Autograph letter signed to The Archdeaccon of Wiltshire.

Francis Paget.
Publication details: 
Christ Church, Oxford, 5 March 1897.

Bishop of Oxford, Dean of Christ Church, theologian (1851-1911). Two pages, 8vo, good condition. He thanks his correspondent for his letter "concerning Charlton Church". He will bring his proposal before the Governing Body, anticipating a meeting.

Autograph letter signed to the Lord Mayor of London.

William Smith.
Publication details: 
Park St, 6 Sept. 1816.

Politician, anti-slavery (1756-1835). Two pages, 4to, fold marks, good condition. He congratulates the Lord Mayor "for the very exemplary exertions You have made to diminish & correct the licentiousness & riot of the Smithfield Fair - Everybody bears witness to the activity & intelligence with which your Magistrates Duties in general are executed; but it requires much more than ordinary Zeal to devote the Night as well as the Day to such objects . . . to the temporary quiet of the Metropolis at a season otherwise dedicated to Uproar . . .".

Autograph letter signed to unnamed correspondent.

Anna Maria Hall (Mrs S.C. Hall).
Publication details: 
Old Brompton, 15 Feb. 1848.

Miscellaneous writer (1800-1881). 3pp., 12mo, good condition. She thanks him for some verses which she thought "amonst the sweetest, the most touching I ever had." Then she tries to enlist his help for a bazaar to be held to contribute to a fund for the erection of an Asylum for Aged Governesses. "If you would take charge of it, I would forward you a silver collecting card, . . . or if you could set any of your lady friends to work for it . . .".

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