly-aged paper. Evidently in response to a request for an autograph. Good firm signature, with looped underlining. Reads: ' "We take the compositions as they are" | "Our Bazaar" | [signed] Albert Chevalier'. Chevalier's song 'Our Bazaar' was hugely popular. The published version (1894) gives the authors as Chevalier and Brian Daley, but the British Library ascribes it to John Charles Bond Andrews.

Two Autograph Letters Signed to Messrs George Routledge & Sons.

Allan Menzies (1845-1916), Professor of Biblical Criticism, St Andrews University
Publication details: 
4 and 6 February 1906; both on letterheads of 58 South Street, St. Andrews, Fifeshire.

Both items good on lightly-aged paper. Letter One (12mo, 2 pp): Having considered the question of the fee for a piece of writing, he does 'not know very well what to say. Perhaps you might give me what the Hibbert Journal pays its contributors.' (Docketed in pencil in the margin: 'What is that?') He 'could do the work when the College Session is over - at the end of March'. Asks to be informed 'what is necessary of the arrangements', and to be sent 'the sheets of the book.

Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs E(dward) Tootal (Tootal was manufacturer, friend of Stephenson, Fairburn, Nasmyth).

Sir Lyon Playfair.
Publication details: 
95, Grosvenor Street, Monday morning, n.d. [c.1858].

Scientist, 1818-1898 (DNB).Two pages, 8vo, affixed by margin of verso to mount), accepting an invitation and explaining his delay in replying. "I have this moment arrived from Edinburgh where I have been canvassing for the Chair of Chemistry. This therefore must be my apology for not having replied to your note of invitation of the 26th (?), which was not forwarded to me. I shall have much pleasure in waiting upon you on Friday, unless summoned back to Edinburgh by my canvassing Committee before that time.

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